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TOEI's artists must have a thing for butts because the whole episode might be with terrible graphics, but my oh my, those asses are beyond words!

Too bad we can’t see Dohko’s and Saga’s butt… the armors cover that part :P

Right now, Mime and Utgard are nominees for best Asgardian butt. 

I’ve entered mime heck.

Amite is a mime of unknown gender, and has no preferences for pronouns.

She is hollow on the inside, and its front walls are very strong and flexible, able to shove and seal unsuspecting victims inside. While it looks scary, the teeth act more like a strong zipper, holding him shut, than as any kind of chewing mechanism. Amite then is able to slowly digest the victim whole, usually standing in place for the first few days. If the victim is particularly larger than she can keep up with then she may start….leaking from the seams and eyes.

Amite also takes pride in its hair, and devotes a lot of time to taking care of it.

Mr Romanoff and Mrs Barton
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Mr Romanoff and Mrs Barton
Pairing: Clintasha
Rating: M (small scene at the end)
Summary: Part 1 of Domestic Assasins for Hire. Who said being assassins for hire didn’t mean you could be ridiculously domestic and in love?

Clint raised his hands. “That’s it. We’re boring. I’m divorcing you, Mrs Barton. I need some spice in my life and you’re not providing it.” He made a show of taking off his wedding ring and mimed throwing it out the window, grinning as he did so.

in rhododendron whisper

citharachiaroscurolux xx
ransacked mild in the wane,
folds of likeness outlined here-
throttled gently as she cries
shades of black conspired, longing

this alibi of word, long forgiven
faltered rawly, piece by piece,
in moonlight of her abscess
in sundown of his mime

crux of devilry, abating
word of life, now sown

broken gladly as she flees
every taste and note that sings

rough-skinned template, fierce
and matted
bathed in rhododendron whisper

cursed and flat, all at once
penned to douse her blood, sparse

wisps of fair-eyed residing
beige rustic, conflagrant

nipped to loosen these shards
hurled in emotive splay,
exploration of her fondle,
sick and lucid, mottled ray

the tongue is a fractured thing,
tested loosely by day,
bent in snags of rich flirting
lumped together, eyes smarting.


And FdC Rochelle, who I finally unboxed after having her over a month. 

She’s really lovely, though Honey far outshines her tbh. Her hair is really cute and a something refreshingly new for Rochelle dolls, made up of a tiny ponytail of curls atop a cloud of curls. I like the shape, and I think the inclusion of black is a good idea, but not executed all that well, as it just sort of gets lost being on the underside of her head. Her faceup is nice, I like the mascara and the subtle blush, but I feel it could’ve all gone more theatrical. She’s a clown/mime, she should’ve had the loudest makeup. As it is, it’s just more pink, and I’m getting tired of that for her. I’d like them to shake things up and give her something besides pink/blue/silver. 

Her outfit is really cute, I like the drippy squirting flower and the ruffle collar. The pattern on her dress is really great, feels very Moulin Rouge-y which is great. Her shoes again could’ve been a bit edgier, though. She’s cool, but Zombie Shake will still be my favorite Rochelle.

As for the playset itself… it’s huge. Bigger than I’d expected, won’t fit on my shelves. Thankfully one of my neighbors was throwing out an entertainment center so a bit of dumpster diving netted me somewhere to put it (though I worry about my cat getting up there and chewing on it). It’s really cool and dynamic, though, a really good set up that is great for static dioramas or for active play. I like that the pieces can come apart so you can change up the layout. The design is everything you could want from a Monster High circus, bold and graphic with a color scheme that is both traditional circus and kind of gothy. Very nice. 

signs as panic at the party songs
  • aries:build jesus porno mime
  • taurus:girls love girls and girls gay gay gay
  • gemini:but its better if ur a stripper
  • cancer:why are there numbers on the tables
  • leo:we're starving as fuck
  • virgo:mona lisa killed a bitch
  • libra:this song is about fucking
  • scorpio:the piano knows the ryden truth™
  • sagittarius:something about weed, probably
  • capricorn:that one song about closing the goddamn door
  • aquarius:the end of spencer smith
  • pisces:fish tank heads
Need cheering up?

Forget all about gross herbal tea and dumb cat videos, I promise you’ll be smiling and laughing again within a minute!

Ok so these will make you smile (and possibly melt aah)

Freddie Mercury to Roger Taylor ‘C’mon Blondie’

Roger Taylor saying ‘I love you too’

Bob Dylan playing with words

The Rolling Stones miming ‘I Got You Babe’

Roger Waters speaking French

Jimmy Page humming

Brian May talks about Percy the hedgehog’s ordeal

John Lennon being incredibly cute

Brian May saying ‘It’s the pursuit of knowledge darling, isn’t it?’

Paul McCartney saying ‘hi’ in different voices

Queen talks

Jimmy Page giving out a radio message (I dARE you not to smile)

Freddie Mercury wishing you a nice day

Brian May saying ‘I’m thinking of you’

John Lennon and Paul McCartney goofing around

Brian May and Roger Taylor singing ‘I Was Born to Love You’

I’m in Love (demo) 

John Lennon and Paul McCartney hugging (at least watch it for the background music)

The Doors arriving at Heathrow Airport

Pink Floyd discussing oysters

Bruce Springsteen being a cutie

Bob Dylan interview

Ice bucket challenges: Ronnie Wood, Robert Plant, Brian May

Gorgeous but a bit mad (David Gilmour and Rick Wright)

‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Paul’s boner interview (Roundup interview with The Beatles)

Freddie Mercury taking a bath

The Beatles’ First U.S. Visit

Mick Jagger’s first TV appearance

Freddie Mercury does the weather

Brian May Sleepy (Drunken) Blues

A Midsummer Night’s Dream spoof (The Beatles)

Big Night Out, The Beatles: here and here

Pass the pie with Robert Plant and Cozy Powell

The music of Lennon and McCartney

Jimmy Page saying “wow”

Pepsi commercial with David Bowie and Tina Turner

Ringo Starr imitating Donald Duck

Bob Dylan’s answering machine message

John Lennon and Mick Jagger (Rock n Roll Circus + Dirty Mac performance)

And here, if you need to laugh

Four minutes of Robert Plant making fun of JPJ

Paul McCartney raps Humpty Dumpty

Keith Moon accepting Beatles award

I don’t even know (Mick Jagger)

What even (Paul, Ringo, George)

Paul McCartney being his usual sassy self

Pete Townshend saying ‘My spaghetti' 

This is from a man that was never truly appreciated

Keith Moon and Ringo Starr rap

John Lennon imitating Bob Dylan

Mick Jagger on SNL (includes the monologue, Steven Tyler impression, and the karaoke bar)

Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon switch accents

Bo Rhap ending outtake

Why don’t you all fffUCK OFF MIMI

Moo - Ringo Starr

Charlie being a cutie (The Stones Exhibitionism)

Paul Buried Me’ trailer

u ok paul??

Pete Townshend, a musical genius

David Bowie’s prank call

George Martin and Paul McCartney

Ringo Starr (from Thomas the Tank Engine)

‘I Wish I Was a Powerpuff Girl’, Ringo Starr

Just listen

Old man Ringo, need I say more?

Brian May saying ‘bunny rabbit’ in cyborg voice

Things I, Mick Jagger, have learned after 50 years in rock n roll

Shit beatlemaniacs say

Paul McCartney speaking with American accent

Mick Jagger introduces Monty Python live

The Who interview

Scrambled eggs, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon

The Pirate Song, George Harrison

Bowie secrets

Dancing in the Street, David Bowie and Mick Jagger

TV add for Queen’s Greatest Video Hits II

The good stuff

John Lennon talking masturbation

Jimmy Page saying ‘long handjob’

Pete Townshend talking about Mick’s equipment

Robert talks about Jimmy’s pants falling down 

Keith Moon on pinball

Mick Jagger licking Ronnie Wood in the face

‘Naughty’, George Harrison

Freddie talks about Brian’s big cock

Roger Daltrey

Robert Plant talking about lemons (and the lack of squeezes)

Lou Reed saying ‘booty’

Two full minutes of Robert Plant saying ‘babe’

‘Penetration’, Roger Taylor

I don’t know if this is ‘good stuff’ or just eh?? (Brian May)

Listen to these cuties laughing

Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey, Jimmy PagePaul McCartney II, Jimmy Page II, Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr, Robert Plant 

Feel free to add or message me if something doesn’t work! And stay fabulous, darlings! x


Jensen was more than a little embarrassed after saying he leaves the toilet seat up as a courtesy and to keep it ‘clean’ for the ladies after him in the bathroom and Jared let him know after that answer that it would lead to more than a few eager ladies assuming that the seat up means Jensen was just there and mimed wiping his hand on the seat and then on his face excitedly. 

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki - Sunday Main Panel - Salute to Supernatural DC 2015