mimeandmercenary answered: Thor/any other avenger finds another type of alien and imprison it. Unfortunately, no one know how to care for it..except an imprisoned Loki.

This isn’t three sentences either… Maybe I should have through this through.

Tony does not fall from the sky alone. Coming back with him falls a warrior in armor welded to skin, injured and raving in a voice comprised primarily of clicks, of shrieks, but its golden eyes are aware if inhuman, and it is Clint, of all people, who stops to see it healed.

There is, it seems, a thing in him that recognizes the use of a soldier broken, and the need for healing. So, the soldier, broken, marches to the god who once shackled him to a throne, whose jesses he once cut off-

“Fix him,” Clint demands of the fallen thing, and Loki would sneer, except his mouth is sewn shut-

“Your brother said they were rehabilitating you,” Clint says, “and he said something once, about your people and debts. Let’s do two birds with one stone,” and the pun is not lost; “you fix him and well, we won’t be even, but it will be a start.”

Clint does not hold out a hand; Loki’s are bound behind him. But the trickster nods, and the word is binding for all its silence.

“Good,” Clint says shortly, “good,” and so it was three outsiders bound together, no soldier unwounded.