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Hi! I feel like you've mentioned this before but, if the bone season is an escape the jail kind of novel, the mime order is a murder-mystery and the song rising is dystopian, what will Book 4 be?

I’m waiting until I’ve finished the draft to decide what genre fits it best, but it involves a bit of spying. And politics. And a Mime Order-style delve into a new syndicate. 

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A sudden blur of red, white, and black zips around the camp as Wes is suddenly on a HUGGING SPREE!!! He all but tackles each and every person he comes across, no matter the consciences or state of familiarity. Hopefully nobody was doing anything important when there's suddenly a mime crashing into them.

There’s a CACOPHONY of confusion, startled yelping, hissing and grunts as the monotoned mime goes on his murder affection spree through the camp! Bella’s dropped her bundle of goop that was a sad attempt at making a Warly dish and whipping every which way with a flapping cape, looking absolutely bewildered and Jessica’s frozen with her hands up and eyes wide, red brow furrowing as she joins in on the whipfest.

“Did anyone see the license plate on that vehicle??” The toon asks, adjusting the top of her gown so it wouldn’t pop off and show off Jessica’s own special balloons. 


Ramón has. 

“We have.” Wendy has too as she chips in, being a current victim with the cyborg as they’re squished in the warm, loving embrace of a mime! She doesn’t fight it, she’s gotten used to familiar faces swarming her with unexpected affection by now, so she’s just passive and staring at Wes with scrunched lips.

Before the mime left, he WAS nearly tackled by the Firestarter, held captive in her arms and spun around! 

“OH MY GOSH, LOOK WHO IT IS! AAA!” Willow squealed and bounces about with the tower of hugs, holding Wes tight and nuzzling on him!

He’ll escape with due time, eventually the firestarter will let him go. And the cyborg who has suddenly realized she is starved of affection.


The Girl Is Mime - Starring Martin Freeman

Wilson is the world’s biggest dork

also makes the most anachronistic references, which I’m going to chalk up to the forbidden knowledge (I like to picture the other characters staring at him with baffled expressions when he references something that won’t exist for a few more decades)

he says “good day to you” for most characters, but “decent day to you” for maxwells

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Panic! at the Disco music videos: a summary
  • DTMWAGT: what the fuck?????
  • Victorious: fuck you Ryan i have Sarah now
  • Death of a Bachelor: SINATRA
  • Emperor's New Clothes: seriously is Brendon okay????
  • Hallelujah: what kind of MC Escher shit is this???
  • Girls/Girls/Boys: it's an homage to something but no one cares bc he's nekkid
  • This Is Gospel: a lot more beautiful before we found out it was the prequel to him turning into a fucking demon
  • Nicotine: smoke and death
  • Miss Jackson: ?????idk what's going on????? but #aesthetic af
  • Let's Kill Tonight: it's one of those live footage videos but also death
  • Ready to Go: he dance
  • Ballad of Mona Lisa: steampunk vampire funeral
  • Northern Downpour: DONT TALK TO ME
  • New Perspective: it's one of those footage from a movie music videos
  • That Green Gentleman: babies turn into babies
  • Nine in the Afternoon: what kind of Beatles shit is this????
  • Build God: poor porno mime
  • Lying: fishbowl head murder
  • BIBIYD: fuckin plot twist
  • IWSNT: this ain't a wedding it's a goddamn circus

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in what way is the song rising so different from the mime order?

My plan for the series is for each of the books to feel like a slightly different “genre”, so my readers never know exactly what to expect. The Bone Season is a jailbreak, a tale of escape; The Mime Order is a murder mystery; The Song Rising is more of a classic dystopian. The remaining four are also quite different from one another. They all follow the same story and characters, but one of my great pleasures in writing this series is subverting expectations and fusing genres so you get to have a unique experience in each one, rather than repeating the same pattern seven times.  


Another drawing for TwitchPlaysPokemon, even if it’s not part of a serie this time. This is Mr.Mime, a.k.a. Murder Mime, who caused the release of several pokemons. Look at these eyes of pure evilness.

Color pencils. The scan is not great… I might post another one soon.

EDIT : Here we go, new scan. Still far from perfect, I could edit this post one more time… Why is scanning color pencils so hard ? ;_;