mime couple

The canon ships, and those who are happy as they are.

So I read about the characters and their relationships. From what I read, Giggles is the popular one here. I read that Petunia was also with other guys (Though, she wasn’t happy with Disco Bear). Fun fact, the popular canon couples in the show are CuddlesXGiggles, and PetuniaXHandy. 

I also read that Lumpy (In maybe one episode) was also attracted to Giggles, but it didn’t say that they dated and most episodes that involve Lumpy and Giggles together it’s usually a rivalry situation.

Again, this is only based on what I read. Enjoy! 


omg. i drew a thing

    • @gleefully-macabre
    • tbh it baffles me how quickly i drew these this morning
    • bog as hawkmoth and marianne as le paon
    • covering 80% of his face can in fact be considered cheating lmao

Clownblr, I need your help

So, I made a previous post distincting sad clowns and sad-feeling clowns, but I have a different problem.

The first clown I had ever gotten, Bobo (I named him when I was younger, regrettably) died a few years ago due to neglect when I left him in the care of a clown kennel that left him in a small, closed in cage. I’ve slowly come to terms with it and, though I might not be ready to get a new clown just yet, I’ve started clown sitting for a friend.

She has quite a few clowns, and a couple mimes as well, though she said to leave them be while she’s away.

THIS is what I need help with. Somehow her mimes keep getting out of their sanctuary and have started fighting with the clowns. I’m not really sure of the clown breed so I can’t tell if they’re normally so aggressive. It’s gotten to the point that I have to throw their Cotten candy into the tent as fast as possible because they will try and bite me if I stay around too long.

Any advice? Thanks in advance. @petclownask