yall can blame grislyteeth for this because shes a meme mime loving heck!! tho to be fair ive always had a soft spot for mimes myself so i guess its about time lmao

this is La Mante! shes actually not a mime so much as a metaphysical entity that happens to take the form of a mime. perhaps at one point she was alive, and that was her profession? either way, shes a docile and more or less friendly entity, however in order to keep herself powered and going, she does need to consume living flesh. it can be human, animal, whatever, doesnt matter so long as its bloody and edible.

la mante has no problems with things like going out into sunlight, or religious artifacts or even exorcisms, however she does have a strong aversion to extremely loud and sudden noises. this is especially useful because if she happens to be in a feeding frenzy you could actually rather easily get her off your tail by making a racket. otherwise though shes a completely silent (hah) ambush predator that can phase through solid objects and if he catches you thats more or less it. she legit makes no sound though, like not even foot steps. 100% silent. the Perfect Mime

despite her kind of spooky nature, she lives for entertainment and especially children. she loves kids, absolutely adores the little buggers. she is most often found on street corners performing in broad daylight, and this is also the safest time to approach her due to her docility. while she is approachable at night, its not advised due to her need to consume a steady amount of prey and she does her hunting mainly in the hours just before dawn

uhh thats all i have so far!