mimby art

iiii didn’t really want to post this because it’s bad compared to all the other great pokeddexy submissions today, but i have no idea how else i can pose a pokemon without limbs. hahaho! but yeah, i’m gonna try to draw a pokemon every day of december.

today’s theme is “favorite bug pokemon” and combee is the cutest imo.

Recently acquired an Avian chef on the ship: a young wanderer by the name of Honey. The petite befeathered girl had been hitchhiking across the Beta Sector after being accidentally abandoned by the luxury vacation starship she previously cooked on.

Kylia installed a peculiar piece of machinery on her ship that shockingly transported Honey onboard as she was fleeing from monsters. After a painful crash, rearrangement of the ship’s cabin, a lengthy explanation, and an incredible banana creme pie, Kylia decided to employ Honey on the ship in exchange for more impeccable cuisine.

The Apex normally expends ridiculous amounts of effort into trying to remain constantly composed and aloof, but Honey is quickly revealing the way to Kylia’s heart one battered banana at a time.