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Title: Question Answered

 Prompt: @tangle-of-ivy: You get thrown into TV land along with the boys! At first you stay with them, but soon you start getting placed in separate channels. Gabe is usually there too.  ***I took out the rest of the request because of spoilers ;p

 Pairing: Gabriel x Female!Reader

 Summary: The boys hated TV Land, when Gabriel threw them in…but you had a different experience.  

 Warnings: Language.

Originally posted by galaxystiel

To say this was a weird day was an understatement.  First off, you were stuck in some random TV Land special, curtesy of your local Trickster, the gorgeous blonde haired man who loved to screw with you and your brothers. Secondly, you got to watch your brother fanboy over being in his favorite TV show…but the weirdest part was what came after.

You registered that the ‘channel’ had changed.  You looked around to find yourself in the middle of a dance floor, people sitting at tables around the edge.  There were couples dressed up in nice clothes standing around you. “Sam?  Dean?”  

You called out, but you couldn’t see them.  “Don’t worry sweet cheeks, you’re safe here.”  

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FightWrite: Keeping Tension High

Depending on how you handle your fight scenes, they can actually become pretty boring. This often happens when the scene is just about the fight and not about the events surrounding it in the narrative. Many sequences put too high a premium on the hero’s survival, this can happen even if the hero has carved through a few hundred enemies to get there and taken no outward scratches along the way. This is a danger to heroes, villains, and even side characters that are exceptionally good at combat. When we know the hero is capable, there’s little reason to pay attention to their fights. The tension ebbs, the reader knows they’ll win and, with no possibility of the unexpected, may not even care what happens next.


This is where things can get a bit tricky. Always remember: fight scenes like any scene must serve the tension in the overarching story. The rest of the suggestions are below the cut.

(We’re still recovering from being sick, but hopefully this will help some of you. We’ll try to get the inbox questions soon.)


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