Bgc Miami

I don’t understand how Sarah was being racist like tuh, the name boards with the pictures don’t have any ones name on it, and when you describe some one the first thing you say is their race. What was she supposed to say “oh that one girl with the eyes and the what not” like stfuuu Milyn you just wan’t drama.

Tess - k why the fuck would you go to the Bad Girls Club house for 10 HOURS omfg, you wasted every ones time and took some ones spot who prob. could have been a chill ass bitch. Christina 2.0 

Milyn - I swear to God this bitch looks like Donkey from Shrek with them buck ass teeth oh nah. Bitches be name dropping too “Rob Kardashian, Justin Bieber” bitch stfuuu no one would touch you with a 50 foot pole.

Oh and Team Sarah tbh she’s the queen every one else is irrelevant and this seasons shit bye.