Stupid ass...

When girls try to be all motto and shit act like they know every goddamn detail of Marine Corps or any branch but get facts messed up and dont use proper capitalization.
Some broads need a fucken life. There’s more to it then just military…and it’s just a fucken title nothing to be obsessed about.
Underneath them cammies and outside of base is a MAN (depending on weather or not he’s a dick,a boy) It’s good to support your husband/fiancé-boyfriend but, to a point. I too first got caught up with being a “MilSo” and being motto but realized it was fucken retarded and I really hated the Marine Corps for all the fucked up shit they do… but sometimes it seems like some are more interested in the title and military life. If you wanna count in military time wear the uniform sign fucken papers and join.

(lemme add something remotely nice)
Ladies, love your man!. Not his title, not his job. Cause really when he goes home or talks to you on phone or Skype that’s his break away from military a piece of sanity…to spend time with you. Not more military.

I’ll probably get hate and lose followers cause this but fuck it… It’s how I feel and I just needed to get it out.

So in these past few months I havent been on, so let me catch you up with my life…

  • I’m going to try and get accepted into my city’s Police Academy.
  • I’m having my wedding in December
  • I already have my gorgeous dress.
  • I look so fucking good in it (not to brag)
  • My best friend is pregnant with her first child! 
  • I’m growing up you guys.
  • OH! and Brett comes home in 29 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays.
  • Aww yiss.