milwaukeesbeast asked:

Very well handled non the anon BS! Was just curious how in the world you got 2k followers? All from f2f? Are you able to keep them or does it fluctuate? Just recently decided to try and build followers to get more of my work out there so any insight would be much appreciated :). I do like your blog as well

Thank you!  I’m no where near the number of followers some users have, but I did get most of mine from mutual followers.  It fluctuates a little bit, depending on the type of blog you run and the amount of interaction you have with followers.  If I have any insight to give, it would be to be clear on what your blog is about, whether it’s based on photography, personal posts or your work :)  I’d love to hear more about your work, and if anyone reading this can give further insight about gaining stable followers, contact milwaukeesbeast!!