Milwaukee Road interchanging at Davis Junction, Illinois

Note the condition of the locomotives and the tracks. The Milwaukee Road was in its third bankruptcy at this time. It later was acquired by the Soo Line Railroad, which in turn disappeared into the Canadian Pacific Railway.

August 1979

Photos by Mark Llanuza

Milwaukee Road Over Lincoln Hwy DeKalb, IL by waynemegaman
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Background info: The Ilinois Iowa & Minnesota (I I & M) was the original line built 1904-05 connecting the Illinois cities of Momence - Joliet - Aurora - DeKalb - Kirkland - Rockford. The successor was the Chicago, Milwaukee & Gary (C M & G). It was also often referred to, as “The Gary Line”. By this time, the section north of Kirkland had been abandoned and this branch connected with the Milwaukee Road main-line at Kirkland. This view is looking eastward as Milwaukee Road Steamer powered by engine 944, is working its way south over the Lincoln Hwy Underpass. This train just came out from Kirkland, through Wilkinson Station then passed DeKalb’s out-skirts at a southeastern angle, to this crossing over the Lincoln Hwy. From here, the tracks bent more easterly as they headed towards Aurora, Joliet and ended just south of Momence, IL. It is my understanding the route to Gary was never completed. It is also known that the Chicago Aurora & DeKalb Interurban passed through the north side of the underpass. Today this underpass is long gone and this is the location of the Peace Rd & Lincoln Hwy (Rt 38) intersection. I just found a Timetable dated March 1907 for the C M & G Railway and have to share the link:

Caption: “MILW 807, a passenger GP9, handles switching chores near Chicago Union Station as afternoon rush hour approaches. The Geep is moving a group of commuter bi-level coaches and cab cars toward the station for outbound trains.“


June 5, 1979

Photo by Bill Edgar


E-Unit Nose by Robert Thomson
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The nose of MILW E9A 36A (ex-MRL 36, xx-INRD 100, nee-MILW 36A) on static display at Deer Lodge, Montana on October 22, 2015. Samsung Galaxy S5


Caption: “A three-photo sequence of Amtrak 63 (ANF Turbotrain as Train 321 for Milwaukee) outbound and Milwaukee Road 54 (F40C) with an inbound commuter on the north leads of Chicago Union Station on August 20, 1976.”


Photos by Marty Bernard