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Employee of the Vilter Manufacturing Co. filing small gun parts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1943. by Michael Donovan

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-Who said halloween was over? Who said you cant wear black and orange and make it look good?? Who said glasses aren’t fashionable? Because they sure as hell didn’t tell Jeff that and Jeff sure as hell knows how to 👏PULL👏IT👏OFF👏 AND makes me want to to PULL👏IT👏OFF👏 if ya know what i mean 😉

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Today is the day I have been waiting for: Street Styles from Milwaukee!
These pictures were taken in the Historic Third Ward.

When asked what inspired her outfit, Samantha said:

I was going for an eclectic look but with a touch of urban style. The fur boots gave it both a masculine yet feminine contrast to the high waisted jeans, and I threw on the chunky powdered sweater to balance the whole outfit out and with that specific pattern.

Winter doesn’t always need to be a dreary drag! Samantha, a Fashion Merchandising and Marketing student at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, is a walking inspiration. In her vintage, spring-like paisley chiffon cropped top paired with high-waisted jeans, Sam is chic and unique! By simply adding a stockinette stitch knit sweater and combat boots, she can be comfortable and warm and still look very fashionable while she endures the cold Wisconsin weather.

Combat boots have been a very popular style in the recent years. Versatility worn, they can be paired with skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, jeggings, and leggings. With Samantha’s girlish style on top, these boots compliment her look, giving her enamble and interesting edge.

By adding a few large rings, Sam has glamed up her look in a new, funky way. Along with her rings, the turquoise nail polish brings out the turquoise in her blouse, making this fashionista’s outfit complete!

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