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To The Stage! Twin Peaks @ Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wis.

Since seeing Twin Peaks on April 1st, I’ve been wondering where the jokes were. No opening band members in masks, or weird pop covers? But I’ve realized since that the boys of Twin Peaks don’t need orchestrated antics. Hilarity and rebelliousness just follow them everywhere.

     Its nothing new to say that Twin Peaks puts on a wild show. The second the festivities began, the floor was moving in waves, which from the run down look of the ballroom, was a bit frightening. About five songs in, Turner Hall dispatched a group of highly ineffective security guards, 3 to an entire front row, with no barrier. Apparently crowd surfing and touching a stage with your hands is a highly punishable offense.

     Once Clay informed the security that they were the worst and couldn’t stop the crowd from having a good time, several “boos” were shouted and one guard even left the scene!

          The show closed with “Strawberry Smoothie”, and Jack and Clay invited everyone onstage for an extended instrumental encore. I tried my hardest to get up, but spent the whole time on my stomach, half on and off the stage like a stranded turtle.

      This is why hundreds of kids all over the Midwest (and everywhere else!) sell out Twin Peaks shows and wait hours after for selfies and autographs. The whole show is a party, and it wouldn’t be a true TP show without both the ecstatic fans and fantastic music. Fancy concert halls and TV appearances are simply a means to an ends to connect with lovers of their music.



twenty one pilots by Maryam Tunio

the signs as stuff my band directors said

aries: we’re just going to have them shove their hands up their saxophones and pretend they’re french horns
taurus: it is new orleans but I think it’d be a good idea if we started off wearing pants
gemini: is that you guys singing? no wait you guys can’t sing
cancer: *stops rehearsal to answer phone* it’s the pizza man! guys, say hello pizza man!
leo: use lots of finger action!
virgo: *in the middle of our concert* wasn’t it the great taylor swift who once said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?
libra: *wears a polo everyday*
scorpio: no you cannot challenge her for first chair sleigh bells
sagitarrius: *insults music* “… i meant that’s my favorite piece!” “HAHA good cover!”
capricorn: *section messes up* that wasn’t right! HAHA… HA
aquarius: *playing at a breast cancer awareness event* okay so the line up is going to be Get Lucky…
pisces: *constantly sweats* one year the students got me a shamwow! and a super shamwow! they didn’t work


Met Motionless In White in Milwaukee on October 28th. 

The guys were so awesome and kind. I was able to thank them for making their music and tell them how much their music means to me. And even with the no hug rule Chris thanked me for telling him and gave me a hug.

The Apollo X tour was insane and the sickest show I’ve seen from them yet! Part 1 of my photos here.


You’re a sky full of stars.”


“Dancing in the Dark” by Hot Chip // Originally by Bruce Springsteen (Live in Milwaukee, WI // 5.31.15)

I don’t usually post a lot of fan shot videos because of sound issues, but this little gem in particular is just too good to pass up - also, the sound is pretty solid. Hot Chip is currently touring the states in support of their excellent new album, Why Make Sense?. On a recent stop in Milwaukee, the band decided to break out a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s classic 80′s jam, “Dancing in the Dark”. The result is an un-surprisingly pretty slice of shimmering dance pop. It’s pretty great.