I’ve finally figured out why I hate the EAH fandom so much more than the MH fandom. Because unlike them, there are so many of you who just DON’T GET IT AT ALL.

There is an old man trying his damnedest to brainwash young people into lives and stories that some don’t want to be a part of, some having been told this so frequently in their lives that it is literally the only thing they believe is true. One girl’s rebellious move at Legacy Day isn’t going to undo a lifetime of this way of thinking overnight. This is dark subject matter, this is creepy, and this is scarily relevant to the way society tries to get us to do things we don’t want to do because it’s “normal.”

And all you people care about is “what a bitch” Apple White is. You know, Apple White, one of those kids who is being brainwashed. And trust me, this is coming from someone who’s not really an Apple fan

The Rebel you just called evil? She sits by herself at lunch because “evil” is what everyone thinks she is. The puppet you called a liar? She spends hours by herself pretending that she’s human thinking that it’ll help her stay honest, even when she’s nothing like how her father was at that age. The Prince Charming you called empty-headed? He has narcissism. The Fairest One Of All you just called spoiled? She gets penalized enough for being a natural blonde, never mind that creepy Headmaster looming over her dealings with the Evil Queen’s daughter who started it all.

There’s a lot more to characters than you think. Reblog this if you’re not a bullying fairy fail.