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That unlike his brother, Giles Grimm isn’t blind to the whole Badwolf/Red Riding hood. He notices things such as Badwolf not being nearly as hard on Cerise as other students. He takes notice of things such as when Parent/teacher conferences happen, Red Riding Hood lingers just a little bit more longer in the classroom with Badwolf.

Giles Grimm notices these things, yet he always makes sure that others may not push any buttons, at least until the family is ready. He could be seen pushing Milton Grimm out of the room if he begins to ponder a little too much of a “charater hanging out with their villain a little too long”

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Any thoughts on the Grimm Brothers?

In which Bug searches the deepest depth of her inbox to answer what must be an ask that was sent at least three months ago~

Okay time to pull out the big guns by starting with Milton Grimm: Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to be either some form of a lawful neutral /well-intentioned extremist character or is at least someone who pretends to be. Considering some of the plot points in Unfairest of Them All which I dare not spoil in this very post (and yes, I’ve read both EAH books), my suspicions of the latter have been raised.  An older theory of mine suggests the latter as well.

For as little as we’ve seen him in the websodes, it might be strange when I outright say that he’s one of my favorite characters on the show, if not the favorite (sorry Cedar, although fortunately your design/cuteness factor pwns majorly so you’re still before anyone else). Weird? Kinda. But eh,  to me he’s just one of those characters that I love to hate:

Manipulative asshat? Check. Stuffy authoritative nuisance whose very existence appears to be the reason why this whole entire show has a plot in the first place? Check. Turns into a chicken and plays with pony figurines in his spare time? double-check.

Okay so the chicken/pony thing aren’t love-to-hate qualities so much as I find them funny, but yeah. Have a read-more because wow I type a lot.

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