Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926).

Georges Belmont: If I asked you what does it feel like being Marilyn Monroe, at this stage in your life, what would you answer?
Marilyn Monroe: Well, how does it feel being yourself?
GB: Sometimes I’m content with myself, at other times I’m dissatisfied.
MM: That’s exactly how I feel. And are you happy?
GB: I think so.
MM: Well, I am too, and since I’m only 34 and have a few years to go yet, I hope to have time to become better and happier, professionally and in my personal life. That’s my one ambition. Maybe I’ll need a long time, because I’m slow. I don’t want to say that it’s the best method, but it’s the only one I know and it gives me the feeling that, in spite of everything, life is not without hope.


Milton Friedman on Capitalism vs. Socialism

And in the real economic world, there is a free lunch, an extraordinary free lunch, and that free lunch is free markets and private property. Why is it that on one side of an arbitrary line there was East Germany and on the other side there was West Germany with such a different level of prosperity? It was because West Germany had a system of largely free, private markets — a free lunch. The same free lunch explains the difference between Hong Kong and mainland China, and the prosperity of the United States and Great Britain. These free lunches have been the product of a set of invisible institutions that, as F. A. Hayek emphasized, are a product of human action but not of human intention.

At the moment, we in the United States have available to us, if we will take it, something that is about as close to a free lunch as you can have.

👏🏽The.👏🏽Whole.👏🏽Entire.👏🏽Rest.👏🏽Of.👏🏽His.👏🏽Cluster (and a fiancée).👏🏽Came.👏🏽Corporeally.👏🏽Together.👏🏽To.👏🏽Save.👏🏽Wolf.👏🏽 And.👏🏽Then take down BPO once and for all!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

They were smart enough to know to not have Kala take blockers until, knowing that Wolfgang would go to her first and Will next, they’d both lured Whispers in to a false sense of accomplishment, that Whispers would call out for Jonas, and that Jonas would betray them.

(When will Lito explain any of this to Hernando? (Will Dani be reborn first?))

I need Season Three NOW because I. Really. Fucking. Love. My. Eight. Children. And. All. Whom. They. Love!!!

As if this show doesn’t blow our minds enough, ...

… watch it back, it’s actually Kala who knocks out the second guard whilst Lito and Riley hold guns on Will, having knocked out the first, to distract the second during the Whispers extraction scene, and it’s also Kala, a married-in-to-wealth upper-class demure Indian woman, who drives the getaway van to the meet-up with Sun, Nomanita, and Capheus, whom have Jonas, because the figure clad in a hazmat suit who does these two things has breasts and a ponytail bump. … Shit gets real when you mess with the man who she actually loves. #FreeWolfie