Did I catch your attention? If so, awesome.

I wanted to talk about the challenge that is going around again, originally called #everytoonisbeautiful, but nicknamed as the “shuffle toons”.

This challenge is to make a brand new toon and shuffle once in each area and that’s what you stick with and raise. You cannot make the toon yourself or name it yourself, what you get is what you get.

I did not create this event/challenge, it was created several months ago by a deactivated blog by the name of asktoonblr.

My toon is a multicolored mouse named Milton Dizzenmush, so if you ever spot me in game, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Have fun and enjoy!

Dan and Dany showed all the spirit of adventure commonly found in field mice. Much to the frustration of the comms department on the lookout for an interesting post-break story they confessed to spending their holidays “hanging out at home.”

Dany, at least, went to Sardinia for a couple of days but Daniel had a staycation – sunning himself at home and resolutely ignoring any texts from Milton Keynes containing cricket scores.

Fortunately Christian rescued our reputation as a devil-may-care extreme team on the ragged edge by taking a plunge off a rubber dinghy. Mrs Horner supported her man by promptly tweeting video and giving us all a giggle…Not that we’d be so childish as to slow it down and set it to music or anything


Red Bull Spy lamenting at Dany and Dan’s ‘boring’ holidays.

Now when someone points out i’m ‘wasting my life’ spending my weekends eating crisps on the sofa i’m just going to show them this.