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hi! a questions about Anna Milton. As you probably know, Anna was intended as angel guardian of the winchester but she was replaced by Castiel because the writers decided that the character was bad written and the actress not good enough, no chemistry with jensen. I have never really understand this decision, I do not feel the same, I like the character and I don't think that the actress is bad. what do you think?

Hello dear anon!

Yes, I did know about Anna’s and Castiel’s roles getting switched up basically. The way I heard the story though was that Misha was so extremely popular that they wanted to keep him and in order for that to work had to accomodate.

I liked Anna - and yes, I only inserted this gif because I did really really enjoy the introduction of the character ;) - and I also quite liked her entire arc as she was a major reason for Cas to consider “disobedience” in the first place, to start doubting and use his own mind and question the orders of his superiors.

Imo a whole lot of Castiel’s story was sparked and carried by Anna, who supported him while Castiel on the other hand (if I remember it correctly, it’s been a while since I watched those S4/S5 episodes) sold her out to Heaven. And what she was going through when returning to Heaven was basically getting re-programmed into eliminating the Winchesters or rather Sam in particular. I always found that especially tragic about Anna’s story as she is the only angel we have met in 12 seasons that truly actively chose by herself to distance herself from Heaven by ripping out her grace and becoming human. Her story in that regard is very unique as it doesn’t compare at all to the angels falling at the end of S8. They were forced to fall, kept their grace, but lost their wings - Anna chose free will over blind obedience and made the choice even though it hurt like Hell.

But sorry, I’m getting way off track from your question. :) I personally thought that Julie McNiven played Anna well in the just right kind of off-ness about the character and I also think she played well together with Jensen. So to me those arguments don’t really hold, but that’s of course up to personal taste.

That said, I really kind of think it was more that Misha was exceptionally popular in contrast to other angels such as Anna, so that’s why they decided to switch Castiel’s and Anna’s arcs. I’m not sad it happened that way as I love Misha as Castiel, but it could have been great also to have Anna around as another angel siding with the Winchesters.

“And art—we want it to be instantaneous and effortless; we want it to involve no apprenticeship to a tradition or a discipline or a master, no devotion to an ideal of workmanship. We want our art to support the illusion that high achievement is within easy reach, for we want to believe that, though we are demeaned by our work and driven half crazy by our pleasures, we are all mute inglorious Miltons.”
— Wendell Berry


Luo Zhongli (1948- ) - 1990 Homeland - A Path in the Village (Christie’s Hong Kong, 2011) by Milton Sonn

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Oil on canvas;    52 x 71.8 cm. 

Luo Zhongli, born 1948, studied oil-painting at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing from ’78 until ’82. Later on, he continued his studies in Belgium, at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, he is the president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and is involved in numerous renowned art associations and societies in China.

Luo’s work named “Father” created in 1980, won the Golden Prize in the Chinese 2nd. National Youth Fine Arts Exhibition. This work was collected permanently by the China National Fine Arts Museum in Beijing, and it became the milestone of the Chinese contemporary fine arts.

For decades, Luo’s works have been exhibited worldwide and he has become one of the most influential artists in China.

As the president of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, which is one of the most important fine arts academies in China, Luo devotes his effort to the service function of the school based on the demand of the social community. Under his leadership, Sichuan Fine Arts is entering a new creative era.


The 36 Questions That Lead To Love: A Fitzsimmons Love Story spanning time, space, and generations.

When a New York Times article excites S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy students, they have the genius idea of testing the questions out on the inseparable Fitzsimmons. A pair who by everyone’s bets, should have gotten together way before now. The way the students see it–It’s a win-win. Either Fitzsimmons proves The New York Times wrong—which Fitzsimmons will love, or the pair will finally fall for each other—which the students will love. Then again, it’s a stupid psychological experiment. What could possibly go wrong?

Question 10: If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be? What are the chances that Milton is captivated by a video feed of Fitzsimmons sitting at a desk? What are the chances Fitz would name his son after someone that led to his first heated argument with Jemma? What are the chances that trouble will come to Milton for locking Fitzsimmons in a classroom? And–what are the chances Fitzsimmons shared their very first kiss before Academy graduation?

Chances are you’ll find the answers to all those questions (and more) in the next chapter of 36 Questions. Read the chapter here (or from the start)     

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Any characters the TWD fandom is lacking?

dale,    tyreese,    t-dog,    jacqui,    morgan,    amy,    jenner,    denise,    noah,    nicholas,    hershel,    sasha,    tara,    michonne,    abraham,    heath,    dawn,    milton,    martinez,    the governor,    uhh…    basically everyone idk omg i’m the worst person to ask.    also always original characters because i’m such a hoe for oc’s like destroy me with them we can never have too many.

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Any characters the TWD fandom is lacking???

  • dale
  • t-dog
  • hershel
  • milton
  • deanna
  • tyreese
  • bob
  • tara
  • eugene
  • joe ( the claimers )
  • father gabriel
  • noah
  • dawn
  • heath
  • gregory
  • doctor carson
  • denise
  • eric

          honestly i could go on, literally anyone that’s not rick, daryl, michonne, maggie, carl, carol, etc.


Matisse, Henri (1869-1954) - 1940 Interior with Etruscan Vase, The Cleveland Museum of Art by Milton Sonn

Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse was a French artist, known for both his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter.

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💩 …someone my muse dislikes, but admires.
I think it’s safe to say that he admires Nick Fury but doesn’t necessarily like him. But there are likely also a lot of S.H.I.E.L.D. people that could be said about. He doesn’t give his “like” away casually. He’s pretty neutral about most people unless there’s a reason for him to like them or dislike them. 

👑 …someone my muse is jealous of.
How much time have you got? Okay, let’s just start with the obvious, Milton. The fact that Jemma dated him clearly eats him up because he thought he wasn’t worthy of Jemma. Probably his most genuine jealousy was for Trip because he was truly jealous of him because he believed that Trip was worthy of Jemma. That was upsetting, to say the least. He really only gets jealous about Jemma and a tiny bit if someone is smarter than he is but that’s more envy than jealousy. But he’ll still admire that person. There’s none of the malice that comes with jealousy there. So, I guess it’s all Jemma. Poor Fitz. 

All that said, I don’t think he’s particularly a jealous person inherently but he was in a situation of not being able to tell her how he felt in canon and seeing her be attracted to other people which made him fear that he was losing his chance. However, if his partner tried to make him jealous, he’d fall into that trap like a dead weight. He’s okay when he’s secure but pick at his insecurity and—boom—jealous.

🍓…someone my muse has never met, but wants to meet.
There are a lot of people but probably Bruce Banner tips the scales slightly. Mainly because he’s a scientist but I think Fitz is a little bit intrigued by that Jekyll-and-Hyde thing. I also think that Fitz has considered trying one or two things on himself and Bruce Banner is his example of what not to do. I think that fascinates him, though. Sort of a ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ thing. 

He’d also love to meet Reed Richards, if for no other reason than to see how he stacks up again probably the smartest guy on the planet. But he’d also go down the rabbit hole with Reed on all his crazy ideas no matter how impractical—at least in theory. He’d be more realistic when it came to the more mundane feasibility aspects like money, time and resources, though. 

Valentine's Day

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by wolfgirl720

Pretty much just cuteness. There’s some flirting, some unwelcome flirting, then some more welcome flirting. Dean is a precious dork. Valentine’s day isn’t so bad after all.

Words: 3791, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Hiroshege II (1826-1869) - 1860 America (Art Institute of Chicago, USA) by Milton Sonn

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Woodblock print.     35 x 24.2 cm.

Utagawa Shigenobu (1826-1869) was the chief pupil of the the second great master of the Japanese landscape woodblock print, Hiroshige. He took over his master’s go ‘Hiroshige’ on the latter’s death, and is now principally known by it, being more usually referred to as 'Hiroshige II’.

The general view on him now is that was a relatively minor artist who was unable to generate a distinct style of his own, but nonetheless occasionally designed some very fine prints, and produced a considerable body of acceptable work. Many critics feel that the quality of his later works feel off significantly towards the end of his life, especially during the last half-decade. Detailed biography He was born into a family of fire-watchmen, like his master Hiroshige I. He was originally named Suzuki Chimpei, and as his artistic career began, he was given the name Shigenobu (重宣) by his master Hiroshige I. He was made part of his master’s household, and married Hiroshige I’s daughter Tatsu.

During the period 1849-1858, he produced his earliest works, very much in the style of Hiroshige I. His work was principally nature prints, although he also produced figure prints, and prints of samurai or historical subjects. He also began signing with 'Ichiyūsai’ (一幽斎, a former go of Hiroshige I) during this period.

He is thought to have assisted Hiroshige I with a number of his later series, including '36 Views of Fuji’ and the 'Upright Tokaido’. He is known to have contributed at least three prints in 10/1858 to Hiroshige I’s last great series of landscape prints, the Hundred Views of Edo, using the signature 'Hiroshige’ (during Hiroshige I’s lifetime).

After Hiroshige’s death in 1858, in the first month of the following year he formally adopted his master’s go of Ichiryūsai (一立斎) and Hiroshige (広重, although they wrote it with the characters 廣重). During this period his work continued to strongly resemble that of Hiroshige I, both in style and subject matter.

In 1865, he divorced his wife, moved to Yokohama, remarried, and adopted the names Ryūsho and Risshō (立祥). Although his prints were shown at the Paris Exhibition in 1867, it brought him little success in Japan, and he was forced to make a living painting tea-sets and lanterns for export. He died in Yokohama, in great poverty, in 1869. Works He produced a number of series of prints, many of them views of Edo, including:

One Hundred Views of Famous Places in the Provinces (1859-1864)
Forty-Eight Views of Famous Places in Edo (1860 - 1861)
Thirty-Six Views of the Eastern Capital (1861 - 1862)
Views of Famous Places in Edo (1861 - 1863)
Sixty-eight Views of the Various Provinces (1862)
'Processional' Tōkaidō (collaboration with other artists) (1863)
Thirty-Six Flowers (1866)

Some are of some merit: the 'Thirty-Six Flowers’, all shown at famous places in Tōkyō (as it was by then called) in particular is a good flower series, and 'One Hundred Views of Famous Places in Various Provinces’ contains a number of first-rate images.