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In Sickness and Hell (COMPLETE)

Synopsis: Sickness never bothered Lucifer until it got ahold of Chloe

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Rating: T

Notes: Guys its been a year and two weeks in the making!! I’m done!! I’m so happy that this is finished!! I’m kind of on the fence about the ending, but tell me what you guys thought. Big thanks to anyone and everyone who read, commented, and subscribed; it meant a TON to me. Also special thanks to my beta for sticking with me ;) The poem Luci reads is Serenade by Edgar Allen Poe (do you think I have a favorite poet yet?) and the Milton scribbled in the corner came from Paradise Lost. Again, many thanks for loving and supporting this piece! I will now go take a nap just like deckerstar is.

Chapter Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 

Signing the release papers was almost as cathartic as dragging himself up the beach five years ago. What had only been about fifteen hours of panic had felt like an eternity for Lucifer. As if Amenadiel was purposely slowing time just to watch him suffer.

At the last pen stroke, a weight lifted from his shoulders until only a few shadows of fear still lingered in the corners of his mind.

Walking through the door of Chloe’s apartment made them claw their way back into his thoughts.

She made no move to shrug her jacket–which Lucifer had dutifully returned to her– off her shoulders. She was still deathly pale; only a faint sheen of medication-induced blush painted her features.

Chloe made her way through the apartment, eyes flitting from thing to thing, but never stopped walking. Lucifer followed her all the same, still in a caffeinated haze and still afraid to let her out of his sight. He didn’t even pay attention to where his feet took him until they bumped against the bottom stair of the staircase.

“…Lucifer what are you doing?” she asked, voice quiet, but demanding. His mind couldn’t help but conjure the Detective he once knew. The one he never had to fuss over.

Lucifer willed his voice into what he hoped was innocent. “Are we not going upstairs to change?”

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