گواہ ملتا ہے اس کا نہ لاش ملتی ہے
لوگ اس لئے احساس کا قتل کرتے ہیں

Gawah milta ha us ka na lash milty ha..
Log is lye Ahsaas Ka Qatal krty hain..

Okay, but thanks to @castielsboy‘s head canon about Milton keeps up with Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary obviously makes me imagine Milton is just absolutely a dog person.

Imagine that he and Brackish are walking around the compound on their break and they see someone walking their dog and Milton just flips!

*gasp* “Honey, look at the puppy!!!”

“Milty, that is a full grown German Shepherd.”

*ignores his foolish husband as he happily pets doggo* “You’re such a pretty puppy, yes you are!!”


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Uncle Miltie as Auntie Mildred on the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour :) 

Choty bachy jb chalna sekhty hyn to hr cheez ki trf bhag k jaty hyn ar aksar gir jaty hyn, aas pas koe bara ho to wo uny uthata hy ansu ponchta hy zakham saf krta hy ar ahista se hath pkr k agy ly jata hy…shayd kbe kbe hmary sath b asa hi hota hy jb hm koe cheez bht shiddat se chahty hyn pr wo hmy us wqt milti ni…shayd ALLAH us wqt hmara hath pkr k hmy ahista ahista us tk ly k jana chahta hy ta k hm rasty ma gir na jayn ar hmy takleef na ho. Keep faith love. ☺

One night, Milton, sleeping on his back, is stirred from his slumber by Brackish rolling over closer to him. “Milty…” he whispers. “You awake, babe?”

Milton sighs and turns to face him. “Brackish…it’s the middle of the night…what is it?”

“I just…wanted to say…I love you…”

Milton opens his eyes. “I love you, too, baby,” he replies.

“No, really…” Brackish says, sitting up from his position on his stomach and turns on the lamp on his night stand. Milton shields his eyes and rolls onto his back again. His husband looks down at him. “I mean it…”

Milton grins. “I know you mean it, honey.”

“I just want you to know that, is all,” Brackish tell him as he strokes Milton’s chest. “I know I don’t say it very much.”

“You don’t need to…I know you love me.”

“Well… You deserve to hear it as much as possible.” Brackish leans in and gently kisses Milton’s lips.

Milton places his hand on Brackish’s bristly cheek and caresses it with his thumb. When he pulls away from his lips, he says, “Turn off the light, baby.”