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Military Life as a Wife Post 1

So today it’s been one year since my husband joined the Navy. A lot has changed in the past year: we got married, moved, made a ton of new friends, and decided that we want to have a baby.

So today also happens to be our 8 month wedding anniversary (not that we’re gonna celebrate because I don’t see the point of it). I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband. He’s truly amazing and I don’t know what I would do without him.

He got his orders over a month ago, we leave on Tuesday to try and find a place to live. I got really lucky with his orders, he’s got shore duty for the next two years. He’s one of the few that did. I’m not really worried for when he does have sea duty…well not right now at least when we have kids…it might be a different story. I know a lot of wives (sorry guys I don’t actually know any Navy husbands) that don’t know if they’ll be able to handle the separation. That I know I can handle, my husband and I were living on opposite sides of the state for a year while we were still dating. And I made it through boot camp with only one break down (which really surprises me). I think once we have kids, especially since he’ll be home for the next couple of years and I’ll have him helping me, that being on my own with the kids will be my toughest struggle.

I’m not worried about him cheating on me or anything like that. Hell, my husband bought his wedding ring the weekend he graduated basic so he could wear it so the females wouldn’t hit on him as much. He told everyone that we were married before it actually happened. I was actually surprised how many people knew about me when I moved up here. The amount of people that wanted to meet me was kinda surprising, it just shows how much he talked about me and how much he loves me.

My husband is a great guy. He just know how to deal with me…he almost always knows what I need, and if he can he will give it to me. He’s also willing to support anything I want to do. I truly don’t know what I would do without him.

It kind of amazes me how many new friends I’ve personally made since he joined the Navy. I’m very introverted and don’t let many people close to me, so this was a shock. I’ve met so many amazing people. The military is truly a family.

We weren’t able to go home for Thanksgiving, so we held a small get together at our apartment. We thought it would be nice for our friends who lived on base and couldn’t go home to be able to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I made my first turkey (it turned out amazing YAY!), and a bunch of other essentials, and everyone who came chipped in in some way or another. It was nice to be with this family since we couldn’t be with our biological family.

I told my husband before I moved here that I wanted people over at least a couple times a month to cook for them. One thing I’ve learned since becoming a Navy wife is that the active duty service members miss home cooked food. So because of that I try to give them “real” food as often as possible. So far I haven’t had any complaints. :-) When my husband was in A school, it was night classes, he had to be on base by noon and didn’t get out of class until like 11:30. So to spend time with him I went to base for his dinner break. I cooked almost daily and brought it to him. Like once a week I would make extra and tell him to invite someone to join us. The people who came always enjoyed it and were grateful not to have to eat at the galley or McDonald’s.

One of our friends told my husband the other day that he was going to send his future wife to have indoc with me. That was an amazing compliment to me. For those who don’t know indoc is like a briefing. So this guy basically said that he’s gonna send his wife to me so I can teach her how to be a good wife. I made sure to tell him that I do have my flaws (I am horrible about cleaning). He said he doesn’t mind cleaning if she cooks and takes care of him. He made me smile.


“You say good morning when it’s midnight, going out of my head alone in this bed. I wake up to your sunset, and it’s driving me mad, I miss you so bad. And my heart heart heart is so jetlagged.”