Thoughts on The Animators Survival Kit (1)

It interesting how Richard Williams describes his beginnings. He describes how as an independent animator he thought he was more revolutionary than most of his peers, and that their stuff was too conventional. He thought the large animation companies were stuck in their traditions and weren’t doing anything groundbreaking. After seeing a few animated movies by Disney, he soon realized that he didn’t know much. He describes seeing “The Jungle Book” and wondering to himself how they did all that cool stuff.

I guess that in many ways I find myself in that position now. I marvel a lot at the animations I see on tv and at the cinema, and although I pride myself in my ability to animate in both 2d and 3d, I realize that deep down there’s something I lack. I cannot execute to the level of detail and believability exhibited in most of these great animations. Richard Williams’ solution was to work with some of the great animators in his time. Through that experience he learned the first rule of animation: learning to draw and drawing to show believability.