I want some admins for Jan 2014.  I think I’m going to write some application questions and send them out.  The best way to get my attention is to contribute.  Ask questions.  Facilitate discussions.  Answer questions.  Submit your pictures.  Tell stories.  I need to know how well you’ll be able to contribute to the page.  

I Follow Back

The reason I follow back your blogs is to see what’s on your mind.  If you want me to see something use the tag #milsoguide.  If I don’t see it, feel free to message me and I will check. I don’t mind being reminded. I’m quite forgetful.  If I’m not following you back, let me know too! Anywho, I love you all. <3

Story time. FINALLY MINE.

Let’s just say I’m so overwhelmed haha so happy that I can say he’s mine <3 I’m really happy to have such a great guy who’s willing to give his life to our country. I’m falling for him more and more and I can I like that haha he’s so idk different ,perfect,and amazing to me. Yes he snores haha and forgets things so quickly but to me he’s perfect. Always makes me smile and already got close to people I love. Haha distance is going to be hard but really fuck it I don’t care cause I’m so happy to have my marine in my life😍😘😄❤️

My Soldier is Answering Questions Tomorrow

Send some questions you’d want him to answer.  They can be relating to relationships, the military, sex, care packages, deployments whatever you’d like.  He’s super knowledgable and helpful. He gives really good relationship advice! Ask your questions here

-MilsoGuide Creator

Tonight's Topic: First Kiss

Tell us about the first time you and your SO smooched. I love these stories because sometimes they’re extremely romantic or really awkward.  Tell us here.  As always, feel free to ask us questions too :) 

Submit your milso and ldr stories and pictures to milsoguide. Feel free to ask for advice here


It’s 2014! Ask whatever you’ve ever wanted to know about me (the creator), my SO, deployments, sex (phone, skype etc.), care packages, the military etc.  Tell us some of your deepest darkest secrets, confessions etc.  Just tell/ask us anything.  Tell us something weird that happened in 2013.  Tell us a secret.  Let us know here.  

Topic of the Day: Marriage?!

If you’re married, tell me about the proposal, the wedding, and how married life is.  If you’re not married yet, are you engaged? Do you talk about it? What do you talk about? I know some of you daydream about it, I know I do! So let me know here

Topic: Rewards

I know all of us have been working hard this year.  What’s something that you want to do or buy for yourself?

Personally, I want to get myself a really nice camera.  I’m starting a new job and that’s one of the gifts I want to buy when I save up enough money.  Plus, I’ll be able to take a lot of pictures when my SO gets back from Afghanistan.  

Answer here.