milso struggle


I need you and not in a sexual way in a way that I need your presence. I wanna feel your warmth, your breath on my neck, your fingertips gently floating across my skin, you kissing behind my ear, and whispering how much I mean to you in the darkness. I just simply crave you. I hope you sleep well and all the bad things that kept you awake are replaced by thoughts of me. Smile when you wake and keep that smile even when it’s hard because everything is better with a smile. I adore you forever and always my love.

I don't want to be a milso anymore.

I want him home, I want him by my side, I want him next to me when I walk so I don’t have to carry around pepper spray and sometimes use it, I want him to be the one to come to my rescue when I need help, I want to have lazy mornings with him, I want to feel safe, knowing he’ll be there. I don’t want to have to go through each day alone.