milso quotes

We loved with a love that was more than love
—  Edgar Allan Poe
You know what really just pisses me off?
When he doesn’t reply to my text messages.
I know I sound crazy right now and I know it shouldn’t piss me off.
But it’d be nice if he was busy or not in the mood to talk, to just tell me so rather than ignoring me.
And when he doesn’t reply to me (after replying to me constantly for an hour or so) I get this stupid insecure feeling that someone else is holding his attention, some other girl.
Why am I so insecure?
Why do I get this stupid feeling, every time he doesn’t reply to me, that he’s going to leave me?
Fuck. This.
…a relationship is two people. Not two people and everyone who has an opinion.


God Bless this woman. It can’t be said any better then that.

What’s great about love letters are that someone writes how much they love you in a single sheet of paper that they wouldn’t say in person so then you can read over and over again just like falling in love with them over again without needing them to be there physically with you in your mind while reading this sheet of paper you can hear their voice reading it to you and its like a part of them will always be there with you because they expressed their true feelings for you in a letter
—  Arlene Madrid

He calls you just to hear your voice.
He calls you before he goes underway.
He calls you before deployment.
He calls you when he has a rough day.
He calls you when he misses you.
He calls you just to say I love you.
He calls you just to tell say your beautiful.
He calls you just to say hi.

If it’s for 5 minutes, an hour, or all night if he can. He calls you, because he loves you and misses you too.