milso life

You learn a lot

When you’re boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/husband/wife is away to learn a lot about yourself..
•How strong you can be.
•Your dedication.
•How strong your love is.
•How much you want them in your life.
•That time apart goes by a lot quicker than you think.
•You CAN do it on your own.

•How much every mile apart means, and how they are worth more to you than any distance could ever affect.

Being with a man..

Is different than being with a boy.

A boy will tell you he loves your hair
While a man tells you he loves your heart.

A boy will tell you he can’t wait to start a life with you
But a man will actually give his blood, sweat and tears to help bring that world to life.

A boy will hold your hair back when you had too much to drink
A man will hold your hand during your lowest and worst of times

A boy will promise you the world but when push comes to shove he will disappear.
A man will promise you the world and give everything he has to follow through on his word.

A boy does not know what it means to truly respect a woman
A man will defend his woman, love her properly, and treat her as his equal and place her on the pedestal beside him.

A boy won’t know the difference between infatuation and love
But a man will remind you the difference every day when he tells you he loves you.

One of my favorite quotes. My husband could potentially be leaving on his first deployment sooner than expected. We are a ‘roll with the punches’ kind of couple. We are a team. Even if we don’t know what’s coming, when it will come or even how it will come about… It will come when it comes, and we will meet it when it does… Together ❤️⚓️