Autisic Headcanons: Vriska Serket

Okay Vriska is super difficult for me to read but here we go
-She genuinely doesn’t undertand morality alot of the time. Her entire worldview is shaped around her own survival so she struggles with concepts that fall outside of self preservation.
-Despite this she has a very intense need for validation! She needs to believe she is important in order to justify her life.
-she’s actually very emotionally fragile and has several breakdowns in canon when her sense of validation has been lost.
-She thinks she is good at reading people, but she is actually t e r r i b l e. She hasn’t the slightest idea how to identify emotion and honestly only gets as far as she does because telepathy.
-She is very dramatic and over the top in conversation to cover for the fact she has no idea what social rules are.
- She stims by rubbing her dice together in her palm. Also by shaking/smashing magic 8 balls.
-She has a special interest in game mechanics and how they can be exploited. She especially enjoys analysing rules to identify how they can be bent and manipulated to her maximum advantage.
-She is the worst for personal space. Like the sort of person who will jump a milr away if you touch her but also hear hug you from behind with no warning.
-She gets echolalia! Thats part of why she repeats certain words and phrases a lot (CAHOOOOOOOOTS!!!!!!!!)