I’ve been feeling really uninspired lately so I had a dig through my old files to see what I’d manage to save from when my laptop died over Christmas.

I manage to save a big ole folder of basic hair shapes that I’d saved from Roiworld, when that was still a thing. This one was always my favourite so I decided to use my improved skills to try and… well improve it. I still love it.

I’d love this as a wig for my actual medoll but I am quite terrible at the stardesign hair thing in all honesty. If anyone wanted to er…you know..make it for me…it would be very appreciated….ha. jokes. seriously.

Deep down, I know my doll should be a blondey. But I never like it in-game and I always run back to brunette. What do you guys think? 

Take this little random ditty also as an apology for me not posting anything recently. Life as an admin assistant makes me very tired and quiet.

I’ve seen someone else with this wig (will insert link to designer here when I stop being lazy) and I’m PRETTY sure it was Miloshki, if it wasn’t this same wig then it was one quite similar! I want to start featuring awesome designers here, so keep a lookout for that.

I found it at the bazaar for a good price, and fell in love with it. It’s how I style my hair irl most of the time, except I have pure black hair.

What a goth kid.



My most recent graphic, which started life as something else entirely. Yes, I have used this face and hair before, but I wanted them to match for my new layout.

I got a little lazy in places, but there’s no use pointing out where the mistakes are. 

I’m getting much quicker so hopefully I’ll knock out some more graphics as in the vote I took yonks ago, people were into them.

Also it is nearly the Best Bargee Bar None’s birthday! One whole year of dollyblogging. Naturally, I’ll be doing a giveaway of some sort, even though the last one didn’t go so swimmingly. We’ll see..

I swear as time goes by, my doll looks more and more like Felicity Jones…no?

Especially in this adorable wig by jennawerner. It’s inspired by Aurdey Tautou as Amelie, and I think it hits the mark much better than the version in the Beauty Parlour. It comes in black, but I added some brunette highlights over it to stick with my current look.

But hair aside, we had a release from Rio a few days ago and I’ve not really done anything with them. I was feeling the romper as a shirt today so seeing as I haven’t posted in a little bit, here you go :)


An anon sent in an ask here recently to see if I could help with styling this:

The Peach Off Shoulder Top from Limited Edition.

As you can see, the lookbook form has changed for today because I couldn’t purchase the top for myself - too difficult to find and too expensive! So I went to the anon’s page myself and used their wardrobe.

It was a little bit more difficult than usual so I won’t do….personal visits…as a fully fledged thing. Please don’t ask for me to do this in Requests. If I already have the piece and I particularly want to do it…I will. 

I do have a question though - Do you prefer this layout to the usual lookbook? Please let me know in my ASK/REQUEST section. You can answer even if you don’t have Tumblr.

So - onto the looks. The buzzword with a top like this is highwaisted I think. A cropped top and lower rise bottom can make something classy look quite cheap - especially in nude which can just look naked.

So the first two looks are light and summery.

1. Matilda Shirt - PPQ, High Waist Pants - Bonjour Bizou, Barbie Summer12 Sunglasses - Stardoll Barbie, Metal Necklace - Mr., Faux Python Belt - Wild Candy, North Shore Heels - Decades, The City Bag - Fashion Inc.

2. Merman Coat - Bonjour Bizou, Lime Lace Skirt - Pretty ‘n’ Love, Peach Baroque Heels - Voile, Coral Earrings - Bonjour Bizou, Dior Tribute Pearl Belt - Special Offer, Hot Buys Aristographic Clutch - Hot Buys Weekly

The Second set of looks - the Brights - are a bit more playful

1. Shoulder Pad Blazer - Bonjour Bizou, Floweral Brocade Skirt - Bonjour Bizou, Peach Platform sandals - Bonjour Bizou, FB Likometer Bag, Hotbuys Charms Necklace - Hot Buys Summer Retro

2. Dark Romance Tulle Skirt - Velvet Orchid, Eco Design Green Shoes - Eco Green, Dalphine Hat - Miss Sixty, Rose Headpiece - Pretty 'n’ Love, Necklace - Stardoll by Barbie, Purple Two Tone Bag - Pretty 'n’ Love.

I hope these help as a starting place for anyone struggling to style this piece or one similar. The same styles will suit any crop top that you’re finding a bit difficult.

With the kind permission of kandy_lover, aka mom_said_hello, I can show you the custom graphic that she won in my giveaway. I’m pretty chuffed with it. I think you can still see through the watermark the bit I am proudest of. The texture of the catsuit was literally aimless scribbling that turned out cool. Ha

Anyway, I had a ton of fun doing this, so who knows there may be more to come. To those who wanted to see me do more graphics, here you go.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been a bit bored with my doll. I’ve been changing features mouths and hair at breakneck but I haven’t come to anything satisfying.

You guys have been sending in lovely makeovers and I’ve loved seeing them. It’s a shame you can’t change facial features too on other people’s pages because I’d love to see suggestions on that too.

As you can see, not an awful lot has changed….

I wasn’t getting on with the new lips, but these ones weren’t so bad (I also kind of liked the one with the tongue but that felt….inappropriate ha). They’re like an update of the iconic superstar lips that everyone and their mum had. I used to have them back when I had twiggy eyes.

It’s kind of why I actively avoided them because I didn’t want to look like everyone else. Sigh. With this feature combination I guess I kind of do now but ehhhhh. 

I’ve been brown eyed and blonde/cool brown on here for yonks now so I’m taking a more reddy turn. With brown eyes it was a bit much so I went for grey eyes. I feel a bit irish now or something.

The hairstyle is my favourite change. When my doll bore mor actual resemblance to me, I had this hairstyle and I loved it. I NEVER see it now, which is a shame, because I think the fringe length is adorbs and the highlights on it are lovely.

As for makeup, the eyelid contouring has stayed. For now. I like the heavy brow, which is why I yanked them down a bit.

For comparison, even though I haven’t looked this way for a while:

It’s definitely….less friendly…but otherwise, let me know what you think (mandatory question mark for answers?)

This is the look I’ve settled on for now. I’ll probably do a more in depth post on it later.

I was pootling around in the bazaar and came across this skirt. I fell in love with it instantly and bought it straight away. That’s quite rare for me

Enter tangent….

I have an stupid little rule that I can’t buy anything that’s over a certain price unless I see it three times over when I refresh. That way I get to judge if I still like it after all that time, or if a cheaper one comes up. It backfires sometimes as you can imagine, but it has saved me from some impulse buys.

(I actually do something similar irl too. If I think about buying something in a shop, I carry it around with me while I’m shopping rather than go back for it. If I can still be bothered to carry it around by the time I’ve got round the whole shop, then I clearly like it enough to try on).

Exit tangent

So I put together an autumnally outfit that was partly inspired by the new hair and mostly by the skirt. I don’t wear that cardigan nearly enough.

I’ve been trying to let this wig guide me with my choices at the moment - it’s generally why I don’t dye my hair all colours, because I would love to, but I hate it when coloured hair clashes with your outfit. 

When I checked the Starplaza I saw we had a very springy It Girls new release and this is what I produced from it - I really like that shirt. 

I’ll be doing a haul and a lookbook next and then work my way backwards from there to cover all the releases I missed.

Follower Style Posts : HelenaDarkhole

I found these Chanel socks/tights/stockings at the beginning and I knew I wanted to build something around them worn as big ole boots - so I decided to go for a kick arse, more-masculine version of the femme fatale.

I love this basics shirt paired with s suit jacket. It’s very refined and cravat-esque. With this hairstyle it makes me think of an old soul in a modern world, like a female Dracula. That tiny pop of red on the nail helps with that.

Apologies for the wait - As I said before, I have a disturbing amount to do that I hadn’t bargained for when I agreed to do these stylings. I enjoy it though so it’s a labour of love.

I’ll try and get through the rest the best I can :)

A little throwback to halloween maybe? Ha, I don’t know, but I felt like some orange today.

I apologise for cheating a little on look 2. Those are academy heels - but they looked so nice!

Doing this has made me wonder whether I should do a Basics thing - like what my favourite basic pieces are in Starcoins and Stardollars, similarly to what I did with makeup basics…

Would you guys like that?

No. 5 (of 5) Central Park Pastels


I was going to do a model scout for the more glamourous, but I thought this would be a nice transition piece for my new look :)

So to recap- left - new miloshki face, right - old miloshki face. I’m still not sure which I prefer yet. I may crumble yet and return to the old face…

As always, wonderful hairstyling by Roiworld and credit to: the shiny-smell-good person who put their picture of Central Park on Wikipedia, Topshop for making nice earrings, and this person for getting dressed that day.

The two handbags are from my library of lustable handbags so I’ll search for the links later and stick an edit in. I am too drained. (and too drunk)

Now I can do some singular graphics. Heck, I might open up to requests….