Commission 66 - Double Ouroboros Tattoo

Milokaross + Habunake

Milotic + Seviper

Commissions are open! Varying prices depending on what you’d like, but full team commissions (6 Pokémon and Trainer) are typically $35, and +$7 for a glossy 8.5x11 physical print shipped to you as well as the digital files.

Other types of commissions; like tattoos and such, and prints are available, feel free to send your ideas to and I’ll get back to you ASAP on a price quote.

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I’ve made a friend in Yamamotoyama-san (the sumo wrestler).  He likes Pokemon, I like Pokemon baddabingbaddaboom: FRIENDS.  His English and my Japanese isn’t so good but we make it work somehow.  lol

I drew him a picture of our favorite Pokemon together to give to him today at temple.  I love Gourgeist from the new XY and he’s always loved Milotic.