37th National Milo Marathon.

2nd run for this year. Hehe. One of the most memorable, I guess. Kasi first time namin ni Ate na makasama si Natnat sa run. First time ko mag-run na ‘meron’ ako, saklap kaya fren. Hahaha. First time kong mag-shorts. First run namin na hindi kami hinatid ni Papa. First time sumakit hita at binti ko. Pero basta masaya kasi nakapag-run na uli kami. Hehe. Pagkauwi, grabe haba ng itinulog ko. Hahaha. :) /072813.


For the first time, we joined Milo’s marathon. We ran as a family. It was one of the best bonding moments we’ve had. Plus, my boyfriend came and ran with us. It was extremely exhausting, especially for someone like me who rarely exercises. Good thing, my boyfriend stayed with me until I finished. I owe him one for walking beside me instead of jogging because without him, I might have collapsed or simply gave up the 5K run.

Me? Exercise? Sure.

I haven’t been very active in a while and I promise I’d go back to blogging everyday when I am not buried in projects and tests. I PROMISE. I actually typed a new post a few hours ago, telling all of you that I am very busy and I even listed down the reasons why I have been busy so that all of you know that I have a legit reason but ,of course, my internet connection practically hates me so it just crashed or something when I pressed create post. Seriously. It’s like my internet connection/tumblr prohibits me to post long posts now. This is like the third time that has happened and I really hate it. I don’t want to write the same post all over again. Life is so LAKSHFJDKLAHDSF right now. I’ll write a post about it tomorrow…Wait. I probably shouldn’t make any promises. Let me rephrase that. I’ll write a post about it as soon as I do not feel lazy and pissed at my internet connection for being gone when I had just typed a long post.

So, this week has been busy. I was planning to use sunday as my be-lazy-as-hell day because school has made me tired emotionally and physically. Tomorrow, I am not going to sleep the whole day as I usually do but I would go out, get some fresh air, feel the heat and rays of the sun and actually run. I am going to join the Milo Marathon tomorrow. I am going to run 5 kilometers everybody! I am so proud that I am not being very lazy. I am actually going to run. It’s probably the first time in weeks that I am going to do something so physical. My brother and my dad are going to run 10 kilometers. My sister is going to stay here. SHE IS MUCH LAZIER THAN I AM, I GUESS. I have joined this marathon before. I think when I was 12? I just ran 3 kilometers and I was already very tired. I AM LAZY AND I AM NOT VERY ATHLETIC AND I DO NOT DO ANYTHING VERY PHYSICAL, OKAY? THEY ARE GOOD EXCUSES. I probably reached the finish line after an hour of running because I suck that badly, I know. I last ran in this marathon like 3 years ago? That was 3K. So I am very happy that I am back again and now I get to run 5K. It shows improvement…I think.

I think I need to exercise. It’s been a long time since I did and my body will thank me for it. It makes me slim and stuff. I won’t even try to win tomorrow. I am just joining the marathon for fun. You know, do a bit of exercise after a lack of doing something physically that would need exertion and would cause exhaustion. I need that, you know. Stretch those muscles and all that. I might seem upbeat and excited for this marathon but I know, tomorrow, I will be complaining about it. I would regret ever joining because I feel like crap. My legs would be sore because they are not used to running or actually doing anything remotely physical in a long time. Ha! Most likely, I would blog about how I regret ever joining because I would be very tired and my muscles would be sore for days. But I don’t care. This is for my greater good. You have to freaking do it, Sam. You have to be healthy and stuff. Also, you get to do something than nothing. A part of me is saying that while another is mumbling, “What do you mean nothing? Sleeping is doing something”.

Whatever. I’m going to join even though my jersey is sleeveless (the horror! I hadn’t worn sleeveless in a very long time. I hate those things.) and it is a size bigger than what I had originally ordered (So yeah, I HAVE to wear the sleeveless jersey because that’s like the jersey for the people who would run 5K AND it is a size bigger. Awesome. Yeah. Very awesome.). I THOUGHT YOU ORDERED SMALL, PAPA. WHY DID YOU SUDDENLY CHANGE IT TO MEDIUM. I am so excited. I have to sleep early. My dad is telling me to go to sleep now. He says we have to wake up very early tomorrow. Huhu. I will miss my many hours of sleeping. I will miss you bed. That’s okay. I’m sure my first destination once we have finished running is to the bed…or the bathroom because I am sweaty.

Yay! I am going to run tomorrow! I congratulate myself for not being lazy, finally getting some exercise and actually do something good for myself. A dancing Taylor G.I.F is needed (I noticed that I only post dancing Taylor G.I.Fs if I am happy and also when I am not being lazy). Good night!


last sunday, sumali nga pala kami sa milo marathon, held at San Pablo City! woah! first time namin sumali dun, trip namin eh. health conscious na kasi kame simula nung nag muay kami. sporty na kami! haha . LOL, anyways, 5k run muna ang marathon na sinalihan namin kasi nga first time namin eh, baka hinde namin kayanin! pero nakaya naman namin at nasabi pa namin na parang nakakabitin nga talaga ung 5k run, kaya we decided na sa next milo matahon, we go on a 10k run or maybe if kakayanin pa 21k run na. haha. andmeng tumakbo sa milo marathon, kaya siguro hinde namin ramdam yung PAGODA PHILIPPINES EFFECT!  haha!. and after the marathon we got a milo certificate and we bought milo drinks. and of course my namimigay ng freebiies na nestea. kaya grab kami ng grab kay kuya, lahat ng namimigay hingan namin! kaya nakarami kame. haha ang funny! this are our pictures :)

Salamat sa mga gumudlak. Sa Saturday ulit ha? :)


Although nanunuod nga mga friends ko, pero di ko ramdam yung presence ng support nila. :) Sakit diba? Sorry na kung madrama. Andun naman boyfriend ko eh. :“> Txka family. Suuuus. Friends? Sa college, iba na yan. =)))) Di ko sila makakasama habang buhay. Kaya…. AYSLANG. >:)) /Pride no?

36th National Milo Marathon || 07.29.12 || SM Mall of Asia

Tita Len and I registered for a 5k run. It was our first time to join a marathon and we had so much fun! I finished the run for 30 minutes and my tita 10 minutes behind. Well, I out ran her, that’s why. Haha. We’ve got certificate as soon as we stepped into the finish line. With God’s grace, rain or shine the marathon was a success.

I am so looking forward for their 37th year and also to try joining other marathon’s and run’s for a cause.