milo x alexis

History repeats itself.

Lorelai & Christopher… and Luke.
Rory & Logan… and Jess.

Team Jess theory:

The fact that Rory didn’t have a goodbye scene with Jess like she did Logan and Dean, gives me hope. It gives me hope for more episodes. It gives me hope that Jess and Rory are meant to be. It gives me hope that Jess is to Rory as Luke is to Lorelai. It gives me hope that this story isn’t over.

You should write about you and your mom.
—  Can we talk about how this is Jess Mariano doing what he’s always done: challenging Rory Gilmore and making her better. How many times has he come back into her life and helped her just when she needed it the most? Not “saved” her like she said Logan had. Jess (since he matured, and even before then) makes her better. He keeps her reaching and trying. And here he is again, back to lift up the woman y'all KNOW he’s not over, because he knows she is capable of so much. *sigh*



My mom’s waiting….Keep thinking what you’re thinking. I don’t have a choice.