milo was fine


Happy 40th Birthday, Milo Anthony Ventimiglia (July 8 1977)  ♥

“Don’t let anyone walk all over you. People should not mistake kindness for weakness. If you approach someone with goodness, or if someone’s approaching you with goodness, you’re gonna tenfold be better to them. But if they’re bad to you, you can’t allow that. So treat me good, I’ll treat you better. Treat me bad, I’ll treat you worse.”

White people can pronounce Milo Yawninghippopotamus’s name just fine but can’t or won’t try or learn how to pronounce Villanueva, Castillo, Ordoñez, Quintana, Aguirre :/ 

I like how Milo’s main guy and gal are the son of a trauma surgeon and the daughter of a paramedic respectively. I like the subtle implication that Milo has had to farm all his friends out of the offspring of the emergency medical industry because they’re the only ones who can deal.

Melissa the Matchmaker (Can't Find Them in a Crowd)

Melissa: I can’t find Zack! This calls for desperate measures.

Melissa: *cups hands over mouth to make a megaphone and screams* OH MY GOSH DID THAT CHANDELIER JUST FALL ON THAT KID WITH THE SWEATER VEST?!

Zack: *runs all the way to Melissa* WHERE IS MILO?! I-IS HE OKAY?! *extremely worried*

Melissa: Found him. Milo is perfectly fine, Zack

Zack: Oh thank go-

Melissa: *mumbles* But seriously tho when are you gonna admit you like him?

Zack: what? o///o

Melissa: what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I cannot understand using the argument that Milo Yiannopoulos is fine and allowed to get away with his actions because he’s *intending* to be as horrifically offensive and wildly inflammatory as he is - like that makes it okay? Intent to cause harm makes the harm you do worse not better, surely?


Milo Ventimiglia & Lily Rabe as Sean & Claire Bennigan
the Whispers 1.10 “Darkest Fears”

Family First

“It hurts, mama." 

My 4-year-old cub was sick with strep, trying his best to swallow a spoonful of Chicken Noodle soup. He carelessly splashed his spoon back in the bowl, splashing little drops on the table. I grab a paper towel and walk over to him. His poor throat was as dry as sandpaper, so he couldn’t swallow right. Giving him medicine was hell, having him tip his head all the way back to help him ingest it better. I sit down next to him, cleaning the mess and wiping his pouty mouth.

"I said only drink the broth, baby. Don’t worry about the noodles and vegetables." 

"I know but it still hurts.” His voice cracked between his plea. 

“You wanna take your medicine and go to bed early tonight?” His loose curls wrapped around my fingers, as I dove into them. 

He pushed his soup aside, resting his cheek on the table. “I want daddy." 

From the opposite end of the kitchen, my cell went off. I left Milo at the table, hurrying to pick it up because the ringtone was his father’s. 

"Just on cue,” I sigh happily. 

“Hey, baby. How’s my wife and son?”

“I’m fine, but Milo really needs to see you tonight. Joe, please cancel any outing you have after work and come home.” I look at my baby boy. “He caught strep yesterday from school." 

"Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” The urgency in his voice made my heart swell. 

I roll my eyes, “Check your phone, baby. I texted you the news at the doctor’s appointment this morning." 

A few seconds pass from Joe checking his texts. "I’m so sorry, my love. Today was going by so fast with all of the interviews and shoots. But tell Milo to wait up for me.”

“Are you really coming?" 

"I’m on my way now, Amy. I’ll give Hunter a call and tell him my boy is sick.”

I smile at Milo, who’s watching me through sick eyes. “I’ll make sure he stays up. See you soon.”

“Love you, beautiful.” He declared. 

I blush, “Love you too, handsome." 

"Daddy’s coming?” Milo’s raspy voice asked. 

I happily nod, “Yes! Are we excited?" 

His brown eyes gleam as he nods. 

"Good, now can you take just a few more sips for mommy? I want you to have something in your stomach when you take the medicine, okay?” I softly plea.

He slowly turned his head towards the table, bringing his bowl close. His spoons were half full, but he took his time swallowing each. I grabbed his med from the cabinet, sitting next to him. I planted a kiss on top of his black curls, showing my appreciation for him trying. 

“Thank you, baby." 

He nods. 

"From now on, I want you to write to mommy what you want. I don’t want you talking too much while your throat is like this. I know how much it hurts." 

He nods again, holding his neck back to ease the broth down his throat.
A few minutes later, he was done. I disposed of the left overs and gave Milo his medicine. When he finished taking it, Joe’s footsteps marched from the back door into the kitchen. His body was draped in one of his merch shirts and the black pants he wrestles in. My nerves went haywire as they always do when he comes home every other week. He never fails to cause me to blush all over. When he saw me, that infamous smirk spread on his lips. I was suddenly engulfed in his muscular temple, feeling captured in the safest way possible. We pecked small kisses on each other for a few seconds.

"Feels good to be home.” He smiles. 

“I do agree.” I stand on my tip toes, giving him one last peck. 

I release him and he walks over to Milo, who’s patiently waiting for his daddy to come love on him too.

“How’s my wolf cub?” Joe slides Milo’s chair from the table, picks him up and holds him in his lap. 

Milo shakes his head, diving into Joe’s neck. His little arms wrap around his shoulders. “Not good.” His hoarse voice replies.

“Not good, huh?” Joe brushes those unruly curls away from Milo’s forehead. “Mommy tells me you have strep." 


“Well, I have some good news. Wanna know what it is?" 

Milo nods into his neck. 

"Daddy’s gonna be home for an extra day. So I’ll be able to help mommy take care of you." 

Milo shot his head up, nudging Joe in the chin as he stared at him clearly shocked. Joe and I laughed at the small hit to his chin. I was surprised as well! Joe usually comes home for four days, so to have him home for almost a week was a pure blessing! 

"That sounds good?” He asks Milo, still smiling at his excitement.

Milo hugged him as tight as his little arms could squeeze. I know that news cheered him up and I wish he could shout it out to the world. However, his dry throat would punish him for that. A few seconds later, Milo yawned and loosened his grip around Joe. 

“Come on, son. Let’s get you into bed.” Joe stands up, wrapping Milo tightly in his arms. 

He walks towards me, “Kiss mommy goodnight." 

My tired baby reached his arms out to me and I let him hug my neck. He kissed me on my cheek and I returned a kiss on his forehead. 

"Goodnight, my baby. Joe don’t forget to help him brush his teeth." 

"Yes ma'am.” He winks at me. 

After cleaning up the kitchen, I peaked in on Milo on my way to the bedroom. He was sleeping underneath a glowing Galaxy on his ceiling, holding his favorite Superman plush toy. 

I walked into my bedroom, where there awaited my semi naked husband. Wrapped in a long white towel, I saw that he was fresh out of the shower. 

“How’d you manage to miss tomorrow’s show?” I walked over to the bed, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

His strong arms seized my hips. “I told Hunter that I had a sick son at home that needed me.” He shrugged, “Simple as that." 

"But didn’t you have a match?”

“Not anymore." 

"You’re amazing, Joe.” I plant a kiss on his forehead. “I think you know how much Milo and I really appreciate this." 

"When my family needs me, nothing will stand in the way of me coming home.” He playfully smacks my butt. “Remember that, Amy." 

I giggle, crawling on top of him. "Yes sir.” I bring him into a big hug, “I hope my baby gets better soon. I can’t stand to see him like this." 

"I know but Milo will be fine, baby. Don’t stress yourself out.” His hand softly traces my curves. “He’s an Anoa'i, we only produce strong men." 

"How reassuring,” I roll my eyes on a chuckle. “I suppose that claim has some truth to it." 

Joe raises an eyebrow, "You of all people should know. Or would you like me to demonstrate?” He sexily bites his bottom lip. 

“Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.” I pretend to ponder. 

He applies pressure to my hips against his groin. “Be careful, now. Your choice could lead to another edition to our pack." 

I twirl his damp hair through my fingers. "I’m ready when you are.” I kiss his soft, pink lips. “We have five whole days." 

He yanks my shirt off, "I’m ready now.”