milo ventimaglia


“Science fiction is supposed to be about the future.  Why are the fans so obsessed with the past?”

muses | a fake television show

     "The nine Maidens, each allotted her own realm, busy their tender hands on their
      separate gifts: one [Melpomene] gathers ivy for the thyrsus-wand.“

"We can fix everything, Joseph, you’ll see, just please trust me!”

Melpomene (Heard) had seen thousands of years of tragedies. She had seen her own children lure men to their deaths until they too became nothing more than myths after the humans who they once hunted began hunting them back. She had seen humans slaughter humans in her name, fathers, sons, brothers, and friends. She had guided many to do this and now she only had to guide one more. A martyr (Ventimaglia) to bring their cause to the humans. Someone had to deliver their message, deliver the truth Clio had hidden from them so many generations ago. 

amber heard as muse melpomene 
milo ventimaglia as joseph seulment