Milo Meets Kida: Translated! (aka milo fails at atlantean)
  • Origin: Atlantean

“Who are you strangers and where did you come from?”

  • Origin: Atlantean

(HALTINGLY & with a bad, very american accent)

“Who…are you strangers and….where did you come from?" 

  • Origin: Atlantean 

"Your manner of speech is strange to me.”

  • Origin: Atlantean


  • Origin: Atlantean

“…I travel friend…

…You are a friendly traveler?" 

(does anyone else love how she’s correcting his shitty atlantean LOL bbies ♥)

  • Origin: Latin (look at this frickin dweeb switching into latin)

"So, my friend, I am a traveler!”

  • Origin: Latin

“You speak the language of the Romans!”

  • Origin: French (milo plz)

“Do you speak French?”

  • Origin: French

“Yes, sir!”

Milo Thatch never intended to become a Jaeger pilot. He originally worked on the science team, trying to decode the language of the Kaijuu, insisting there was something more to them then mindless roars. One day a ranger asked him to help her spar to train for her upcoming co-pilot assignment when they discovered how completely drift compatible they were. Inseparable ever since, their Jaeger “Shepherd’s Crystal” uses a lot of old tech, but don’t let that fool you, it’s one of the most powerful out there. 

2/?? for my Disney Jaeger Pilot series