milo tattoo

Daily Doodle! 8/17/17

needed a doodle break, so I drew Bad Boy! Milo. here goes

He was spray painting some graffiti (the number 13 with a ladder surrounding it) and the cops caught him, because the spray paint can leaked all over his hands “check it out! We caught ‘im RED HANDED!!!!” so he’s waiting in jail for his sister to pick him up. man I don’t know, bad boy Milo is a bad boy. 

You walk down a busy sidewalk in a city. You walk by a guy who is literally wearing all of his fandoms as his clothes:

A Dipper Pines hat, K.O’s headband, Ninja Turtle mask, Rex Salazar’s goggles, Airbender tattoos, Milo Murphy’s backpack, Samurai Jack’s sword, Superman’s cape, Steven Universe’s Shirt, Batman’s Utility Belt, Wonder Woman’s silver bracelets, a miraculous ring, Spongebob’s square pants, and Sonic the Hedgehog’s shoes while carrying Wander’s banjo, Star Butterfly’s wand, The Power keyboard from Regular Show, a Pokeball, a bag of Scrooge McDuck gold coins, a Voltron paladian bayard and Dipper’s journal.

Reblog if you’d high five this guy and take a selfies with him for being awesome.

Like if you’d compliment him on his attire and move on.

Ignore if you think he’s a lunatic.