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In our popular music era when many works are eclectic and very few are original, Fresh Air critic Milo Miles has found a performer who is both in Sxip Shirey:

“Everything about Sxip Shirey’s A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees indicates it’s a 21st-century music creation. It was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign.  Individual parts of tracks were recorded in Australia, London and Nashville, among other places, and then assembled. And it’s not out of place for a credit to read ‘ice-cube organ built from sample of ice cubes in wine glasses.’

Hear the review.

In the 1970s, when the American music market was fascinated by roots, the Eastern European mix of styles known as klezmer awoke from a 50-year sleep. Klezmer was meant to be party music, for dancing all night at Jewish weddings. But revival klezmer had a careful, preservationist atmosphere. And no matter how expertly done, a party designed by your grandparents can’t be all that exciting.

The New York band Golem have spent 14 years injecting punk attitude into the klezmer cadences. They are persistently funny, irreverent, varied in subject matter and at one moment heartbroken, the next deranged. Golem have pulled together their tightest program on their fourth album Tanz, with a title track that offers an irresistible command to dance. 

-Milo Miles, Fresh Air’s rock critic 

You can hear the full review HERE. 

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What can I say. I love Revolution and its complicated and unique characters. Here’s for you the most badass generals and brothers in TV: Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson. I wasn’t able to find enough pics of the former leaders of the Monroe republic, so I put together one.

Thanks futaiim​ for encouraging to make a picture with Monroe as a general. Otherwise I probably would not have made one… to me Monroe looks dramatically scarier and less familiar without beard. :D

This is not to say I will manage to write a presentable word of any of these, but here they are:

The Deep Space Nine Fanfics of Wellntruly’s Heart

Thus far.

- Julian has to talk Miles through treating something he can’t reach, Side A: what comedy! what antics! what space husbands!

- Julian has to talk Miles through treating something he can’t reach, Side B: who sanctioned this, jesus fuck. This one may be my dearest impossibility because I’m horribly obsessed with it and have so many beats mapped in my head, but it needs to be heavily, wonderfully in O’Brien’s voice — difficult — and also achieve that thing where even though we’re so tied in to his POV, there’s still enough there that the reader can get a more macro view on things beyond what he is aware of, and just break apart in whole additional ways. This would be like. A stretch goal.

- The One Where Tarra Writes A Bottle Episode. How did we make it through seven seasons without an episode where everyone is kept up all night long in various and sundry occupations/combinations? Let me correct this. 

- DRINK SPACE NINE. Unfortunately this is even more of an episode of television than the previous one, because each scene needs to start with some version of a cup being picked up by someone, and the through-line — the drinks — is really best done visually. [waves hand] Whatever. Starring Kira Nerys, my Lady of Space Bevs.

- The affectionate and thorough John le Carré joke: Tinker Tailor Cardassian Spy. This would just be a straight up pastiche, sliding into homage at times. I struggled to find my Smiley for far too long given that Odo exists. Quark we have discussed. Garak actually tracks onto Bill Haydon at many points down the line, but despite where that would probably take the story, I would actually like to avoid having this one tear everyone’s heart out?

- Conversely: Dramatown Elim Garak magnum opus, nearly overloaded with every tragic idea about him I’ve had so far, including #confirmed Sad Headcanons No One Asked For! Possibly a time-skipping sequence of Regency era restraint and a lot of weighted descriptions of cloth, intercut with a brutal interrogation. Actually definitely that. And this time it is exactly to tear everyone’s heart out.

- I want O’Brien and Bashir in the Battle of Britain damnit, and I want it to get weird.

- Just the concept “the last few minutes of ‘Looking For Par’mach In All the Wrong Places’” but blown out over several thousand words. In short: everyone’s gettin it on too hard and keeps having to drag their battered, sexy bodies to the infirmary to have Dr. Bashir put them back together again. The most explicit fic that contains no actual sex scenes you have ever read. Redefines medical porn. Is mostly a comedy.

- Just once in my life I want an old school haunted starship, and apparently I’m only gonna get this if I write it myself. With Captain Sisko and his right-hand Old Man. And fucking space ghosts.

- I love dreaming and dream imagery and am required to torture Miles, so O’Brien Must Suffer: Actual Nightmare Edition. During a tense week on the station, Chief O’Brien starts having other people’s stress dreams. Which are…illuminating. And just as my own personal fix-it, LAVISH descriptions for everyone’s space bedding, which they HAVE.

- The fic I will trick my old English teacher into co-writing with me that’s aaaall about nuances of naval ranks. I imagine that will be a pretty easy grift given that within a minute of talking about Star Trek with him he started telling me how he preferred TNG to TOS because it had a character who filled the Marine Detachment role, and he’d missed that presence. This one will have a…niche audience.

- When @memory-for-trifles informed me that ‘Treachery, Faith & the Great River’ was inspired by Catch-22 I nearly had a heart attack of joy, so would be HONORED to write a chapter of Nog-as-Milo-Minderbinder, Miles-as-Captain-Yossarian, fuck, would I.

- She also commented after the finale: “I love ruthless power couple Kira and Garak. Those two could take over the quadrant,” and I would sure like to think about how that would look, thank you.

- The Blindfold Fic. At the end of ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’, Miles suggested they even out their dart game by blindfolding Julian, and there is just nothing not perfect about that idea, I am sorry. It is exactly the right arrangement for an NCO literally leading his CO around, and also for these two in particular. Julian will get to play at being a superior officer with little sing-songy directions for Miles to hand him the darts or whatever, and Miles will get to tease Julian about how exclusively he is relying on him to keep him from bonking his head on something, etc. But Miles hadn’t allotted for just how completely Julian trusts him, and how that can knock a man off balance when seen up close like this. And there’s no way they don’t follow their usual course and suddenly find themselves well past the middle of something, the air starting to slow and then seeming to hold this one ~moment~ and ohhh no, uh, can we pause? our lives? But you cannot. Sorry Chief.

- WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MONTH JULIAN WAS IN THE DOMINION PRISON CAMP. I actually have no idea besides bro development with Martok, but I do feel strongly about that part.

- Hella grim Garak/Bashir Dominion War piece set during the Defiant miniseries period, inspired by, shockingly, canon. The only one of these to center a physically intimate relationship, with actual scenes of same, but surprise: it’s distant and strange and troubled and not what we thought we wanted at all! Spoiler alert: fucked up hopeless unsolvable scenarios — aka my jam. At one point it seems maybe we’ll be saved by another element coming into play but haha nope, that just made it ten times worse.

- Worf Completes Tasks. 10,000 words.

Anyway at press time I have actually read a sum total of none DS9 fanfic, which I feel will either explain a lot here or just open up more questions about who I am as a person.

The Boy Names List I Have Created

I posted the girl’s one, so why not post this one as well? This one isn’t as long as I usually use the same boy names for everything (I need to stop) but hey, feel free to add on any boy names you know!

Girl Names

Boy Names

0. Aaron
0. Ace
0. Adam
0. Aiden
0. Andrew
0. Atlas
0. Archer
0. Barry
0. Beau
0. Bennett
0. Bentley
0. Blake
0. Bradley
0. Cameron
0. Carl
0. Carter
0. Castiel
0. Chase
0. Chris
0. Cody
0. Colin
0. Colonel
0. Damon
0. Daniel
0. Danny
0. Darren
0. Daryl
0. Dean
0. Declan
0. Delton
0. Dex
0. Easton
0. Elliott
0. Emmett
0. Ethan
0. Evan
0. Everett
0. Finn
0. Floyd
0. Flynn
0. Ford
0. Forest
0. Gabriel
0. Garrett
0. Graham
0. Greyson
0. Harry
0. Harley
0. Hayden
0. Henry
0. Holdan
0. Holland
0. Hunter
0. Irvan
0. Isaiah
0. Ivan
0. Jack
0. Jax
0. Jensen
0. Jesse
0. Joey
0. Johnnie
0. Kael
0. Kevin
0. Kieran
0. Kyle
0. Leo
0. Levi
0. Logan
0. Lucas
0. Luke
0. Mark
0. Mason
0. Matthaus
0. Matthew
0. Maxwell
0. Micah
0. Michael
0. Miles
0. Milo
0. Mitchell
0. Misha
0. Morgan
0. Nathan
0. Nicholas
0. Nico
0. Noah
0. North
0. Oliver
0. Oscar
0. Owen
0. Parker
0. Paxton
0. Percy
0. Peter
0. Phil
0. Preston
0. Quest
0. Quincy
0. Quinten
0. Ray
0. Reid
0. Rennet
0. Richard
0. Ronnie
0. Roy
0. Ryan
0. Rylan
0. Samuel
0. Sayer
0. Shane
0. Sherlock
0. Spencer
0. Tate
0. Taylor
0. Theo
0. Travis
0. Trevor
0. Tripp
0. Toby
0. Tyler
0. Ultan
0. Unwin
0. Urian
0. Vale
0. Victor
0. Vincent
0. Warren
0. Wes
0. Will
0. Wyatt
0. Xander
0. Xavier
0. Yale
0. Yancy
0. York
0. Zachary
0. Zach
0. Zeke