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In the 1970s, when the American music market was fascinated by roots, the Eastern European mix of styles known as klezmer awoke from a 50-year sleep. Klezmer was meant to be party music, for dancing all night at Jewish weddings. But revival klezmer had a careful, preservationist atmosphere. And no matter how expertly done, a party designed by your grandparents can’t be all that exciting.

The New York band Golem have spent 14 years injecting punk attitude into the klezmer cadences. They are persistently funny, irreverent, varied in subject matter and at one moment heartbroken, the next deranged. Golem have pulled together their tightest program on their fourth album Tanz, with a title track that offers an irresistible command to dance. 

-Milo Miles, Fresh Air’s rock critic 

You can hear the full review HERE. 

Photo by Pascal Perich


What can I say. I love Revolution and its complicated and unique characters. Here’s for you the most badass generals and brothers in TV: Sebastian Monroe and Miles Matheson. I wasn’t able to find enough pics of the former leaders of the Monroe republic, so I put together one.

Thanks futaiim​ for encouraging to make a picture with Monroe as a general. Otherwise I probably would not have made one… to me Monroe looks dramatically scarier and less familiar without beard. :D


Charlie comforting Miles when they thought that Bass was dead is so important, okay? Charlie, who has so many reasons to hate Bass, is silently telling Miles that it’s okay to miss him. Charlie, who has the militia symbol of Miles and Bass’s branded into her skin and on display without feeling the need to be embarrassed or hide it and who has been through so much shit, is showing that the naive girl that found Miles in Chicago and handed out second chances to bounty hunters is still in there because she gave a second chance to Sebastian Monroe of all people. And just as importantly, Miles is letting her comfort him. He isn’t getting mad or pushing her away for thinking that he’s upset over it. He isn’t mad that she caught him moping and grieving and drinking. No, he reaches for her hand. That’s Miles silently asking for help which is so damn important. And this whole thing is just so important to the status of the Miles/Charlie relationship and the Miles/Bass one both.