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A very peculiar screening

Wish I was there sooooo much you don’t understand


when happiness doesn’t work (kylo ren + hux)

1. wires - the neighborhood // 2. make me wanna die - the pretty reckless // 3. sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning // 4. you can be so cruel - royal blood // 5. calm like you - the last shadow puppets // 6. what’s the matter - milo greene // 7. high by the beach - lana del rey // 8. strange love - halsey // 9. i hate you - sick puppies // 10. and the snakes start to sing - bring me the horizon // 11. pain - three days grace // 12. mistakes - phildel // 13. toxic - siv jakobsen // 14. obsessions - marina and the diamonds

hummingpeach  asked:

Got any songs to recommend for when you're feeling sad so you can feel it and heal it

oh do i ever

  1. what’s the matter - milo greene
  2. brave as a noun - andrew jackson 
  3. son my son - milo greene
  4. autumn tree - milo greene
  5. i’d like to walk around in your mind - nightcore
  6. broken - unkle
  7. ship to wreck - florence + the machine
  8. comes and goes in waves - greg laswell
  9. the dawn will come - inquisition soundtrack
  10. fixing a hole - the beatles
  11. haunt - bastille
  12. the lonely - christina perri

from the pages of harry’s journal; songs i can imagine harry etching the lyrics and chords into his journal

i. vienna // billy joel ii. soco amaretto lime // brand new iii. anthems for a seventeen-year old girl // broken social scene iv. neptune // sleeping at last v. walk of life // dire straits vi. two // ryan adams vii. old pine // ben howard viii. you should know where i’m coming from // banks ix. cherry wine // hozier x. towers // bon iver xi. michigan // the milk carton kids xii. every little thing she does is magic // sleeping at last xiii. scenes from an italian restaurant // billy joel xiv. hannah // ray lamontagne xv. till kingdom come // coldplay xvi. 1957 // milo greene xvii. georgia // vance joy xviii. resolution // matt corby xix. iris // the goo goo dolls

[ l i s t e n ]

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)
Movie Review by: Will Whalen

Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is the newest Tim Burton film and one I wasn’t particularly looking forward to. I saw the trailers and wasn’t impressed and even his last few movies (Big Eyes and Dark Shadows), weren’t all that great to me despite high anticipation for all. Big Eyes was fine but I was bored and Dark Shadows just simply wasn’t great. Nonetheless, I’m a fairly big Tim Burton fan and thought I would see this anyway. While watching it, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I was liking it while it was going on.

This movie is about a boy named Jake, played by Asa Butterfield, who stumbles across this school that kids who had strange abilities would go to, that his grandfather told stories about while he was growing up. He then goes through this likesay, teleportation system that leads him into the 1940’s.

Like I said, I wasn’t really looking forward to this because it just really didn’t look all that great to me but I was surprised to find myself very entertained and really invested in this story. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its problems, but it’s a blast. This movie has all the classic Tim Burton style with a great production design, creepy Tim Burton vision, and everything just looks and feels like that classic Tim Burton that we all know and (some of us) love.

Besides Burton’s amazing vision, the best thing about this movie, for the most part anyway, is the characters. The performances are mostly all pretty good and I really liked Eva Green as Miss Peregrine. She was a bit over the top but in a cool way. All the peculiar kids in this movie are great and some were just adorable. The characters of Emma and Olive were both really entertaining but where it failed for me as in the characters, is a lot of the really cool kids, you unfortunately don’t get to see a lot of. Such as, the twins or the girl with the mouth on the back of her head among others that just didn’t get enough screen time and that was disappointing. Another problem I had as far as characters go, is the main character Jake. He really wasn’t all that interesting and honestly, quite boring at times. He spends most of the movie asking questions and doesn’t actually do anything until like, the last 30 minutes probably and it can get quite old. Other than that though, he really wasn’t a terrible protagonist but could’ve been a lot better. As for the villain of this movie, played by the one and only Samuel L Jackson, I never really understood exactly why he was doing all the weird shit he would be doing throughout. They made it make sense why he would be doing weird things with eye balls and things like that, but it was never clear why he started in the first place.

As for other problems with this movie, I didn’t really have any other problems. Most everything else to me, was pretty entertaining and damn fun. I did find myself wondering when it was going to be over because it felt near the end several times. I especially had a lot of fun with the ending of the film. Something else I wasn’t really expecting from this is how weird and creepy and near terrifying this would be. It’s all cool though but if you take your kids to see it, they might get freaked the hell out.

Sorry this review was a week late but it’s here and that’s what matters. I really surprisingly enjoyed this. I’ve heard very mixed opinions about it but did you see it? Are you hoping for the other two movies of the series to be made? Reply to us your thoughts and let us know what you think!

I’m going to give Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children…

3.5 out of 5 stars.