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Eidolon Fable.

I am not hiding, as you can see
-I am clearly here.
Touch my fabric it is made from skin and bones, covered by hair and irrigated by blood. Touch my fabric, it is just like yours.
I am not hiding, as you can see
-I am clandestinely living.
Kiss my lips they are soft and sweet, moisten by others but I will be yours to keep. Kiss my lips, they are just like yours.

-My flagitious smile.

Mountain Man

I used to have a home at the top of the mountains.
I grew my own coffee.
I had a goat, a cow, and a horse all named Adam.
I used to sleep at nights in silence.
Now I have neighbors and power outages.

I used to walk for miles and miles.
I talked to trees in three languages.
I carried the waters straight from the rivers.
I burned my own barks and danced around its fire.
Now I sit on a sofa and stare at static lines.

I used to own my pistols.
I would hunt for supper.
I have killed grizzly bears for my own protection.
I would not do it again.
Now they kill us for their own protection.

…before I used to be a mountain man.

- by Milo Bekins.

If You Breathe You Won't Drown.

Chapter I 

Winters here are white, bus stops are green and the barks from trees are black. People have boring routines and. My father works in the mine and my mother at the post office. Every once in a while I get to read other peoples mail, every once in a while they feel like secrets.
I had an older sister, her name was Eli. She had long black hair and big blue eyes. She used to tell me how much she hated this place but at my age back then I couldn’t understand why.
She killed herself and left me a note with four words and my name.

Get out of here Oli.

By the time the town had forgotten about the suicide, my parents went back to their normal lives, picking coal and packing letters. At school the kids would show some sympathy… for my sister but not for me, they still threw spitballs at me in class. There was this one boy, his name was Francis, his family was from outside the town, who’s dad was a depressed unemployed painter that married six months after Francis’ mother died of a long battle against leukemia. Although his stepmother wasn’t a witch at all Francis never got over the idea of his father’s problem of being alone, he says Stephanie is good but he knows deep down inside his father is just using her to hide his copping and perhaps sustainable income too.
Francis was new in town and for some reason nobody teased him for being new in school, he had become really popular and girls liked him very much. He had a charming sense and in ways he seemed a bit mature for his age, kids seemed to appeal towards him and his CD player.
It was strange to see him at my bus stop every week, I though he lived on the other side of town, you know that privileged side of a small town like this, that side where kids always get what they want, where parents talk to their children with smiles and where everything is painted with vivid colors. Well I guess Francis was not from that side of town but he sure looked like he was and when theirs only one school in town the popular kids look just like he does, clean. But in my case, my side of town was filled of chopped down tree landscapes, mine workers and houses that looked exactly the same.

Living in a place like this that had nothing fun to offer was the only idea I had behind Eli’s death and I guess my parents thought the same. Their sad faces didn’t resembled anything I saw on random Happy Days episodes on one of our three channels the TV could get, most things I learned from that box came from that old show and nothing in my life ever resembled anything from it, maybe because it had a difference of 40 years or the fact that their lives back then looked even better than mine does now. Either way Eli killed herself and left me the main reason why but I still couldn’t figure things out, maybe because I was scared or just thought my life could one day magically changed into an episode written by Garry Marchall. But it all changed one day on the bus when Franky first talked to me and his first words were:
-it’s strange how you didn’t kill yourself too. 

Step 1. Meeting and seeing ✓

Next week is the first movement of “the something” and I feel everything is going to come out right. This last week has been a nova explosion of creativity that I can handle, the things that I see in my mind are planing out on paper or what ever other source it could be. I feel powerful and on my way to taking over the world.

It’s so nice and calm when things set into place and just flow smoothly.