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1.06 - Buridan’s Ass

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. He was born in a field and raised in the woods. And he had nothing. In the winter the boy would freeze, and in the summer he would boil. He knew the name of every stinging insect. At night he would look at the lights in the houses, and he would want. Why was he outside and they in? Why was he so hungry and they fed? “It should be me,” he said. And out of the darkness the wolves came, whispering. 


Max heads off to the toilet and comes back to find Milo and Molly in a deep conversation about something. He feels his stomach churn as Molly suddenly bursts into a fit of laughter at one of Milo’s comments, but he is too far away to overhead what has been said. 

Feeling a pang of jealousy, he jogs over to them and thinks drastically on how to win Molly’s attention back. He creeps up behind her and throws his arms around her shoulders.

Max: “Boo! It’s the cuddle monster!”

Molly squeals in surprise, but Max is delighted when she laughs at his own gesture and throws her arms around him in a hug back. Over her shoulder, he sees Milo looking at him in amusement.

Max mouths “mine” at him, to give the warning that Molly is Max’s special friend. Milo rollls his eyes and raises his hands in mock surrender. It looks like Max has won Molly all to himself again!

A little about me.

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Name: Shaylene
Nickname: I go by Shay. But I have so many nicknames. Tinker bell, MLP (my little pony), shaybaybay, shleen, shaleney, and probably more I’m forgetting. 
Gender: Female
Height: Smol 5’4
Star sign: Virgo 
Sexuality: Straight 
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favorite animal: Wolf
Average hours of sleep: 5-7 #teamnosleep
Dogs or cats: CATS. I have 2 cats milo and Molly. 
Number of blankets: So so many. 7-8
Dream trip: London, Paris or Sydney, but in reality everywhere and anywhere. 
Dream job: Teaching English overseas, or working in some form of historical thing. 
When I made this blog: Oh I don’t even remember. 
Why I made this blog: I think I wanted to be an aesthetic blog then I turned into a 5sos blog and now whatever you want to call it now. 
Number of followers: I think 953 and I am honestly shocked and love all of them. 
Reason for my URL: It’s based off one of my fav 5sos song and I just haven’t changed it since.

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#MutantKidsPoetry on instagram took 30 lines written by Mutant Kids and put them in order to form a poem.


-The Few, The Proud, The Emotional-

My mind is a knife, cutting the ropes around my brain. I sit in silence and fall away until only skeleton bones remain. I never thought I’d be the kid who wanted to die. Everything bothers me, especially the things I cannot see. The night stole fast an army of longing souls to retrieve the keys to his mind-twisting words. The smiles on our faces fade because the doubt is setting in, we’re broken people. Screams of help undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s.
The mutant kids’ internal machines were broken, their minds went blank like a broken t.v. Their music fills the air and makes dark shadows stare. But do us broken kids get to stay alive? All we have is broken bones and scars but we must move on for the sake of humanity.
We decided our skin wasn’t made to play these games. “Break down the walls you mutant teens, it’s time to rise!” Their deaths were postponed because they knew they weren’t alone.
Our brains are sick, therefore Twenty One Pilots is who we pick.
With broken minds, they kept us alive with their meaningful lines. Listening to their songs to help them get through the day,Their broken minds healed others’ broken minds. When the clique is sick as frick, I treasure the duo of smiles that ignite the fourth light. Twenty One Pilots said our souls with plenty of songs.
While others struggle with purpose, thoughts and art and dreams will surface.
For our brains may be sick, but our skeleton bones remain in tact. We went back and crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. It feels like we fight alone, but we fight, we bleed together to stay alive. Our skeleton bones were made for each other, the clique and the boys. One day you’ll see the sun shine bright again, and the night will have an end. But for now, the goners will write their truces while we sing to an empty sky. Even when our car radios are stolen and the trees fall silent,

I now know how to stay alive.

Written by the Mutant Kids: Sarah, Ashlea, Milo, Ericha, Molly, Caroline, Nikkie Lee, Ashley, Eleyah, Natalie, Hailee, Navi, Alison, Nat, Yasmine, Louise, Ashlee, Sealie, Echo, Gloria, Kylie, Elysse, Leilani, H. , Riley, Libby, Sheena, Nadia

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1. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ooo this is hard I love food too much…uhm probably tacos because you can have them a variety of different ways.

2. Favourite song?

Washed by Water by NEEDTOBREATHE

3. Favourite colour?

If you’ll accept black its black if you’re going to be strict than red.

4. Do you have any pets?

I have two cats Milo and Molly.

5. First celebrity crush?

I think it was either Nick Jonas or Cole Sprouse

6. Favourite TV show?

I don’t think its possible to pick one…I like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Friends, HIMYM, TVD, and I could keep going tbh 

7. First book series you read?

I think it was called the Magic Tree House

8. Whats your favourite food?

Mashed potatoes and gravy 

9. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mom, which sounds insanely cliche, but honestly she is one of the strongest people I know and always pushes me to do my best. 

10. Biggest pet peeve?

Loud chewers, and heavy breathers…put them together and I want to actually crawl out of my skin…

11. Favourite flower?


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7. Favourite piece of clothing?

8. Candles or twinkle lights?

9. Spring of Fall?

10. Favourite book(s)?

11. Favorite type of pizza?

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