milo and molly

#MutantKidsPoetry on instagram took 30 lines written by Mutant Kids and put them in order to form a poem.


-The Few, The Proud, The Emotional-

My mind is a knife, cutting the ropes around my brain. I sit in silence and fall away until only skeleton bones remain. I never thought I’d be the kid who wanted to die. Everything bothers me, especially the things I cannot see. The night stole fast an army of longing souls to retrieve the keys to his mind-twisting words. The smiles on our faces fade because the doubt is setting in, we’re broken people. Screams of help undotted i’s and uncrossed t’s.
The mutant kids’ internal machines were broken, their minds went blank like a broken t.v. Their music fills the air and makes dark shadows stare. But do us broken kids get to stay alive? All we have is broken bones and scars but we must move on for the sake of humanity.
We decided our skin wasn’t made to play these games. “Break down the walls you mutant teens, it’s time to rise!” Their deaths were postponed because they knew they weren’t alone.
Our brains are sick, therefore Twenty One Pilots is who we pick.
With broken minds, they kept us alive with their meaningful lines. Listening to their songs to help them get through the day,Their broken minds healed others’ broken minds. When the clique is sick as frick, I treasure the duo of smiles that ignite the fourth light. Twenty One Pilots said our souls with plenty of songs.
While others struggle with purpose, thoughts and art and dreams will surface.
For our brains may be sick, but our skeleton bones remain in tact. We went back and crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. It feels like we fight alone, but we fight, we bleed together to stay alive. Our skeleton bones were made for each other, the clique and the boys. One day you’ll see the sun shine bright again, and the night will have an end. But for now, the goners will write their truces while we sing to an empty sky. Even when our car radios are stolen and the trees fall silent,

I now know how to stay alive.

Written by the Mutant Kids: Sarah, Ashlea, Milo, Ericha, Molly, Caroline, Nikkie Lee, Ashley, Eleyah, Natalie, Hailee, Navi, Alison, Nat, Yasmine, Louise, Ashlee, Sealie, Echo, Gloria, Kylie, Elysse, Leilani, H. , Riley, Libby, Sheena, Nadia