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I feel like This Is Us is going to be the new Pretty Little Liars. Like we will be on season 80 waiting to see if on this week's episode we find out how Jack dies.

2017 Emmy’s Red Carpet

Addiction theme on NBC Family drama THIS IS US

This is us is about family. Is about peoples virtues and flaws. But also is very recurrent the addiction theme. 

Confirmed ones :

Addiction for drink /alchool Jack

Addiction for food Kate

Addiction for perfection Randall

Addiciton for drugs William

 my theories:

Addiction for attention Kevin 

Kevin´s life choices are always based in getting attention because when he was a kid and a teen he felt ignored by his parents and felt randall stole the parents attention - he became a model, than a actor, in school he was popular and a Jock, he cheated on Sophie. When he appears in Randalls hes always trying to be the central piece always talking a lot and moving around like it is his own house. This is all based in seeking attention.

Addicton (fear of being alone) to have company/someone

I think Rebecca have fear of being alone because she at first didnt want kids and marriage life, but stayed with Jack knowing he wanted this kind of life, she married Miguel after Jacks death, she saw how alone and miserable her mother was because the dad didnt pay attention to her and her mother , she wanted fame and being a singer, fame is like a way of not being alone because everyone wants to be with you when you are famous and finaly she was scared to death of loosing randall.


“When am I gonna get my big break ?”
                    Jack Pearson - Anywhere you want

Okay y’all hear me out

(Keep in mind I’m typing this out at 12:30 at night )

Okay, so, now that Dakota and Cavendish are friends with Milo, the whole “Is he a Secret Agent?” thing they had going with him is vurtually gone right?

Well what if instead it was passed onto Savannah and Brick? Their plotline was never wrapped up in “Missing Milo” and after their adventure they definatly (probably) think somethings up. Not to mention that unlike Vinnie, neither of them seem to be willing to hear someone else out when they have their minds set on a mission. Also, unlike our favorite pistachio protectors, they have pull at the agency. They could get Block to do something about Milo. 

Imagine Vinnie and Balthazar having to choose between the agency and Milo. Or better yet, Imagine having the gang have to travel in time to rescue him from Savannah and Brick. That would be really cool.