Trump is President and What That Means For SJW Culture.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye !

Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of The United States.
Social Justice Warriors and Leftists are in tears, breaking down in city streets all across the United States.
What does this mean for them? It means that they finally got to experience a loss. It means that they can’t and will not always get their way no matter how many riots and protests and walkouts you do, sometimes you won’t always win.
The riots and protests that have taken place throughout the whole election cycle really pushed people teetering on the edge of debating on what political side they want to choose or even those who don’t identify with any political party, past the edge, forcing them to take a stand against the SJW and SNOWFLAKE society.

The Left has dug itself a grave and now it’ll bury itself. The Left are nothing more than a bunch of adult babies, crying because they haven’t and don’t get their way. They cry because someone says something offensive and because someone doesn’t have the same views as them.

The Left has done nothing but be hypocritical throughout the election cycle.
The Left says that they are loving, caring, accepting, understanding and including. However since Trump announced his run, they’ve attacked, started riots and protests, spewed hate speech online and in person.

Social Justice Warriors and the rest of the LEFT will now hang their heads in shame and disappointment (not before they start rioting and blocking traffic for two weeks). They will find themselves still being hated, and find that people (like myself) will still be spreading truth and calling out their hypocrisy, calling out their idiotic ideology.


He won’t be going anywhere snowflakes, he’s going to be the President for the next 4 (hopefully 8) years!