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Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s Master Post 17.

Some of my gorgeous Tumblr family, requested a master post of all the drabbles I completed @paleskinnedviolet @novemberhush, so here it is.  Thank you to all the people who prompted me and have enjoyed reading them.  I think the gifs above accurately represent me writing these (Think Mike, having an aha moment and Harvey staring at what’s he’s written and saying WTF is this! 😀😂)

1. Little Prick for anon

2. Drop and Run for @littlepinkpencil

3. Harvey’s Puppy, Snoopy for @novemberhush

4. Wherefore Art Thou Gnomeo for @cowandcalf

5. Boss Baby for @halespecterwinchester

6. Blow on Me for @zimdan19

7. The Art of Eternal Youth for @novemberhush

8. Got You Down to a Fine Art for @paleskinnedviolet

You can find all eight of these on AO3 here.  If you want to do the drabble challenge, here is the link.

Thank You peeps 💋 Millie 😘.