Untitled #182 by inspirene featuring prada glasses

Totême white top, 73 AUD / Milly floor length skirt, 285 AUD / Isabel Marant ankle strap shoes, 340 AUD / Proenza Schouler genuine leather handbag, 2 125 AUD / Ettika collar necklace, 79 AUD / Melinda Maria hand crafted jewelry, 100 AUD / Rag bone grey fedora, 285 AUD / Prada glasses, 275 AUD

BILL HADER & AMY SCHUMER!! (Interviews with Milly)

Milly makes her return to the Main Channel when we have her sit down with Bill Hader and Schumer to discuss their new movie!

Quite often I’m surprised and amused by what Fiji decides she doesn’t like. In this case the visage of Starbucks ignites a seething tide of rage. Now I’ll just imagine that cup is her friend Milly’s parasite infection and that’s she’s cussing it out for her. Sending healing vibes and Fiji’s anger painted-bees.

Also if you’re worried about stress bars check out Fiji’s tail, she got a ton of discoloration. I noticed it at the breeders before I knew what they were. If not stress bars /exactly/ they are certainly a sign of stress or poor nutrition. But she’s grown new heatlhy ones which I’m sure Milly will too.