Millwrights 1056

Joining the Millwrights means joining a high-tech trade in which you become an expert at the precise alignment, installation, overhauling and trouble-shooting of the huge machinery on which our economy depends.

Millwrights rig, hoist, assemble, dismantle, align and adjust mechanical equipment, sometimes to tolerances of 1/1,000 of an inch. We work in many different industries — making sure assembly lines, gears, pumps, valves, compressors, generators, conveyors, and power turbines of all sorts all work.

Good Millwrights need good math, geometry, mechanical and welding skills.


A Millwright Story - DJ De Pree, founder of Herman Miller, shares his learning about diversity through the story of the Millwright. Interviewed in 1986.


Who has mono? This girl does. May as well practice with some old school glamour and dresses. 

My house is a ghost town, my sister’s death is looming over it like in some bad movie. 

Someone please send me a ticket to Trois Rivieres, a living allowance, and pay my tuition to watchmaking school. I’d like to leave for a while. 

Things aren’t so bad actually. I’m going to hit up the union hall this week, and see if I can work on permit this summer, save my money and buy a car.

Loving the millwright life. Love the people, love the work.