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anonymous asked:

What do you think Jared meant by "the EQ raised Henry for 10 years?" Because the woman who raised Henry wasn't the same woman who tried to force Hansel and Gretel to live with her, nor the woman who killed a boy's father and let him live fatherless because he rejected her. That was the Evil Queen. Regina had years to dissociate from the EQ and become the mother she became to Henry, the one who drank a forgetting potion so she could always put him first.

Because Regina and the Evil Queen are still the same person. Regina made bad choices as the Evil Queen, she did horribly, unspeakable things, but that doesn’t mean that the Evil Queen was only made up of her actions. There was a very broken, traumatized, and emotionally damaged person behind that title. A title that she used to protect herself, to empower herself, to live with the pain Regina was constantly feeling. Regina learned to live and grow away from the person who made awful choices, but that doesn’t mean the Queen wasn’t still a part of Regina, and vice versa. Those emotions, that anger, the pain, and the experiences that created the queen, that was all still inside Regina for those 28 years, including the 10 of which she spent raising Henry.

Regina Mills –the loving, kind-hearted, selfless, and brave person- she raised Henry.

The Queen – the ambitious, strong willed, fearless and fiercely protective person… well she raised Henry too.

Does that mean the two are mutually exclusive? No. I don’t think so at all. But I think that’s what we’ll be exploring with this arc. Can she really separate herself without bleed over? And not just in her own personality but for others as well. Will people look at the Evil Queen and only see another villainous entity to be destroyed? According to Jared, Henry won’t. He’ll still see his mom. Because Henry never loved Regina for her pureness, he loved her for who she was at her core. Which is and will hopefully always be both Regina and The Queen.

dark-mystique-gal  asked:

Could u write an AU where Regina has a crush on Emma.. One day Regina saw someone trying to hit Emma with a baseball bat. She rushes to Emma n ends up getting hit on the head with it.. Thank u..

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina sighs softly to herself as she walks down the main street. As usual her thoughts are drifting towards Emma and she nearly trips when she sees the Sheriff walking towards her. 

Regina smiles brightly as she raises her hand to wave before frowning as something catches her eyes. She gasps seeing someone approaching Emma with a bat in hand. Regina runs forward, as fast as her heels will carry her as she pushes Emma out of the way. 

“Regina what the -” Emma shouts as Regina shoves her aside. She gasps landing on her ass in time to see a baseball bat smacking Regina on the head. Emma frowns, anger boiling at the sight of Regina stumbling back with a pained wince. 

She jumps catching the brunette and steadying her before chasing after her intended attacker. Emma tackles the guy with ease before handcuffing him to Granny’s fence and calling her father to pick him up. 

Once, satisfied he’s not going anywhere Emma rushes over to a still disoriented Regina. Emma cups the brunette’s cheeks as she looks into warm brown eyes and asks, “Are you okay?” 

Regina nods before frowning at the pain and admitting, “No.” 

Emma nods, “I didn’t think so. We better get you to the hospital to get you checked out.” 

“Did he get you?” Regina asks swaying slightly. 

“No,” Emma replies, “He got you though…seriously why did you do that?” 

“I didn’t want him to hit you,” Regina answers. 

“Thanks,” Emma says, “But…what about you?” 

Regina shrugs, “Saved you…all good…you have pretty eyes and nice hands…don’t go away.” 

Emma smiles at Regina’s ramblings before moving her hands to take Regina’s hand and lead her over to the tables and get the brunette sitting down. Regina pouts as Emma tries to walk over to where her father has just arrived. She can’t, since Regina latches onto her arm and insists, “You stay…”

Emma beckons her father over who raises a brow at Regina clinging to Emma’s arm, “Is she okay?” 

“I don’t know, I think he got her with the bat pretty good,” Emma replies, “Can you take care of him?” 

He nods, “Sure, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Regina shoved me out of the way…she saved me…”

“…that’s because you’re amazing and I love you,” Regina blurts out. 

Emma blinks stunned before turning to Regina, “You what?” 

“Love you,” Regina replies resting her head on her hands tiredly. 

Emma beams brightly before turning to her father, “Did I hear that right?” 

He nods, “You did…maybe when she’s not concussed you should tell her how you feel too?” 

Emma blushes, “What if she doesn’t feel the same way when she’s not concussed?” 

He chuckles at her before replying, “Emma, she took a baseball bat for you - she meant it.” 


REGINA MILLS APRECIATION WEEK day one: favorite episode - 3x09 Save Henry

“Once upon a time, there was a Queen and she cast a glorious curse that gave her everything she wanted. Or so she thought. She despaired when she learned that revenge was not enough. She was lonely. And so she searched the land for a little boy to be her prince.”