mills sisters are great

  • Zelena: I can redeem him! If you can fix Robin, I can fix Hades.
  • Regina: Well I suppose-
  • Robin: Excuse me?
  • Regina: What are you doing out of the woods?
  • Robin: I know I need to stay there to keep li'l no-name safe, but I had to speak up.
  • Robin: I stole from rich people. Regina slaughtered untold numbers of people.
  • Robin: I was not the one who needed fixing in this relationship.
  • Zelena: Just to clarify who is watching our baby right now?
  • Robin: I need to go back to the woods.

Sleepy Hollow was such a great show when it was basically the Mills sisters and their gigantic, talking, semi-feral cat.

“Leftenant, I do not know how to open this door and I want to be outside, this is very frustrating, please make the door work.”

“Miss Mills, I brought you a shotgun.  I hope you like it.  I left it on your pillow as a sign of affection.”

“Leftenant, look at all the pens I have collected.  I put them in a pile under the couch because I found them more pleasing that way.”