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Purple Gorge by James Mills
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Peak District, UK


Fairy Path by James Mills
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Peak District, uk Single exposure, no photoshop


Light Shower by James Mills
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The golden lettering embedded in the black and green metal revealed the name of the blacksmith, testifying to the pride and self-confidence of his Maker. Besides, he was neither decorated nor very noble. He was simply a tool, albeit a flawless one. His new employers had been very generous. They had made sure that every change in design for Jhin was done by master craftsmen.
The modifications had taken a lot of time. But what is an artist without his instrument? The dimensions and precision of the new tool made Jhin’s earlier work with blades meaningless.
It took him months to develop his sword fighting techniques and to master the mechanism of the firearm. The gun had room for four cartridges, each made of brass and chemicals. The balls he could only finish when he had seen through the process. Each sphere was provided with magical energy. Each bullet was as perfect as the blade of a Lassilan monk. Each sphere contained the color that would nourish his art. Every bullet was a masterpiece. The sample in the mill district had already shown this. His new client was very pleased with how this work was received.
Jhin slipped the pistol under his cloak as the child approached.
“May I have a mask now?” The child asked, pointing to the four masks hanging from Jhin’s car.
“Did you do what I asked you to do?”
The child nodded.
“Then it can start now.” Jhin paused for a moment and looked closely at the child’s angelic face. It was round and absolutely symmetrical. Barren and predictable. By itself, it would make a terrible mask.
Jhin looks over the rest of the town. This guest performance would be wonderful, but there was still so much to do. Locating Grand Master Raikkon’s son was only the second step.

Ear to Ear

A LuNyx fanfic set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle.

Summary: A missing earpiece, a glaive receiving calls, a voice of an angel. 

Author’s Note: 7500+ words. I swear I didn’t want to write this in that length, but I guess I couldn’t help it. 

This is set before the last chapter of the “Act the Part” series, but you don’t have to read that to enjoy this one. ;)

This was inspired by this tiny scene in the movie

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While he gulped the bitter, black liquid from the mug, he heard a note that alerted him of an incoming call. His finger quickly pushed a small button of the earpiece that hanged on his ear - an action that was second nature as it had been the constant sign that work had began in the hasty morning.

“Any new orders?” he asked, trying not to sound unenthusiastic.

Pelna, the voice on the other side of the line, didn’t even try to do the same. Nyx heard the fellow glaive yawn and mutter vague grumblings. Probably feeling a bit displeased to be reminded that they await orders.

Not yet.” Pelna said in a lazy voice. “The Captain’s been a bit busy with the report on the princess’ escort.

Nyx let out a shallow sigh. “Had to explain it to the king I assume.”

Yep. Might even start an investigation.

Yesterday’s mission was messy, to say the least. Nifs, their MTs and daemons, rained on a small village where Princess Lunafreya herself was holding a healing session. The glaives were there, of course, to bring her and the villages out of harm’s way. However, most of the defensive line were comprised of rookies.

Rookies that were yet to develop nerves of steel.

Nyx and the few other veterans with him did what they had to do. In the end, the princess was safe and only a handful of villagers were wounded. Unfortunately, the news about the inexperienced glaives might had troubled the king no matter how successful the extraction was. Or maybe it was the fact that Niflhiem tried to capture the Tenenbraean princess again in a supposed hush-hush trip.

With his weary back slouched as he sat in his chair, Nyx grabbed his boots.

“Then expect a new mission assignment later.” he said.

He heard Pelna crack a disappointed laugh. “So much for the leave I asked for.

Nyx could only shake his head to his friend’s lackluster mood. There wasn’t always a guarantee break for the Kingsglaive even if it was formally requested. Lately, missions had been more demanding than what they have preferred. Even the glaives that needed a week of recuperating from injuries were requested to be pulled out of bed and dropped into the battlefield. All of this fighting was also coupled with extra duties back in the crown city.

For the Galahdian, he didn’t really mind the demands of a soldier’s life. He knew what he signed up for and that includes fighting with fresh stitches on his wounds and putting rest on hold for lesser life-risking assignments. Every one of the glaives would have to live with it.

Some were assigned in front of computers for monitor duty. Some were placed in guarding posts at the Citadel. And others, much to their dismay, were given the uneventful guarding post at the wall. There were regular shifts and there were special missions such as escorting royals beyond the comforts and safety of the wall’s protection.

Among all of these hardened fighters, only one was given the daily bodyguard duties for the Oracle Princess. Though it wasn’t always his only duty.

Today, Nyx was charged for rookie training or, as the veterans called it, babysitting - because it felt more like a chore than an actual assignment.

The glaive strapped his battle-scratched boots and grabbed his coat, not minding that he would have to leave the mess that was caused by sleep and breakfast. He’d clean it later if he wouldn’t be tired enough from the day. Or he wouldn’t. It would depend on his mood.

“I’m heading out. See you at the briefing.” he informed to the fellow soldier in radio contact

But before he could cut off the call, the man on the other side uttered.

Wait. I called you to ask about something.

Nyx stopped but slung the coat over his shoulder. He made his sigh intentionally audible this time. Impatience crept up but he accepted the last minute talk because it could be important.

All the same, he groaned slightly. “What is it?”

There’s a comm. device missing in the inventory. Do you happen to know where it is?

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one thing I love about the hunger games is that even though there’s a love triangle peeta is the one that’s like the protagonist of a tween movie like “my name is peeta mellark, just your run of the mill baker from district 12….nobody really notices me most of the time. see that girl over there? that’s katniss. I’ve loved her since kindergarten but I’ve never been able to talk to her. and that really hot guy with her? that’s gale. they hunt in the woods together, and always hang out. but today is reaping day, and I have the feeling something big is gonna happen… and its gonna change everything *dirty little secret starts playing*”


Forest Path 2 by James Mills
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V. O. Hammon Publishing Co. booklet, “Souvenir of Minneapolis in Colors”, 1910s. 

 - Bird’s Eye View
- Minnehaha Falls
- Calhoun Boulevard
- St. Anthony Falls
- Hotel Radisson
- Scene at Lake Minnetonka
- St. Marks Episcopal Church
- Powers Mercantile Co.
- Minneapolis Court House and City Hall
- Steel Arch Bridge and Union Depot
- Old Block House, Fort Snelling
- Nicollet Avenue West From Sixth Street
- Nicollet Avenue at Night
- Minkhada Golf Club
- Stevens House
- New Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral
- Minnesota State Soldier’s Home
- Hotel Nicollet
- Metropolitan Life Building
- Park Bridge No. 1
- Minnehaha Falls
- Minnesota State Capitol Building
- Donaldson’s Glass Block
- The Anchorage, Lake Calhoun
- Milling District By Moonlight in Winter
- Hotel Dyckman
- Typical Building in Wholesale District
- Stone Arch Bridge
- Milling District
- West High School
- Nicollet Avenue East From Sixth Street
- View Along Harriet Boulevard
- Pier at Shady Island, Lake Minnetonka
- Shubert Theatre
- Masonic Temple
- Racetrack at Minnesota State Fair Grounds
- Public Library
- Auditorium Building
- Post Office Building
- General View of the University of Minnesota
- Bridal Veil Falls
- West Hotel
- Security Bank Building
- Bridge Over the Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
- Folwell Hall and Physical Laboratory
- Plymouth Building
- Seventh Street North from Nicollet Avenue
- Loring Park Showing Hotel Plaza
- New Bridge Over Mississippi River at Fort Snelling
- Minnehaha Falls in Winter


Dreamy Stanton 3 by James Mills
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Peak District, UK


Wild wood by James Mills
Via Flickr:
Peak District, UK