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Emma's plan to propose to Regina goes hilariously wrong, leaving her frustrated to the point of tears and Regina completely amused at the woman that she can't wait to marry

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Emma groans as she watches the grey clouds appear in the sky. “Damn weatherman,” she curses. He promised sunshine, which is why she picked today to propose. 

She had it all planned out, a picnic out at their favourite spot on the beach where she would use her magic to spell out her proposal in the wet sand. 

Except everything has gone wrong. The picnic that she ordered from the deli was never sent through to the kitchen and so it was never made. They gave her a voucher for a free picnic but she can’t exactly eat a voucher so she’s had to settle for fish and chips by the pier. 

The flowers she ordered from Moe’s ended up cutting Regina’s arms leading to an emergency trip to the drugstore to buy plasters. 

And now the rain. 

“Emma relax, we can always go to the beach another day,” Regina suggests. 

Emma sighs as she stares out at the stormy sea and the raindrops beginning to fall. It’s a complete mess and not at all how she wanted to propose. She wanted it to be perfect and instead it’s a disaster. “Today wasn’t about the beach,” she huffs, a tear rolling down her cheek. 

Regina frowns moving to wipe the tear away as she asks, “What was it about?” 

Emma reaches inside her jacket pocket to grab the ring box only for it to slip out of her grasp and tumble to the floor. “Oh forget it,” she mutters, “This proposal is cursed! I mean…all I wanted was to give you the perfect proposal and everything…even the freaking weather…it’s all going wrong.” 

“Ask me.” 

“What?” Emma asks confusion painting her brow as she leans down and grabs the ring, holding it securely in her hands. 

“Just ask me,” Regina tells her. 

Emma sighs shaking her head, “No…Regina I want this to be perfect not in the middle of a rainstorm after our lunch never happened and the flowers cut you…this isn’t how it’s supposed to go…”

Regina shrugs, “Maybe not…but one day we’ll look back on this and we’ll laugh. It’s not perfect. It’s not how we planned it but none of that matters. All that matters is what happens after you ask the question…so ask it.” 

Emma manages a small smile as she looks to Regina. “I’m still going down on one knee,” she tells her as she kneels down and opens the ring box, “Regina, I never thought I’d be the person for fairytales and happy endings. I thought I’d always be the friendless orphan destined to be alone, until I met you and I realised that home is not a place. It’s a feeling and I feel it when I’m with you and Henry. I love you more than I ever thought was possible and if you let me I’ll try and make you smile every day for the rest of our lives. This is so not what I had planned to say…but I’m rambling and soaking wet and I want to know if you’ll marry me?” 

Regina grins dropping down to her knees too, “This is what happens after the proposal Emma. I say yes because you make me feel like the sun is shining even when it’s pouring with rain. I love you Emma and of course I’ll marry you.” 

“Even with a disaster of a proposal?” 

“Emma, what matters most to me is that it’s you who asked,” Regina tells her before drawing her in for a long, languid, loving kiss. Once they part, lips kiss-swollen and giddy smiles on their faces, Regina asks, “So…are you still upset about the proposal?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No, you were right…I’m just glad you said yes.” 

Regina beams at her as she replies, “It would always have been yes.” 

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> okay but rumple was the dark one and totally fell in love with belle, and then emma is the dark one and she does everything she can for her loved ones, but then hook finds out he's also the dark one and suddenly emma is nothing more than just some pretty girl, and it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth that he clearly isn't on the same level of love and care that everyone else seems to be, dark or not, and hook just isn't good enough for emma and she could do way better<p/></p>