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Hi, first of all I wanted to say that I really love your blog and your fic recs, thanks to you I found so many great fics, so thank you:) I have a request: I really love all the funny posts about Draco's reaction to muggle ellectronics and muggle things in general, and I would like to read fics like that. can you recomand these kind of fics? thank you

Hello hello!!! I absolutely ADORE Draco figuring out muggle stuff!! He is so precious. Also this is a trope that I am always looking to read, so if anyone knows more, please let me know!!

Draco vs. Muggle Things (Drarry Recs)

The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy by @magpiefngrl (37.5K)- Zacharias Smith writes a tell-all about the D.A. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are not happy about it.
In my opinion this is the holy grail of Draco-in-the-muggle-world fics. It is PERFECT and it’s the fic that made me crave others like this! you can also find this fic on my Top 25 Drarry fics ever list—THAT’S how incredible and freaking hilarious and moving and beautiful and just… all around enjoyable it is! 

The Morning After by @capiturecs and birdsofshore (5.5K)- This is what happens when you stick your wand in places where it really shouldn’t go.
Okay, this fic is HILARIOUS. Pure Draco vs. Harry’s Toaster comedy. From the perspective of both Draco and the toaster!!! Exactly what you want to read. Also there is some delicious smut in there too! <333

Moldova’s Magical Tea by @aibidil (32K)- Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and—to everyone’s surprise—Draco Malfoy are opening a magical tea shop to revive wizarding tea culture and, hopefully, to bring the community together after the war. Harry, who is unemployed and trying to find his way in post-war society, wants to help his friends with their new business—but that means spending a lot of time around Malfoy. Featuring Muggle music from summer 2001, trips to the Muggle cinema, herbology and magical herbal infusions, and Draco trying to convince Harry that, while he’s still a snarky git, he’s no longer a bigot.
This fic is simply fabulous. I love tea, so I was sold on this fic from the summary alone, but I also fell in love with Harry and Draco and their forays into the muggle world! Including muggle music from 2001!!! Which… I LOVE THAT MUSIC. 

100,000 Galleons by @bixgirl1 (28.5K)- When a weekend with Harry gets purchased at a Bachelor charity auction by Malfoy, he’s sure the trip is going to be filled with disaster.
And it is. It really is.
Just… maybe not in the ways he thought.

One of the boys buying a date with the other at an auction is one of my favorite tropes, and this is a brilliant example of why!!! This fic has Harry and Draco doing muggle extracurriculars on vacation, which in my opinion makes said activities twice as amazing. It includes an absolutely iconic scuba gear scene that I shall never forget so long as I live, and I’ll laugh every time I remember it!

Muggle ‘Drug Store Items’ by @l0vegl0wsinthedark (4.5K)- Malfoy’s interest is caught by a certain Muggle drug store item. (Hint: Flavoured Condoms)
This fic is absolutely hilarious. Draco is just so precious and clueless and excited and LOUD about all the flavored condoms, and MAN I had so much second-hand embarrassment! Poor Harry! But also Harry found it adorable and so did I— 3000% worth a bit of blushing ;D

P & T Muggle Adventures by VivacissimoVoce (44K)- Dean Thomas and Harry Potter start a leisure business for wizards that specializes in giving tours of muggle London. Everything goes well until they receive a booking neither one of them wants to take. Harry embarks upon what he suspects will be the worst trip of his life. 
The great thing about this fic is that Harry introduces MalfoyS PLURAL to the muggle world! Can you think of a more entertaining potential recipe for disaster than Harry leading the Malfoy family around muggle London and having to keep them all in check???? Yeah, thought not. 

Salt on the Western Wind by Saras_Girl (60.5K)- When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.
I’m adding this to the list after a lovely anon reminded me of Draco’s amazing, slowly growing, and very sweet infatuation with Muggle things! And I’m glad it belongs here, because I always love a chance to repeat how completely wonderful Saras_Girl is, and this story!!! Man, it’s so lovely. Bonding and slow burn and forced proximity and a dog and EVERYTHING GOOD!!

Interest Check: Homestuck Harlequin Challenge

This is an interest check for a potential fanwork challenge! After some discussion within the Discord, a few of us are interested in running a Harlequin challenge.

What is a Harlequin challenge?

The name of the game is Harlequin AUs, in which your faves are transplanted into a ridiculous romance novel, the type that only comes in paperback from lines like Harlequin and Mills & Boon. Extravagant drama, a forest-worth of pining, agonized proclamations of love, making out in the rain– all your favorite and dreaded romance tropes, shovel them in!

Shorthand: the kind of stories that Karkat Vantas would love to read.

Rose moving to a small town to escape her Tragic Past and meeting a lovely horned fashion designer, and falling in love! Karkat writing the Next Great Novel and finding inspiration in his muse, a mysterious nighttime DJ he listens to, and falling in love! Jake needing to get married to appease his old gran and stay in her will, and his best bro Dirk volunteering to tie the knot with him, and them falling in love! John weathering his first job as a paralegal for terrifying hotshot lawyer Terezi, and falling in love!

Sensing the trend?

Is this for writers or for artists?

Potentially both. This is what the interest check is meant to ascertain: the structure of the challenge. There are a few options– a straight up fanfic challenge, a more loose “make whatever you want” fic/art/other fest, or a Big Bang.

A Big Bang structure sort of requires us to have about the same number of writers to pair with artists and fanmixers and graphic folks. We’ll only go with this direction if the numbers are right.

What timeframe are you looking at?

Tentatively, a two-month period with a check in halfway through to make sure things are going smoothly.

I’m interested in participating, but don’t know much about Harlequin-style work. Can I get a prompt?

Again, tentatively there is a plan to handle this.

For people who know how this works and know what they wanna make, you’ll have a basic guideline of what to create, just some thematic stuff to keep you skewed close to the challenge. Everything else is up to you.

For people who want a little more guidance, we can offer a list of commonplace tropes and narratives for this genre, or even a sampling of book-style summaries that you can use as your basic plot.

Any restrictions? Pairings? NSFW?

In the event of a challenge that isn’t pairing people up, we probably will let you create whatever you like. For a Big Bang-style challenge or similar, we’ll ask for your age and what pairing you think you’ll be doing so we can pair you up with similarly-minded folks.

All of this is subject to change. Right now, we simply want to know if anyone is interested in doing this, and if so, what they would like the make.

To that end, if you are interested, please:

1. Reblog this post.
2. Tag it with what you are interested in doing. Let us know if you want to write fic or art something up or make a fanmix/soundtrack for a fic, or anything else.
(Or, you can just signal boost it, that is very helpful too!)
3. If you want updates, please follow @hsharlequin, where we will be sharing info as it becomes available, including organizational news.

“Hepimiz Feminist Olmalıyız” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’nin Konuşmasının Tam Metni

En yakın arkadaşlarımdan Okuloma’dan bahsederek başlamak istiyorum. Okuloma ile aynı sokakta otururduk. Beni bir ağabey gibi korurdu. Bir çocuktan hoşlandıysam gidip onun fikrini alırdım. Okuloma Aralık 2005’te Nijerya’da Sosoliso uçak kazasında öldü, bundan tam 7 yıl önce. O benim birlikte tartışabildiğim, gülebildiğim ve dürüstçe konuşabildiğim biriydi. Aynı zamanda beni “feminist” olarak adlandıran ilk kişiydi. 14 yaşlarındaydım, onun evindeydik, okuduğumuz kitaplardan edindiğimiz çat pat bilgilerle kuşanmış bir halde tartışıyorduk. Tartışmanın tam olarak ne ile ilgili olduğunu hatırlamıyorum, saatlerce tartıştıktan sonra bana dönerek “biliyor musun, sen bir feministsin” dediğini hatırlıyorum. Ses tonundan anlamıştım ki bu bir iltifat değildi. Sesinin tonu “sen terörizmi destekliyorsun” gibi bir şey söyler gibiydi. Feminist ne demek bilmiyordum ve Okuloma’nın da benim bilmediğimi bilmesini istemedim. Bunu bir kenara bırakıp tartışmaya devam ettim. Eve gittiğimde ilk işim sözlüğü açıp feministin anlamına bakmak oldu.

Üzerinden birkaç yıl geçti. Karısını döven bir adam hakkında pek de iyi bitmeyen bir roman yazdım. Nijerya’da romanımın tanıtımını yaparken bir gazeteci, iyi niyetli bir adam bana tavsiyede bulunmak istediğini söyledi. Buradaki Nijeryalılar bilir, insanların talep etmediğiniz tavsiyeleri ne kadar hızlı verebildiğini… Bana romanımın feminist olduğunu ve –üzgünce kafasını sallayarak- kendimi asla feminist olarak nitelemememi; çünkü feministlerin koca bulamadıkları için mutsuz olan kadınlar olduğunu anlattı. Ben de kendimi “mutlu feminist” olarak adlandırmaya karar verdim. Daha sonra Nijeryalı bir kadın, bir akademisyen; feminizmin bizim kültürümüzden, Afrika’dan olmadığını, kendimi feminist olarak adlandırmama okuduğum “batılı” kitapların beni yozlaştırmasının sebep olduğunu anlattı. Bu fikir beni güldürmüştü çünkü ilk okuduklarımın çoğu feministin tam karşıtı kitaplardı. 16 yaşıma gelmeden Mills&Boon pembe romanlarının tamamını bitirmiştim. Ve feminist klasikler olarak adlandırılan kitapları ne zaman okumaya başlasam sıkılır ve bitirmekte zorlanırdım. Her neyse, feminizm Afrika’dan olmadığı için kendimi mutlu, Afrikalı feminist olarak adlandırmaya başladım. Giderek tanımım şu noktaya ulaştı: mutlu, Afrikalı, erkeklerden nefret etmeyen, dudak parlatıcılarını seven, erkekler için değil kendisi için topuklu ayakkabı giyen bir feministtim. Bunların çoğu şaka tabii ama feminist kelimesi yanında bir yükle geliyor, olumsuz bir yükle. Erkeklerden, sütyenlerden, Afrika kültüründen mutlaka nefret ediyorsunuzdur – bunun gibi şeyler.

Size çocukluğumdan bir hikaye anlatacağım. İlkokuldayken öğretmenim dönemin başında bize bir sınav yapacağını ve en yüksek notu alanın sınıf başkanı olacağını söyledi. Sınıf başkanı olmak büyük mesele. Sınıf başkanıysanız konuşanları tahtaya yazacak gücünüz var. Ama benim öğretmenim sınıf başkanına aynı zamanda bir sopa veriyor ve gürültü yapanları tespit etmek için sınıfta devriye gezmesini istiyordu. Tabii ki sopayı kullanmaya izin yoktu ama 9 yaşındaki ben için bu yine de heyecan verici bir olasılıktı. Sınıf başkanı olmayı çok istemiştim ve sınavdaki en yüksek notu ben aldım. Ardından öğretmenim sınıf başkanının oğlan olması gerektiğini söyledi. Şaşırmıştım. Kendisi bunu sınav öncesi belirtmeyi unutmuştu çünkü zaten yeterince bariz olduğunu düşünüyordu. En yüksek ikinci notu alan öğrenci oğlandı ve sınıf başkanı o oldu. İşin daha ilginci, bu çocuk sınıfta sopa ile devriye gezmeye hiçbir isteği olmayan, tatlı, nazik bir ruhtu. Ben ise bunun hırsıyla doluydum. Ama ben kadındım, o erkek ve bu yüzden sınıf başkanı o oldu. Bu olayı hiç unutmadım.

Her zaman yaptığım bir hatadır, kendim için çok bariz olan şeylerin herkes için öyle olduğunu düşünürüm. Mesela arkadaşım Louis… Louis zeki, ilerici bir adam ama aynı zamanda konuşmalarımızda bana şöyle şeyler derdi: “İşler kadınlar için daha farklı, daha zor derken neyi kastediyorsun anlamıyorum. Belki eskiden öyleydi ama artık değil.”  Ben de onun bu kadar apaçık bir gerçeği görememesini anlamazdım. Bir akşam Lagos’ta Louis ve arkadaşlarımla dışarı çıktık. Lagos’u bilenler bilir, mekanların dışında arabanızı park etmenize yardım edecek enerjik ve teatral adamlar vardır. Bize park yeri bulan adamın teatrallığından özellikle hoşlandım ve mekanı terk ederken ona bahşiş vermeye karar verdim. Çantamı açtım, elimi içeri soktum ve kendi kazandığım paradan adama bahşiş verdim. Ve o mutlu ve memnun adam parayı benden aldı, Louis’e baktı ve “Teşekkürler bayım” dedi. Louis şaşkınlıkla bana döndü ve şöyle sordu, “Neden bana teşekkür ediyor? Parayı ben vermedim ki.” O an yüzündeki aydınlanmayı gördüm. Adam parayı ben uzatsam da paranın asıl kaynağının nihayetinde Louis olduğuna emindi. Çünkü Louis erkek.

Erkekler ve kadınlar farklıdır. Farklı hormonlarımız, cinsel organlarımız, biyolojik yetilerimiz var; kadınlar çocuk doğurabilir, erkekler –en azından henüz- doğuramıyor. Erkeklerin testosteronu var ve büyük çoğunlukla kadınlardan fiziksel olarak daha güçlüler. Dünyada az bir farkla da olsa daha fazla kadın var, nüfusun %52’si kadınlardan oluşuyor. Ama güç ve prestij barındıran tüm pozisyonları erkekler doldurmuş durumda. Nobel Barış ödüllü Wangari Maathai, bunu kısa ve öz bir şekilde “ne kadar yukarıya çıkarsan orada o kadar az kadın vardır” olarak ifade ediyor. Geçen Amerikan seçimlerinde Lilly Ledbetter Kanunu’nu sık sık duyduk. Kanunun ismindeki güzel aliterasyon bir kenara, bu kanun aslında eşit niteliklerdeki bir kadın ve bir erkeğin aynı işi yapması ve fakat erkeğin erkek olması sebebiyle daha fazla maaş alması ile ilgili.

Yani erkekler dünyaya kelimenin tam anlamıyla hükmediyor. Bin yıl önce bunun bir mantığı vardı. İnsanlar o zamanlar hayatta kalmak için fiziksel gücün en önemli nitelik olduğu bir çağda yaşıyordu. Fiziksel olarak daha güçlü olan yönetirdi. Ve elbette pek çok istisna olsa da erkekler genelde fiziksel olarak daha güçlü. Ama şu an çok farklı bir dünyada yaşıyoruz. Yöneten kişi, fiziksel olarak daha güçlü olan değil; daha yaratıcı, daha zeki ve daha yenilikçi olan. Ve bu niteliklerin hiçbirinin hormonlarla alakası yok. Bir erkeğin yaratıcı, zeki ve yenilikçi olma ihtimali bir kadınınkiyle aynı. Bizler evrildik ama görünen o ki toplumsal cinsiyet konusundaki fikirlerimiz henüz evrilmedi.

Birkaç hafta önce Nijerya’nın ünlü otellerinden birinin lobisinde yürüyordum. Girişteki adam beni durdurdu ve rahatsız edici sorular sormaya başladı. Çünkü Nijerya’da bir otel lobisinde yürüyen kadın seks işçisi olarak görülür. Ve böyle konularda bu otel görevlilerinin gözüne nedense sadece seks işçileri batar, bunu talep edenler değil. Birçok tanınmış bara, kulübe yalnız başıma gidemem. Yalnız bir kadınsan girmene izin vermezler. Bir erkeğin sana eşlik etmesi gerekir. Nijerya’da bir restorana ne zaman yanımda bir erkekle girsem, garson yanımdakini karşılar ve beni görmezden gelir. Bu garsonlar, erkeklerin kadınlardan daha önemli olduğunu öğreten bir toplumun ürünü. Garsonun incitme niyetinde olmadığını biliyorum ama bir şeyi entelektüel olarak bilmek başka, duygusal olarak hissetmek başka. Onlar beni görmezden geldiğinde ben kendimi görünmez hissediyorum. Üzülüyorum. Onlara benim de bir erkek kadar insan olduğumu ve bir erkek kadar varlığımın kabul edilmesini hak ettiğimi söylemek istiyorum. Bunlar küçük şeyler ama bazen en acıtanlar küçük şeyler oluyor.

Yakın zamanda Lagos’ta genç bir kadın olmanın ne anlama geldiğiyle ilgili bir makale yazdım. Bir tanıdığım bana makalemin çok öfkeli olduğunu söyledi. Tabii ki öfkeliydi. Ben öfkeliyim. Şu anki haliyle toplumsal cinsiyet büyük bir haksızlık. Hepimiz öfkelenmeliyiz. Öfke tarihte birçok olumlu değişime yol açmıştır. Ama öfkeli olmama ilaveten aynı zamanda umutluyum da. Çünkü insanın kendini yeniden ve daha iyi yaratma yeteneğine sahip olduğuna inanıyorum.

Cinsiyetçilik her yerde bir mesele ama ben Nijerya’ya, Afrika’ya odaklanmak istiyorum çünkü orası en iyi bildiğim ve gönül verdiğim yer. Yeni bir dünyanın hayalini kurmaya ve planlarını yapmaya başlayalım istiyorum bugün. Daha adil bir dünya. Daha mutlu kadınların ve daha mutlu erkeklerin kendilerine daha dürüst olabildikleri bir dünya. Ve buna şöyle başlamalıyız: Kız çocuklarımızı farklı bir şekilde yetiştirmeliyiz. Erkek çocuklarımızı da farklı bir şekilde yetiştirmeliyiz. Oğullarımıza onları yetiştirme biçimimizle büyük bir kötülük yapıyoruz. Onların insanlıklarını bastırıyoruz. Erkeksiliğe çok dar bir bakış açısı ile bakıyoruz. Erkeksilik küçük sert bir kafese dönüşüyor ve biz erkek çocuklarını bu kafesin içine koyuyoruz. Onlara korkmaktan korkmayı öğretiyoruz. Onlara zayıflıktan, hassaslıktan korkmalarını öğretiyoruz. Onlara gerçekte kim olduklarını maskelemeyi, -Nijerya deyimiyle- “sert erkek” olmayı öğretiyoruz.

Lisede bir oğlan ve bir kız, ikisi de ergen, ikisinin de aynı miktarda harçlıkları var ama dışarı çıktıklarında erkek her zaman her şeyi ödemek zorunda, erkeksiliğini kanıtlaması için. Sonra da erkek çocuklarının neden ailelerinden daha çok para çaldıklarını merak ediyoruz. Ya hem oğlanlar hem kızlar erkeksiliği parayla bağlantılandırmayacak şekilde yetiştirilselerdi? Ya genel tutum “erkek ödemeli” değil de “kimde daha fazla para varsa o ödemeli” olsaydı? Elbette şu an tarihin verdiği avantajla paranın daha fazla olduğu kişiler çoğunlukla erkek. Ama biz çocuklarımızı daha farklı yetiştirirsek, 50 yıl içinde, 100 yıl içinde erkek çocukları erkekliklerini kanıtlama baskısını yaşamayacak.

Sert olmaları gerektiğini hissettirerek erkeklere yaptığımız en büyük kötülük ise onları çok kırılgan egolarla baş başa bırakmamız. Bir erkek ne kadar “sert erkek” olmaya zorunlu hissederse egosu da o kadar kırılgan oluyor. Ve tabii kızlarımıza daha büyük bir kötülük yapıp onları erkeklerin kırılgan egolarına hizmet edecek şekilde yetiştiriyoruz. Onlara kendilerini büzmelerini, küçültmelerini öğretiyoruz. Kızlara diyoruz ki “Azimli olabilirsin ama fazla değil. Başarılı olmayı amaçlamalısın ama çok başarılı değil yoksa erkeği tehdit edersin. Eğer eve ekmek getiren sen isen öyle değilmiş gibi yapmalısın. Özellikle de insanların içinde. Yoksa bu onun erkekliğini elinden almak olur.” Peki bu temelin kendisini sorgulasak? Neden bir kadının başarısı erkek için tehdit oluştursun? Bu “erkekliği elinden alma” deyimini (emasculation) – ki İngilizce’de daha nefret ettiğim bir kelime sanırım yok – tamamen çöpe atsak?

Nijerya’lı bir tanıdığım bana erkeklerin gözünü korkutmaktan endişelenip endişelenmediğimi sordu bir keresinde. Hiç endişeli değildim. Açıkçası endişelenmek aklıma bile gelmemişti çünkü benden gözü korkan erkek tam da hiç ilgilenmeyeceğim bir erkek çeşidi. Ama yine de burada söylenene takıldım. Kadın olduğum için evliliği amaç edinmem bekleniyor. Hayattaki tercihlerimi her zaman evliliğin en önemli şey olduğunu aklımda tutarak yapmalıyım. Evlilik iyi bir şey olabilir. Neşe kaynağı, sevgi kaynağı, iki taraflı bir destek kaynağı olabilir. Ama neden kızlara evliliği amaç edinmelerini öğretiyoruz da oğlanlara bunu öğretmiyoruz?

Kendisiyle evlenme ihtimali olan erkeğin gözünü korkutmamak için evini elden çıkaran bir kadın tanıyorum. Saygı görebilmek için evli olmadığı halde konferanslara parmağında yüzükle giden Nijeryalı bir kadın tanıyorum. Genç kadınların evlenmeleri yönünde ailelerinden, arkadaşlarından, hatta işlerinden büyük baskı gördüğünü ve bunun onları korkunç seçimler yapmaya ittiğini görüyorum. Belli bir yaştaki evlenmemiş kadın, toplumumuzda derin bir şekilde başarısızlığa uğramış görülüyor. Aynı yaştaki evlenmemiş erkeğin ise henüz seçimini yapmaya fırsat bulamamış olduğunu düşünüyoruz sadece.

“Ama kadınlar bunların tümüne hayır diyebilir ki” demek kolay. Fakat gerçekler daha zor ve daha karmaşık. Hepimiz sosyal varlıklarız. İçselleştirdiğimiz görüşler de sosyalleşmelerimizden geliyor. Evlilik ve ilişkiler konusunda kullandığımız dil bile bunun bir yansıması. Evliliğin dili ortaklığın dili olması gerekirken daha çok mülkiyet dili. Saygı kelimesini çoğunlukla kadının erkeğe göstermesi gereken bir şey olarak kullanıyoruz, erkeğin kadına göstermesi gereken değil.

Nijerya’da kadınlar da erkekler de şunu çok der – ki bu beni çok güldüren bir ifade: “evliliğimin huzuru için yaptım”. Genelde erkekler bunu söylediğinde zaten yapmamaları gereken bir şeyden bahsediyor olurlar. Bazen bu sadece arkadaşlarına bezgince söyledikleri bir cümledir. Hani onun erkekliğini, ne kadar sevildiğini, ne kadar ihtiyaç duyulduğunu kanıtlayacak biçimde. “Karım bana her gün gece kulübüne gidemeyeceğimi söyledi, ben de evliliğimin huzuru kaçmasın diye sadece hafta sonları gitmeye karar verdim.” Bir kadın bu cümleyi kurduğunda ise büyük olasılıkla bir işten vazgeçmek, bir hayalden vazgeçmek, bir kariyerden vazgeçmekten bahsediyordur. Kadınlara ilişkide ödün vermenin kadına düştüğünü öğretiyoruz. Kadınlara birbirlerini rakip olarak görmeyi öğretiyoruz, iş ya da başarı alanında değil –ki bu bence iyi bir şey olabilir- sadece erkeklerin ilgisi alanında. Kadınlara erkeklerin olabilecekleri türden cinsel varlıklar olamayacaklarını öğretiyoruz. Oğlumuz varsa kız arkadaşları olmasına aldırmıyoruz. Ama kızımızın erkek arkadaşı varsa, Allah muhafaza. Tabii zamanı geldiğinde o kızların mükemmel erkeği koca olarak getirmesini beklemekten de geri durmuyoruz. Kız çocuklarına polislik yapıyoruz. Kızları bekaretlerinden dolayı övüyor ama oğlanlara aynı övgüyü yapmıyoruz. Bunun matematiksel olarak nasıl işe yarayabileceğinin düşünüldüğünü her zaman merak etmişimdir… Yani, bekaretin kaybı genellikle iki kişiyi içeren bir süreç.

Yakın zamanda genç bir kadın, bir grup adam tarafından tecavüze uğradı Nijerya’da. Kadın ve erkek pek çok genç Nijeryalının yorumu şöyleydi “Tamam tecavüz yanlış ama bir kızın dört tane erkekle aynı odada işi ne?” Bu cümledeki insanlık yoksunluğunu bir an unutabilirsek, bu yorumları yapan Nijeryalılar kadınların doğası gereği suçlu olduğunu düşünmek üzere yetiştirildiler. Ve erkeklerden o kadar azını beklemek üzere yetiştirildiler ki erkeklerin kontrolden yoksun vahşi yaratıklar oldukları fikri bir şekilde kabul edilebilir oluyor. Biz kızlara utanmayı öğretiyoruz. “Bacaklarını kapat. Kendini ört.” Onlara kız doğarak bir suç işlemiş olduklarını hissettiriyoruz. O kızlar böylece arzu sahibi olduklarını söyleyemeyen kadınlara dönüşüyor. Büyüyünce kendilerini susturan, gerçek düşüncelerini söyleyemeyen kadınlar oluyorlar. Ve onlar için -ki bu kızlara yaptığımız en kötü şey- numara yapmayı bir sanat biçimi haline getiriyoruz.

Ev işi yapmaktan nefret eden bir kadın tanıyorum. Bundan gerçekten nefret ediyor. Ama seviyormuş gibi davranıyor çünkü iyi bir eş olabilmek için –Nijerya deyişiyle- eve yakışır olmak zorunda olduğu öğretilmiş. Bu kadın evlendikten bir süre sonra eşinin ailesi onun değiştiğini söylemeye başladı. Aslında o hiç değişmedi. Sadece numara yapmaktan yoruldu.

Toplumsal cinsiyetle ilgili en büyük sorun ne olduğumuzu anlamak yerine ne olmamız gerektiğini reçeteyle sunması.

Toplumsal cinsiyetimizin getirdiği beklentilerin yükünden kurtulsak ne kadar mutlu, ne kadar özgür, ne kadar daha kendimiz olurduk bir düşünün. Oğlanlar ve kızlar biyolojik olarak reddedilemez biçimde farklılar. Ama toplumsallaşma bu farklılıkları olduğundan daha büyük gösteriyor ve böylece kendi kendini doğrulayan bir işleme dönüştürüyor.

Mesela yemek yapmayı ele alalım. Bugün kadınlar erkeklere göre daha fazla ev işi yapmakta: yemek, temizlik. Peki neden? Kadınlar yemek yapma geniyle mi doğuyor? Yoksa bu sadece yıllardır yemek yapma rolünün kendilerine ait olduğunu düşünmek üzere sosyalleştirildiklerinden mi? Aslında kadınların belki de gerçekten yemek yapma geniyle doğduklarını söyleyecektim fakat sonra aklıma dünyadaki en ünlü aşçıların “şef” gibi şatafatlı bir sıfat verdiğimiz erkekler olduğu geldi.

Eskiden zeki, çok zeki bir kadın olan büyükanneme bakar ve merak ederdim, eğer büyürken erkeklerle aynı fırsatlara sahip olsaydı neler olurdu. Bugün kanunlardaki, siyasetteki hepsi çok önemli değişimler sayesinde büyükannemin zamanına kıyasla kadınların pek çok hakkı var. Ama daha da önemli olan tutumumuz, bakış açımız, toplumsal cinsiyet ile ilgili neye inandığımız ve neye değer verdiğimiz.

Peki ya çocuklarımızı yetiştirirken cinsiyete değil de yeteneğe, ilgi alanlarına odaklansak? Bir kız ve bir oğlan çocuğu olan bir aile tanıyorum. İkisi de okullarında başarılı, tatlı ve harika çocuklar. Oğlan acıkınca ailesi kızlarına, “git de abine noodle yap” diyor. Kız noodle yapmayı pek sevmiyor ama o bir kız ve yapmak zorunda. Peki ya aile başından beri hem oğullarına hem kızlarına noodle pişirmeyi öğretse? Yemek yapmak erkekler için de çok yararlı bir yetenek bu arada. Kendi kendini doyurma yetisi kadar önemli bir şeyin başkalarının eline bırakılmasının mantığını da asla anlayamamışımdır.

Kocasıyla aynı diplomaya ve aynı işe sahip bir kadın tanıyorum. İşten geldiklerinde ev işlerinin büyük kısmını kadın yapıyor ve eminim ki bu çoğu evliliklerde böyle. Ama ne zaman kocası bebeğin altını değiştirse kadın ona “teşekkür ederim” diyor. Peki ya kadın, çocuğunun bakımını üstlenmenin bir baba için tamamen normal ve doğal bir şey olduğunu düşünse?

Bana büyürken cinsiyetler hakkında öğretilen ve içselleştirdiğim pek çok şeyi unutmaya çalışıyorum. Ama bazen hala toplumsal cinsiyet beklentilerine karşı kendimi çok hassas hissediyorum. İlk kez bir sınıfa ders vereceğim zaman çok endişeliydim. Öğreteceğim şeyler konusunda değil, o konuda hazırlıklıydım ve öğretmekten zevk aldığım şeyleri öğretecektim. Endişelendiğim konu o gün ne giyeceğimdi. Ciddiye alınmak istiyordum. Kadın olduğum için otomatik olarak kendimi kanıtlamam gerektiğini zaten biliyordum ve çok kadınsı giyinirsem ciddiye alınmayacağımı düşünüyordum. Dudak parlatıcımı sürmeyi, feminen eteğimi giymeyi çok istedim ama sonunda giymemeye karar verdim. Yerine çok ciddi, çok erkeksi ve çok çirkin bir takım giydim. Çünkü işin acı gerçeği şu: konu görünüşe geldiğinde erkekleri bir standart, bir norm olarak alıyoruz. Bir erkek iş toplantısına hazırlanırken fazla erkeksi görünürüm ve dolayısıyla ciddiye alınmam endişesi taşımıyor. Bir kadın iş görüşmesine hazırlanırken kadınsı giyinmek, bunun geldiği anlamlar ve ciddiye alınıp alınmayacağı konusunda kaygılar güdüyor. Keşke o gün o çirkin takımı giymeseydim. Daha sonra o takımı dolabımdan defettim bu arada. İstediğim şeyi giyme, kendime karşı dürüst olma anlamında bugünkü özgüvenim olsa o gün öğrencilerim öğretmenliğimden daha fazla yararlanabilirdi çünkü derste daha rahat, daha kendim olurdum.

Kadınlığımdan ve kadınsılığımdan dolayı daha fazla özür dilememeyi seçtim. Tüm kadınlığımla saygı duyulmak istiyorum çünkü bunu hak ediyorum.

Toplumsal cinsiyet kadın için de erkek için de konuşulması kolay bir konu değil. Konuyu açmak bazen derhal bir direnişle karşılaşmak demek. Buradaki bazı adamlar şöyle düşünüyor olabilir, “Tamam, ilginç. Ama benim düşüncelerim öyle değil.” Bu da sorunun bir parçası . Pek çok erkeğin toplumsal cinsiyetin farkına varmaması, üzerine düşünmemesi toplumsal cinsiyet sorununun bir parçası. Birçok erkeğin arkadaşım Louis gibi “Ama artık her şey yolunda” demesi ve durumu değiştirmek için hiçbir şey yapmaması da. Erkek olarak yanınızda bir kadınla restorana girdiğinizde ve garson sadece sizi karşıladığında “Neden bayanı karşılamadın?” diye sormak hiç aklınıza geliyor mu mesela?

Toplumsal cinsiyet rahatsız edici bir konu olduğundan konuyu kapatmak için bazı çok kolay yollar var. Bazıları evrimsel biyoloji ve maymunlardan dem vurur, dişi maymunlar erkek maymunlara nasıl boyun eğiyor falan, bunun gibi şeyler… Fakat durum şu ki: biz maymun değiliz. Maymunlar aynı zamanda ağaçlarda yaşar ve kahvaltıda solucan yerler, bizler yemeyiz. Bazıları der ki “ama yoksul erkeklerin de işi zor”. Bu gerçek olmakla birlikte toplumsal cinsiyet tartışmasının konusu değil. Toplumsal cinsiyet ve sınıf farklı baskı biçimleri. Siyah erkeklerle konuşurken baskı biçimlerinin birbirlerine karşı ne kadar kör olabilecekleri konusunda çok şey öğrendim. Bir seferinde siyah bir adamla cinsiyet hakkında konuşurken bana neden “kadın olarak deneyimlerim” yerine “insan olarak deneyimlerim” demediğimi sordu. Aynı adam sık sık siyah bir adam olarak deneyimlerinden bahsederdi.

Toplumsal cinsiyet önemlidir. Kadın ve erkek dünyayı farklı deneyimler. Toplumsal cinsiyet dünyayı deneyimleyişimizin tonunu belirler.  Ama biz bunu değiştirebiliriz.

Bazıları “Asıl güç kadınlarda, bel altı gücü!” der. Nijeryalı olmayanlar için açıklamam gerekirse, bel altı gücü bir kadının erkeklerden iyilikler koparabilmek için cinselliğini kullanmasıdır. Ama bel altı gücü güç değildir. Bel altı gücü sadece kadının zaman zaman başka birinin gücünden faydalanabileceği, başkasının kaynağına musluğunu takabileceği anlamına gelir. Tabii o başkası keyifsiz, hasta ya da iktidarsız olduğunda ne olacak merak etmemiz gerekir.

Bazıları kadının erkeğinin emri altında olmasının bizim kültürümüz olduğunu söyler. Ama kültür sürekli değişen bir şeydir. 15 yaşında güzeller güzeli ikiz yeğenlerim var, Lagos’ta yaşıyorlar. Bundan 100 yıl önce doğmuş olsalardı ikiz oldukları için öldürülmüş olacaklardı çünkü bizim kültürümüzde, İgbo kültüründe ikizler öldürülürdü. Peki kültürün manası nedir? Süslü kısmı tamam – danslarımız mesela – ama kültür asıl olarak bir halkın korunması ve devamı içindir. Ailemde geleneklerimizle, kim olduğumuzla, atalarımızın topraklarıyla en çok ilgilenen çocuk benim. Erkek kardeşlerim benim kadar ilgili değiller ve fakat bu konulara müdahil olamıyorum. Buluşmalara katılamıyor, söz hakkı alamıyorum çünkü ben bir kadınım.

Kültür insanları oluşturmaz. İnsanlar kültürü oluşturur.

Eğer kadınların tam olarak insan olması kültürümüzde yoksa kültürümüzü değiştirmeliyiz, bunu kültürümüz haline getirmeliyiz.

Sevgili arkadaşım Okulama’yı sık sık düşünüyorum. O ve uçak kazasında ölen diğerleri huzur içinde yatsın. Biz sevenleri onu daima hatırlayacağız. Okulama yıllar önce bana o gün feminist derken haklıydı. Ben bir feministim. O gün sözlükte bu kelimenin anlamına baktığımda yazan şuydu:

Feminist: cinsiyetler arasında sosyal, politik ve ekonomik eşitliğe inanan kişi.

Büyük büyük annem dinlediğim hikayelere göre bir feministti. Evlenmek istemediği adamın evinden kaçmış ve sonunda evlenmek istediği adamla evlenmişti. Haksızlığa uğradığını düşündüğünde karşı gelir, protesto eder, sesini çıkartırdı – toprak meselelerinde örneğin. Büyük büyük annem feminist kelimesini bilmiyordu. Ama bu onun feminist olmadığı anlamına gelmiyor. Daha fazlamız bu kelimeyi tekrar sahiplenmeli.

Benim kendi feminist tanımım şöyle:

Feminist: “Evet, bugunkü haliyle toplumsal cinsiyette bir sorun var, bunu düzeltmeliyiz ve daha iyisini yapmalıyız” diyen kadın veya erkek.

Tanıdığım en iyi feminist, erkek kardeşim. Kendisi aynı zamanda iyi, yakışıklı ve sevgi dolu bir adam ve oldukça da erkeksi.

Settle in in my slow-burning heart
Five years after the war Draco is working a tech developer job in the Auror Office, and it’s all great except this one thing: Harry Potter works there, too. Things only become stranger when Harry starts bringing Draco ugly souvenirs back from his work travels. When Harry then shows up injured in Draco’s flat, Draco considers the possibility that he’s going insane.

Potter develops a worrying habit of randomly wall-slamming Draco all over the castle.

Don’t Blame Me (It Was All a Blur Last Night)
“Stop moving, Potter,” Malfoy mumbled from where his head was buried under a pillow. “You’re disturbing my hangover. Also, why are you still here?”
“This is my hotel room,” Harry told him.

Harry has too much to do, and Draco, too little. The solution? Hire him, of course. Who knew Draco Malfoy would be such a perfect personal assistant?

Ferocious Determination, Insufficient Deliberation, and a Slightly Wrong Destination
All Draco wants is sleep, but his bed won’t stop talking. More importantly, it refuses to stop looking like Harry Potter.

Edible Smudges and Insufferable Potters (and Insufferable Smudges and Edible Potters)
All Draco wants to do is study. That’s what libraries are for. Study History of Magic, that is. Not Potter.

The Rewards of Bravery
During an Auror mission gone wrong, Harry finds himself with an unexpected new power: he can tell when people are lying. It’s incredibly annoying, except for when Draco’s around…

Storm in a Teacup
For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.

Marginal Notes
When you’re 18, and nothing is as it was meant to be, sometimes it can be hard to let the right people know what you are thinking.

Good to Me (And I’d Be So Good to You)
Everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war, but nothing is quite the same. Harry’s groupies are creepier than ever, Ron and Hermione are snogging all over the place, and the once-proud Draco is shuffling around like a kicked puppy. But that’s okay: Harry’s got a plan.

Hey, Potter
Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain
It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross.

The Standard You Walk Past
On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together. She may have hoped for a leading example of house unity; the other students fully expected insults and fights. But nothing happened.
That was, until Harry sleepwalked into Draco’s bed.

You Already Know What’s Next
It’s about Truth or Dare, except it’s not really about Truth or Dare at all. Or: there is alcohol and a bunch of twenty-somethings play embarrassing party games.

It Was We Who Were The Cliché (But We Carried On Anyway)
When the reconciled Black sisters go on holiday together, Andromeda entrusts Draco, rather than Harry, with five year old Teddy Lupin for three weeks. Harry is convinced she made the wrong choice, and he decides the way to fix this is simply to keep turning up at the manor and refusing to leave Draco alone.

An Issue of Consequence
Draco has woken up in an alternate universe. Or he has woken up utterly insane. Nothing else can possibly explain why Harry Potter suddenly seems to think he’s Draco’s boyfriend.

Salt on the Western Wind
When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.

hello goodbye (‘twas nice to know you)
Draco Malfoy thinks he might know whose thoughts are scrawling themselves on his skin, but that’s crazy. Impossible, even. It has to be a mistake.

Five Times Draco Went to Potions
Five times Draco goes to Potions and One time he does not. Features Draco/Harry, a very observant Hermione, and Draco’s plans to take over the known world, starting with Hogwarts.

Sex on Legs in Six-Inch Heels
Draco Malfoy is a brilliant freelance cursebreaker and the only one who can help the Department of Magical Law Enforcement with a very dangerous case, but more importantly, he’s wearing six-inch heels, and Harry cannot handle it, he really just can’t.

Defining Dickhead
cockblock (vulgar, slang)
verb: to impede the romantic or sexual advances of a person (usually a man) towards another
cockblockhead (vulgar, slang)
noun: a person (usually a man) who unintentionally cockblocks themselves
see also entries for: self-sabotage, absolute idiocy, Harry James Potter

Special Magic
Harry was seriously considering the fact that his partner might be completely insane.

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I was wondering if you have any fics where there force to share a bed, or ones where they're cuddling? I ALSO WANTED TO TELL YOU I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT :)

Sure, and thank you! Here are some fics with loads of cuddling - here


Building It Together (digthewriter)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27,850, Summary: Forced proximity can only lead to bad things, right? Right.

The Trouble With Good Sense (RurouniHime)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 7.8k, Summary: When you fill a hotel with flying quills, hands-on demonstrations, and too many Aurors, someone is bound to get cranky.

Salt On The Western Wind (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 60.5k, Summary: When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected. 

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight (Omi_Ohmy)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 35.7k, Summary: When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

Sharing Different Heartbeats (talithan)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 17,125, Summary: It’s Harry’s first time in New York City, and he is determined to have a good time. How Draco Malfoy figures into this remains to be seen.

To Be Back Again In The Rest Of The Room (lamerezouille)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.9k, Summary: Harry’s just defeated Voldemort, and has had enough trouble for a lifetime. All he wants to do now is to get into his four-poster bed in Gryffindor Tower and sleep. Too bad he soon finds himself unexpectedly stuck in a malfunctioning Room of Requirement… with Malfoy.

when we’re done sleeping (we’ll stay busy dreaming) (megyal)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 1,729, Summary: An Auror protects an important member of the Wizengamot.

The Gentlewizard Club (@sophiefrench77)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 28,129, Summary: Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can.

You’re The Only Place That Feels Like Home (panicparade)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 2k, Summary: With a mandatory training exercise, Harry and Draco paired together and an ill timed storm, it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. Or not?

A Convenient Impracticality (@firethesound)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 38.5k, Summary: Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

Fair Courtesy (lomonaaeren)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 3k, Summary: This is what happens when you destroy one of the eighth-year dorm beds and therefore have one less of them than you should have.

Beekeeping (khalulu)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.5k, Summary: A few years after the war, Harry needs distance from the British wizarding world and volunteers abroad as a teacher in a poor rural school. Draco is a low-budget traveler, wandering wherever his curiosity leads him. Their paths cross in Malawi, “the warm heart of Africa.”

Are You There God? It’s Me, Draco (floweringjudas)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 23k, Summary: Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.

Bond (Anna Fugazzi)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 173,499, Summary: Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories.

For The Love Of A Family (icicle33)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 33k, Summary: A series of attacks by a group of neo-Death Eaters causes the Ministry to implement a new set of restrictions on former Death Eaters and their children. When Scorpius falls ill, Draco decides that he will do anything to save his son, even if it means marrying Harry Potter.

ashscented-revamped  asked:

Hi there, I have a question for you! I was discussing this with my Jane Austen professor today, and I wanted to know what you think: Does it bother you when people accept Jane as simply a "Romance Novelist" like, yes, her novels have romance in them but on what level is the romance circumstantial and satirical?

I think those people like to selectively ignore that Jane Austen herself can be quoted as distancing herself entirely from the “romantic” as it was known in her time, (“I could not sit seriously down to write a serious Romance under any other motive than to save my life, & if it were indispensable for me to keep it up & never relax into laughing at myself or other people, I am sure I should be hung before I had finished the first chapter. No - I must keep my own style & go on in my own way; and though I may never succeed again in that, I am convinced that I should totally fail in any other.”) and also how unfair it is to then also consign her to the realm of “romance novels” in the modern era when she herself would have had no concept like unto our Harlequins and Mills & Boons. So on a genre-level, I do find calling Austen a Romance Novelist to be inaccurate and over-simplifying and downright lazy, because it’s people choosing to look at the fact that the focus of her novels are young women and that the only honourable provision for young women of that class was marriage, and so they end in marriage, but those marriages are funny, human, real, and, (we hope) happy–which was a pretty good ending, and not impossible, in Austen’s time. All her characters and plots could have been her contemporaries–her neighbours, her family, her friends. All the drama is entirely within the scope of normal human beings.

Under such a consideration, Shakespeare’s comedies are ‘comedies’ because they, too, end with marriages, and in the case of plays like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, they’re full of magic and fairies and extraordinary stuff, and yet they’re not dismissed as frothy romance the way Austen’s entire canon can sometimes be. (Which, if you ever get the chance, please go and see a period-reproduction of one of Shakespeare’s comedies at the Globe theatre, because there will be enough dick-, puke-, and fart-jokes to make you realize that Shakespeare was ALSO the seedy-drugstore-pulp-fiction-novelist of his day and he L O V E D it.) I know that The Tempest and other later plays are sometimes categorized as Shakespeare’s Romances, but that was a term assigned to them by a late-Victorian academic and certainly not due to the mere fact that there was love and marriage in the plays, but more on the basis of the plays’ spectacles and themes of faith and redemption, more in keeping with that particular era’s definition of Romantic and not romantic, but that is a whole ‘nother discussion in itself.

While it does bother me that people will insist upon categorizing Austen’s works as romances (doubtless due to how adaptations have brought general awareness of her work into the mainstream consciousness,) it is not because I have any particular distaste for romances as a form. We’re all pretty aware of the general cultural dismissal of any art that is produced by or for women in particular (”chick” flicks and lit being usually uttered with distaste or at the very least a very broad assumption about the content and character of the piece being just very generally Female and therefore lacking much substance or originality…meanwhile every minute some middle-aged man’s fictionalized sepia-tinted musings on his mid-life crisis is given beard-stroking acclaim for its raw power and fresh perspective.) And I think this is where I have a lot of problems with Austen being shoved into the romance category, because of how the world in general (academia included) treats romance and women’s fiction. There is bad women’s fiction out there, but I’m sure no more than there is bad men’s fiction, and to have a narrative which does encompass stories of finding love and happily-ever-after should not be considered a mark against it, by any means.

Essentially, my view of people calling Austen a Romance Novelist is, firstly, that they are far too lazy and ignorant to even be putting themselves forward to enter into a serious discussion of Austen’s work at all; and secondly, even if by some alteration of history and literature it turned out she WAS a Romance Novelist, after all…well, why on earth should that term be presumed degrading and dismissive? Romance is wonderful.

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Kink flashfiction: semi-public sex with Mercier/Betty? Please!

aneclipsedhabitue said to lostinfic:Just general Dom!Mercier x Betty¿

Anonymous said to lostinfic:Mercier x Betty + Dom/sub? ;)

Bonus kinks: teacher/student, roleplay, spanking (for the Hardy x Hannah anon)

➜ Kink flashfiction


Betty never got to attend university. For her thirtieth birthday, she decided it was high time to remedy that situation. She thought it better to start slow, as she lacked confidence in her academic abilities, and enrolled as an auditor: no homeworks or exams, only classes.

She chose a French history course.

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My Favorite Drarry Forced Proximity Fics!

Animus Nexus:

It’s Eighth Year at Hogwarts and it seems Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy hate each other more than ever before. Everybody is sick of it. Somebody was tired of the two enough to curse them, binding them together. What at first appears to be a death sentence to both Harry and Draco turns out to be the thing the both of them needed the most.”

An amazing bond! fic with realistic reactions from Draco and Harry in the beginning. It’s a little slow (which I love!) but that makes it better. (I’m an absolute sucker for bond fics, so thats part of it!)


Another Bond! fic and a classic. This is one of the first fanfictions I read and It’s still one of my favs! If you haven’t read it, do it! If you have and haven’t read it recently it’s a good reread!


“ The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy. “

I absolutely frickin’ love this one! (yes just as much as the others) Its just so, awwwwggg, just go read it!  

Building It Together:

“ Forced proximity can only lead to bad things, right? Right.”

I love the premise of this one, and its just so cute at times, and down right frustrating at others! Loved It!

Salt On The Western WInd:

“ When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected. [Smoochfest 2012]”

This is such a good fic! It rolls three tropes together (not all at once either, somehow): bedsharing, forced proximity, and bond tropes. It’s really good! It’s also by  Saras_Girl who has many other works which are favorites of mine!

Well those are some of my most favorites but here are some other lists!:

Bond recs

Bed Sharing


Top 10 longest fics posted on AO3 this month

1. Foundations!verse by Saras_Girl | @natasha-stawarski-does-stuff [E, 364.3k, 13 works]

Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places. 

2. Turn by Saras_Girl [E, 306.7k]

One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. 
From Turn!verse

3. Gay Aurors by charlotteschaos [E, 127.6k]

Episodic crackfic: Draco Malfoy mysteriously returns to London a badass and is partnered up with a very grumpy and very gay Harry Potter. 

4. Expecting the Unexpected series by Phoenixstrike [E, 109.9k, 2 works]

Harry just wanted one normal year at Hogwarts. He should have known that ‘normal’ is for other people, not him. And this time it’s not even his fault. What’s an eighteen-year-old boy, who also happens to be a virgin, to do when he suddenly discovers he’s pregnant? 

5. tissue of silver by @fearlessdiva930 [M, 76k]

A love story concerning possessed furniture, black silk pyjamas, courtroom drama, premonitions of doom, assassination attempts, Death Eater yoga, absinthe, bare feet and a sensible werewolf. Beware: coarse language, brief drug use, some sexual content, and consideration of issues of sexual consent. 
From Silververse

6. Salt on the Western Wind by Saras_Girl [M, 60.5k]

When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected. 
★ H/D Smoochfest 2012

7. Choices by unicornball [E, 42.1k]

Draco gets a diagnosis that will change everything. 

8. On a Clear Day by Saras_Girl [M, 41.5k]

Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he’s not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly. 

9. Blue Eyed Dragon by LiaBeth [E, 40.1k]

A love story, set 8 years post-Hogwarts. 

10. Siege Mentality by Lomonaaeren [M, 36.7k]

Harry Potter is the Ministry’s resident expert on Dark magic, and after ten years of cases, he’s confident he’s seen anything the Dark wizard’s mind (and wand) can produce. But there’s an unidentified curse on Draco Malfoy, and in the struggle to figure out whether Draco is victim or perpetrator, Harry may well lose more than his life. 

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i find it interesting how the adjective i see most applied to any historical fiction is “trashy”.

like, no matter how accurate or inaccurate, i always see it applied to the work in question.

i’ve also noticed that when something focuses more on men in history, i see it applied less often (though i still do see it) and when it’s something with more women, i see it far more frequently.

i just find it interesting that we associate historical fiction with being “trashy” so often especially when it’s female centred.

is it because of some association with mills & boon bodice rippers or something?

i wake up every day and still cannot believe it’s literally canon that andrew!! washed!! neils!! hair!! What. The. Fuck. its like something out of a mills and boon novel except gay and better written

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Hiiiiii, I know you've probably answered this before, but I was wondering if you knew of any good (accidental/forced) bonding Drarry fics? It's my favorite and I can't seem to find any!!

No problem anon, here are some for you :)

The Destiny You Sold by tryslora (58k)
In which Draco knits, Harry makes wands, and things get very tangled up between them.

Three Boxes and a Scrapbook by dracogotgame (30k)
One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along.

Unexpected Consequences by lauren3210 (39k)
Harry was going back to school. He was going to play Quidditch, sleep in lessons, hang out with his friends, and generally just enjoy being a kid for a change. And he was also going to do it while being bonded with Malfoy, because apparently life was just going to continue throwing curveballs at him. Harry didn’t know why he expected anything different.

Mark Me Yours by digthewriter (45k)
It is said that…sometimes the worst idea in the world is the best option you’ve got. Draco has no other alternative. It’s been ten years since the war and he’s flat broke. He only has one choice, and there’s only one man that can help him.

Twice as Much as an Earthquake by @firethesound (18k)
Accidental bonding. Breaking and entering. Conspiring, however unwillingly, in the strange one-man war Malfoy’s waging against detention. This isn’t the normal school year Harry anticipated having, but at least it’s not boring.

Side-Along by lumosed_quill (22k)
If this wasn’t a curse then it was Hell. Because surely, in Hell, all roads would lead to Harry Potter’s living room.

That Missing Something by xenadragon_xoxo (55k)
On two different sides of London, living their own lives and finally experiencing peace and even some happiness, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy begin to feel a little…empty. It’s manageable at first, but after the emptiness come odd emotions striking at odd times, jeopardising work and friendships, and after odd emotions come urges and longings for something they can’t find. Unable to find the piece they’re missing and clueless as to what’s making them this way, Harry and Draco experiment with different ways to solve their issues – but what if it’s all connected?

A Tale of Woo by Veritas03 (25k)
Harry’s a bit of a mess, despite a successful Quidditch career. Draco’s not too much of a mess, but believes his life is as good as it’s likely to get. Both want something more. Fate is going to help them out with that.

Broken Dreams by Queenie_Mab (30k)
When Healer Malfoy answers an Auror field emergency summons, being stuck experiencing Harry Potter’s memories while he sleeps is not at all what he wants to be doing, but it seems that the curse that joins them is only the tip of the crime about to be unravelled.

Hungry by birdsofshore (24k)
The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

Hope Springs Eternal (But Love Springs in the Forest, Unannounced) by lettered (12k)
Draco falls into a love spring. Harry saves him! And now they’re bonded for life. Draco is horrified. Harry thinks it’s kind of neat.

The Arrangement by create_serenity (15k)
The arrangement was very simple really, and very convenient. Draco just hadn’t expected it to result in this mess.
Written for the do_me_veela prompt: Harry and Draco help each other out during dry spells when no one else is around that they can have sex with. They unintentionally bond and well, it’s all Potter’s fault.

Somewhere Only We Know by @sophiefrench77 (28k)
Draco has been through hell and he just can’t take it anymore.
It has to stop.
He has to go.
He should have known someone would think differently.

The Unexpected by beren (9k)
Harry has jumped in with both feet to save someone as usual and neglected to check the small print. Luckily for him the plan only went wrong with Draco.

You’re All I Need (All I Can Taste) by This_Bloody_Cat (13k)
Potter doesn’t deserve any kind of power—especially not over Draco—because Potter is an imbecile and quite possibly a bit of a sadist, and he obviously has no idea what to do with it anyway. Aside from, apparently, screwing Draco over until he no longer knows which way is north.
Or, Draco can remember the last time Potter walked away from his life like it was yesterday. Who’s to say it won’t happen again?

Mental by sara_holmes (186k)
Harry has had quite enough of sharing his mind with someone else, thankyouverymuch. A miscast Legilimecy spell says otherwise.

Bond by AnnaFugazzi (173k)
Yet another one of those Harry And Draco Are Forced To Be Together By Something Beyond Their Control And Then Stuff Happens Leading To Twoo Wuv stories. Because every H/D writer has to write at least one.

Awakening by Lomonaaeren (29k)
Draco and Harry have a forced bond. Draco and Harry have trouble getting along. Draco and Harry want freedom from the bond–no, wait, that’s only Harry.

Gold Tinted Spectacles by beren (162k)
Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for something, and to his confusion it seems to involve Draco Malfoy.

The Restricted Section by JosephineStone (11k)
Draco can’t admit to himself that Potter following him back into the Restricted Section was a wet-dream and a nightmare all at once.

Fearless by Melusinahp (34k)
“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.” – John Lennon (LJ Link)

The Comfort of Tea by Omi_Ohmy (20k)
A lawn mower, a pertly pink todger, endless cups of tea and a few sly grins. Oh yes, and Harry is cursed to temporarily bond to anyone he gets close to; for some reason that person ends up being Draco, more often than not…

Salt on the Western Wind by Saras_Girl (60k)
When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.

I Feel You by thusspakekate (23k)
Harry and Draco take a potion that is supposed to link their hearts together, but end up connecting a different type of organ entirely.

Defendere by Lomonaaeren (35k)
Harry stumbles into a magical ritual meant to enslave Draco and manages to change the bond so that it will leave Draco with some free will. But that still allows Draco to irritate the hell out of Harry in the name of “guarding” him.

Rough Magic by birdsofshore (28k)
Malfoy’s magic has run wild. But though wild magic is unpredictable and greatly feared, Harry’s damned if he’s going to let Malfoy rot in St Mungo’s while they work out what to do with him.

Times of Bright by @vaysh11 (13k)
The one year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts finds Draco Malfoy in a room in the Leaky Cauldron. Incidentally, it’s also the time of a rare star conjunction, which has been triggering a secret lovers’ spell between him and Harry Potter for the last seven years. Only now he’s a Death Eater on the run, whereas Harry’s a honoured guest at the ceremonies celebrating the downfall of the Dark Lord.

Before the World Was Made by deaftfear (43k)
Draco has done everything in his power to leave the past behind him. He’s established himself a successful business and built a reputation around the quality of his work and the breadth of his knowledge. But when aurors show up at his shop one afternoon, seeking his expertise on a peculiar item of questionable origins, they completely overthrow the precarious balance in Draco’s life. Trust Potter to bring danger and destruction in his wake, along with a painful reminder of all the things Draco is trying to forget.

The Art of Our Necessities by dcfg21 (52k)
After being Turned by a vampire, Harry descends into reckless and dangerous behavior. The Ministry and the Vampire Council devise a way to keep the former Savior on a leash, and his fangs to himself, by forcing him to take a Consort.

Animus Nexus by MystyVander (96k)
It’s Eighth Year at Hogwarts and it seems Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy hate each other more than ever before. Everybody is sick of it. Somebody was tired of the two enough to curse them, binding them together. What at first appears to be a death sentence to both Harry and Draco turns out to be the thing the both of them needed the most.

Cure For the Flu by Ivyblossom (10k)
Harry, Draco, sickness, and accidental telepathy.

Tug-O-Want by dysonrules (16k)
Harry is back at Hogwarts minding his own business when he finds himself magically drawn to Draco Malfoy. Over and over again.

The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting by ashindk (6k)
The difference between mind-blowing sex with Harry Potter and all-eclipsing disaster is just one gentle stroke of a quill. Pansy Parkinson’s quill, to be exact.

The Ties that Bind Us by faithwood (28k)
An accident leaves Draco and Harry bound tightly together. Literally.

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could you do 22 for the prompt thing?? Purdy please

22 I don’t know why I married you.


This is Rob and Laura Petrie’s second case. I have no idea where this came from. It’ a bit weird and no doubt has more plot holes than the spongiest X-File ep. It’s long, so you can keep reading under the cut.

She stood on the threshold and ripped through his shirt with the pinking shears. The fabric shredded, leaving strands of cotton floating to the ground along with the sleeves, collar and body. When she finished, she turned to the pile behind her and found the dress pants. Charcoal grey, well-cut, heavy. She took the point of the blades and dug in, snipping a triangular shape out of the crotch.

           “I don’t know why I married you!” she yelled over her shoulder. “You fucking fucker,” she added for good measure.

His footsteps down the wooden staircase were punctuated with the curse words he favoured. She looked out across the immense front lawn, beyond the upright and sensible white rose bushes, the flowering clematis and trimmed hedges to see the Cartwrights, arm in arm on their own doorstep.

“What the hell are you doing with my Armani?” He grabbed one trouser leg and yanked it from her. She held on to the other leg but the scissors clanged to the ground, making a nest in the pile of shirts.

“I’m doing what I should have done years ago,” she hissed. “Cutting you out!”

Fred Cartwright had made it to the front gate, pushed through the ornate metal and strode to the front door.

“Having a little domestic trouble here, I see.” He smiled and reached out to take the pants. “Why don’t we head inside and see if we can’t work it out,” he looked over his shoulder as Valerie Cartwright arrived, “privately.”

Scully picked up the pile of clothes and walked them upstairs, placing them on the bed and folding what was left into a suitcase. She parked it at the bottom of the closet and headed to the en-suite for a shower.

           Hot water ran down her back and she relished the slightly-too-hot spray for longer than was ecologically-friendly. There was something so satisfying about cutting up clothes and she sifted through her memories to see if there was a source point for that feeling. She couldn’t recall her mother doing it to her father’s wardrobe. Theirs had been a love true and enduring; she could half-entertain the notion that Tara might have done it to Bill’s clothes, but she couldn’t imagine him telling her and she hadn’t talked with Tara that closely for a few years. It was a mystery, but an enjoyable one.

           She didn’t hear the door open but she did feel the momentary draught. She turned and rubbed water from her eyes, to see Mulder standing stark naked in front of the door. He smiled. She shook her head. He pouted. She rolled her eyes. He opened the door. She stepped aside and took the razor from the side.

“Can I help you with that, Scully?”

“You want to shave me?”

He grinned. “It’s a bit of a kink of mine.”

“You, with kinks, Mulder? I don’t believe it.”

He took the razor and held it up.

“Maybe next time,” she said and pinched it back.

“Always ready to serve you, Scully.”

He laughed, then looked down at her with that expression on his face and she knew she wasn’t getting out of there without calf-strain, hickeys where nobody else would see them and at least two orgasms.

He did cook her dinner – one of the many surprisingly good dishes in his repertoire. Chicken fillet stuffed with mozzarella and avocado with mushroom sauce on a bed of basmati rice. He poured a pinot grigio and offered her the pepper shaker.

`           “So are the Cartwrights the prime suspects, Scully?”

           “I guess I’d better be on high alert, now that I’ve shown my true colours, Mulder. Wouldn’t want the neighbourhood to suffer from an unusually high divorce rate, would we?”

           He chuckled over a mouthful of chicken. “No, an abnormally high number of missing persons reports is a much more digestible statistic. Three halves of couples in five years simply vanishing is more than an anomaly. The Cartwrights, and their neighbour, a Miss Lethbridge, have been here longer than the other residents. But there’s never been any evidence against them.”

           The cool wine was going down too well, the comfort of playing house, she sat back in her chair and smiled at him, still smug from the shower. “So, what’s the next step? A blazing row on the lawn? Snipping off the heads of the roses?”

           “Only if we can have a very public making-up session, Scully.” He leant forward and planted a kiss on her mouth.

           “I think Valerie Cartwright would have a stroke if she witnessed that kind of activity. I can’t imagine that pair has so much as held hands in the past ten years.”

           He smirked. “Then let’s give them something stroke-worthy.”

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A primer on the romance genre

Many of the people who post on romance novels on Tumblr are well-versed in common aspects of the community. But some are not. Here’s a rundown of common references. (Not alphabetical, grouped arbitrarily as I saw fit.)

Romance novel: A story that centers on a love story and culminates with an emotionally satisfying ending.

HEA: Happy ever after. The traditional ending for romance novels. Often means the characters are married or seriously committed by the end of the story.

HFN: Happy for now. An alternative version of the happy ending that has become more common in the modern genre. In this type of ending, the characters are shown to be happy and committed, but no promises are made about their future status.

Black moment: The point in the story when it appears that the problems between the characters cannot be overcome. The darkest and most hopeless point of their journey.

Modern genre: Current and recently published romance novels with modern themes and sensibilities. Commonly understood to be post-2000.

Old school: Can technically be understood to mean romances published before 2000, but more accurately means a romance novel that followed conventions commonly used prior to the modern genre. These are romance’s “problematic” books with alpha heroes, sexually naive heroines, scenes of dubious consent, sexual assault or rape, and an almost total lack of characters of color, except for often-stereotypical depictions of Native American heroes and sheikh heroes. Known for world-ranging adventures, feisty heroines, larger age differences, and Fabio. Often the starter books for many a romance reader and contains numerous classics of the genre.

Bodice ripper: A term that is either a pejorative for the genre or reclaimed by the romance community, depending on who you speak to. Often used by outsiders to describe all romance novels. Stems from scenes in old school romances where the hero would tear the clothing of the heroine. Generally understood in the community to refer to old school romance published in the ‘70s.

Fabio: Full name Fabio Lanzoni. A romance novel cover model who became popular in the 80s and 90s. He was on many covers and was known for his flowing blond hair. Went on to minor celebrity status. “Wrote” some of his own romance novels. Is still used as representative of the genre despite not being on a cover in decades. Once got hit in the face by a bird while on a roller coaster. The bird died. Reportedly a very nice person.

Alpha: Heroes with domineering qualities. These heroes are protective of the heroine and they may be possessive or jealous. The hero’s ways are redeemed, changed, or softened by the ending.

Alpha-hole: Alpha heroes who are not redeemed, or alpha heroes whose behavior is too over-the-top for the individual reader. Sometimes alphas are always alpha-holes for an individual reader.

Beta hero: A hero with a calm demeanor, respectful ways, or less status than an alpha. A big umbrella that basically encompasses any hero who is kind or has less status or is a social outcast in some manner. These heroes’ journeys are more often lateral in nature (he started out kind and compassionate and he remained kind and compassionate) or upward in nature (he was poor at the beginning but gained status by the end).

Theta hero: A lesser-known categorization for a subset of betas who have even less status or social standing. For example: a bumbling nerd who, at the beginning of his journey, cannot speak in front of the heroine.

Heroine: In stories with a heroine, she acts as the emotional center of the story. Many readers expect to identify with the heroine. Her journey is the reader’s journey.

H/H: Hero and heroine. Sometimes written as H/h. Can also mean hero/hero or heroine/heroine. Alternative option is MCs for main characters.

BDSM: Stands for bondage, discipline, submission/sadomasochism or variants. A common theme in erotic romance. Increased in visibility since the popularity of Fifty Shades of Gray.

Erotic romance: Romance novels with an abundance of explicit sex.

Romance: Most romances fall here. Will usually have a handful of explicit sex scenes. Contain less sex than erotic romance and the sex often begins later in the story than in erotic romance.

Clean romance: Romances were no sex or no explicit sex occurs.

Closed-door/open-door: A story with explicit sex is an open-door romance. A story were the sex occurs but is not described is a closed-door romance.

Inspirational romance: Romances where both characters are explicitly Christian or are converted to Christianity by the end of the book. AKA inspy or inspies. Generally clean romances. 

Amish romance: Romances where one or more characters are Amish. Can be historical, but usually contemporary. Usually also inspirationals and clean. AKA bonnet rippers, which may or may not be a pejorative depending on who you ask.

Muslim romance: Romances where one or more characters are Muslim. Significantly rarer than Christian romances, to the point of near-nonexistence outside digital or self pub.

Jewish romance: Romances where one or more characters are Jewish. Significantly rarer than Christian romances, to the point of near-nonexistence outside digital or self pub.

Mainstream romance: Romances published by traditional publishers or romances that dominate in terms of availability. Traditionally contains stories focused on one female character and one male character, both of whom are usually white. 

Traditionally published: AKA trad pub. Books published in print + ebook by legacy publishers, often based in New York. Considered the stodgiest and slowest publication option but also the most prestigious. Historically hostile to non-heterosexual and non-white stories.

Harlequin: The most well-known publisher of romance novels. Publisher of category romances, romance, and women’s fiction under a variety of imprints. Based in Canada, recently purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, and a division of HarperCollins. “Harlequin” often used as a shorthand for romance novels by outsiders.

Mills & Boon: Another historically famous publisher of romance novels. Based in England. Owned by Harlequin. Where Americans would use Harlequin as a shorthand for romance, Europeans would say Mills & Boon.

Avon: A publisher of romance novels, also owned by HarperCollins. Many of the most popular romance novelists publish with Avon and many romance classics, including The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss and Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers, were published by Avon.

Self published: AKA self pub. Books published usually in digital form by authors without the support of a traditional publisher. Authors may also have their books printed. Known for low prices and prolific titles. Previously demeaned as “vanity publishing,” has gained in status in recent years. Less restrictive than traditional publication, which means authors of color, characters of color, and more types and styles of stories can find an eager audience.

Romance novelist: An author who focuses exclusively or almost exclusively on the romance genre.

Nora Roberts: The most famous romance novelist. Has written 200+ books. Also writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb. 

Beverly Jenkins: A famous romance novelist who writes historical romances featuring black characters and characters of color. Known for deep research and longevity of success.

Danielle Steel: A famous and successful novelist often considered to be a romance novelist but most of her books cannot be categorized as romance novels as they do not focus on a love story or have happy endings.

Nicholas Sparks: A famous and successful novelist often considered to be a romance novelist but most of his books cannot be categorized as romance novels as they do not have happy endings. Largely hated by romance novelists and romance readers for multiple comments that are derogatory about the genre.

John Green: A famous and successful YA novelist often considered to be a romance novelist but most of his books cannot be categorized as romance novels as they do not have happy endings.

Category romance: Popularized by Harlequin and Mills & Boon, romances of usually less than 250 pages published under a category wherein each story fits certain guidelines or follows a general theme. Also called series romance.

Single-title: Industry term for a romance that is not published under a category imprint. Longer than category romance, usually 350-400 pages.

Series: A romance series takes place in a common world and follows a common theme. It is rare for a romance series to need to be read in chronological order, outside of paranormals. Often includes connecting characters that readers enjoy revisiting. 

Standalone: A romance that is not part of a series. Romance novelists and publishers will often tell readers that a book that is part of a series “can be read as a standalone.”

Serial romance: A single romance told in multiple books. More common in self pub than trad pub. See cliffhanger below.

Cliffhanger: A romance novel traditionally ends with an emotionally satisfying ending. Abrupt endings in romances that require the reader to read another book to reach the happy ending often earn blowback for novelists from readers. Because of this, authors will generally warn readers if the book contains a cliffhanger. More common in self pub than trad pub.

Romantic suspense: Subgenre of romance where the romance is surrounded by a suspenseful plot that heightens danger to the characters or establishes a mystery that must be solved by them.

Historical romance: Subgenre of romance set in the past. Often shortened to historicals.

Regency romance: Popular subset of historical romance set in the Regency era of England. Often set in London or the great houses of England. A commonly understood world usually correlated to a love of the works of Jane Austen. Often shortened to regencies.

Western romance: Subgenre of historical romance usually set in the American West, generally following the American Civil War. Can also be contemporary.

Contemporary romance: Romances set in contemporary times with modern themes. Often shortened to contemporaries.

Small town romance: Popular subgenre of contemporary romance set in a small town in America. Themes of family, home, and renewal common.

Paranormal: Subgenre involving mythical or supernatural characters or human/part-human characters in a mythical or supernatural world. The romance genre’s version of fantasy. Sometimes shortened to PRN.

Science-fiction romance: Subgenre with love stories surrounded by science fiction.

M/m romance: Romance with male-identifying main characters. Incredibly popular subgenre. A m/m romance can exist in any subgenre.

F/f romance: Romance with female-identifying main characters. Much rarer than m/m romance. A f/f romance can exist in any subgenre.

Menage or poly romance: Romance with more than two characters. A poly romance can exist in any subgenre.

Tropes: Common themes or elements in romance novels. Romance readers often prefer certain tropes to others or will seek out stories with their preferred tropes. Some of the more popular or currently popular tropes:

  • Enemies to lovers: Trope where characters who start out disliking each other fall in love.
  • Friends to lovers: Trope where characters who have an established friendship at the start of the story become romantically involved.
  • Marriage of convenience: Trope where characters who do not have romantic feelings for one another must marry.
  • Road adventure: Characters must travel in the course of the story. Often involves disguise or subterfuge, plus close quarters at inns and in carriages.
  • Billionaire: Contemporary romances where one character, usually the hero, is a billionaire.
  • Secret baby: After a romantic or sexual relationship, the heroine has a baby and conceals it from the hero. The characters must reconcile after the hero learns he is a father.
  • Time travel: One or both characters travels through time to meet the other. Usually a modern character goes back in time. Time traveler must figure out how to adjust to their new settings and characters together must figure out how to stay together. Also called time slip if the time travel is uncontrollable.
  • Tortured hero: The hero must recover from a troubled past, usually with the help of the heroine. Tortured heroes often have troubling behavior that is redeemed by revelation of his past.
  • Rogue/rake/playboy: The hero has an extensive sexual history and a known aversion to commitment.
  • Virgin hero/ine: One or both characters have never experienced a fulfilling sexual moment, generally penetrative sex. Most famous virgin hero is Jamie Fraser of Outlander. Virgin heroines far more common than virgin heroes, especially in historicals.
  • Widow hero/ine: One character, often the heroine, is a widow. In historicals, this allows the heroine to have previously experienced sex.
  • Virgin widow: Usually a heroine in a historical who was married but for various reasons never had sex.
  • Fated mate: Trope in paranormals where characters are destined to be together. Conflict arises from characters accepting their fate.
  • Second chance romance: Trope where characters previously had a relationship that either was romantic or nearly romantic before circumstances or poor behavior drove them apart. After a period of life or growth, characters reconnect and earn a second chance at a happy ending together.
  • Motorcycle club: Contemporary romances where one or more characters belong to a motorcycle club. May contain criminal behavior. Often abbreviated to MC. Currently popular.
  • Beauty and the Beast: Trope where one character, usually the hero, is the “beast,” generally following a trauma. His issue could be facial scarring, disability, or be psychological in nature. He is generally a recluse or has reclusive tendencies. His journey is to accept and love himself.
  • Fairytale retellings: Fairytales told in new ways, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast most commonly.
  • Plain heroine: A heroine who is not pretty. She is sometimes also shy or anxious but not necessarily.
  • Plus-size heroine: A heroine who is not thin. She learns to love herself and her figure, often through the love of the hero.
  • Ugly duckling: A heroine who has a journey towards confident self-expression. Sometimes a plain heroine literally becomes beautiful but more often a heroine develops her identity and becomes confident with her appearance.
  • Brother’s friend: The hero is the best friend of the heroine’s brother. Elements of “forbidden” love drive this trope.
  • Stepsiblings: A currently popular trend where the H/H are stepsiblings. Elements of “forbidden” love drive this trope.

RWA: Romance Writers of America. A professional and advocacy group with a popular annual conference. Conference shorthanded to RWA.

RT: Romantic Times. A once-print, now entirely digital magazine focused on reviews of romances. Runs a popular annual conference attended by both writers and readers. Conference shorthanded to RT.

RITA: Biggest awards in the genre. Books, authors, and people in the community are nominated in several categories. Awards are given at a banquet during the annual RWA conference.

Romance scholar: A person studying the genre or aspects of the genre. Gaining in legitimacy as an academic endeavor in recent years.

Romancelandia: The romance community. An all-encompassing term for writers, editors, readers, and fans of the genre. 

$1 billion: Commonly cited size of annual romance sales, which is large enough to support and subsidize the rest of the publishing industry. Since this number does not account for much outside of mainstream romance, the amount is likely far higher.

romance recommendation

If you want to get in on the ground floor with an author who I think is going to be the next big thing, try Virginia Heath. She’s writing Harlequin Historicals at the moment, but I’ve read three of them now and they’ve all been 4/5 stars for me. I really like the Wild Warriners series she has going. 

I know Harlequin Historicals (Mills & Boon if you’re in the UK, I think) are hit and miss, but she’s a gem.

idontbelieve-whatsontv  asked:

Hey! Do you have any drarry fics where they have sex for the first time. Please and thank you.

Ah, awesome-hehehe-things, this is gonna be such a long list!! Full of awesome fic. Two things. (1) I think these are all fics about the first time one or both of them has sex at all - i.e., these are sexual debut/loss of virginity (blech) fics - vs first time together or first time trying something new. (2) I’m not 100% sure what kind of sex is in all of these. Like with topping and bottoming, it’s just not the kind of detail I keep track of because all sorts of things are sex. I suspect they’re mostly the first time they have anal sex, but betting some of them are handjobs, blowjobs, etc.

Anyway, enjoy! Also, as I’m very certain that this is not an exhaustive list, please feel free to reblog and add your own first time recs! And, of course, remember to leave comments and kudos for these lovely authors!!

Drarry Recs: Sexual Debut/First Times

101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes (Or, an Unfortunate Incident with a Traffic Cone and a Policeman’s Helmet) by who_la_hoop - NC-17, 26.5k - Harry is a trainee Auror, and Draco is living at Malfoy Manor, bored and petulant with nothing to do, and no career prospects. Draco’s attempt to heal himself via Muggle psychology – including writing a series of ‘why I hate you’ letters to Harry – backfires when an overanxious house elf delivers the results to Harry. Harry is bemused, Draco is angry and together they have a lot of issues to work out.

Advanced Charms by Paraphilia - NC-17, 7k - Awkward first time is awkward.

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound - NC-17, 150k - Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Draco by floweringjudas - NC-17, 24k - Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they’re gay teachers. It makes sense in context.

Azoth by zeitgeistic - NC-17, 89k - Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

The Conquering of Harry Potter(’s Virginity) by FantasyFiend09 - NC-17, 8.5k - The prompt says it best: after Draco acquires the knowledge that Harry Potter has had a very sad (non-existent really) sex life, he sees it as his personal duty to be the Saviour’s hero for once and show him how it’s done. And Draco is totally the right person for that.. although he may not actually have had sex before either.

Crossing the Canal by MushroomAnn - M, 61k - Harry is trying to find himself, and Draco is trying to hide away. An unexpected meeting in Amsterdam teaches them that the past is nothing but water under the bridge, and that sometimes, what you need most is just a bit of bad luck.

The Darklist by Cheryl Dyson - M, 87.5k - When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter.

Draco at Nineteen by birdsofshore - NC-17, 5k - It’s the middle of the night and Harry Potter is sitting on my bed looking distinctly weird. I’ve had some fucked-up dreams in my time, but this one… this one is something new.

For All That Ails You by Frayach - NC-17, 17k - Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly.  But then Harry does too.  When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who.  But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

The Gentlewizard Club by Sophie_French - NC-17, 28k - Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can.

Hungry by birdsofshore - M, 24k - The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

Hurt for the Right Reasons by traintracks - NC-17, 4.5k - Everything was so cocked up. He just wanted this one thing. He wanted to hurt for the right reasons for once.

In the Company of a Rubber Duck by birdsofshore - NC-17, 35k - War makes for strange bedfellows. However that doesn’t fully explain how Harry ended up sharing his bath with Draco Malfoy… nor why Malfoy was a rubber duck at the time.

Kiss Me (Under the Light of a Thousand Stars) by Sophie_French - NC-17, 115k - Harry rescues Draco Malfoy from Azkaban, where he has been imprisoned for three years after the war. Draco is not as Harry remembers, as Azkaban leaves its mark on even the strongest of wizards. With no memory of who he was or how he came to be in Harry’s care, Draco needs Harry’s help if he is to have any hope of making a full recovery. But Harry has his own demons to fight and together with saving Draco, Harry must also discover a way to find himself. 

Kisses are for Lovers by kjmom1 - NC-17, 22k - Draco is a high class prostitute famous for taking clients virginity and doing it with a tenderness and care so they feel loved. Harry comes to him for the same treatment.

The Light More Beautiful by firethesound - NC-17, 81.5k - Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

Let the Poets Pipe of Love by Aja - NC-17, 12k - Harry is a virgin, Draco is a hooker, but when they get together they have nothing but fun sex fights—well, something like that.

Make It Good by fr333bird - NC-17, 9.5k - Harry and Draco are Auror partners who go undercover as rent-boys at a brothel. In order to get into the brothel they have to have sex in front of the owner.  And they have to make it look good.

Momenti Diversi by zarah5 - M, 33.5k - In which you’ll find the Italian sun, some sexual tension, a reluctant Harry and a persuasive Draco.

No Greater Victory by dicta_contrion - NC-17, 27k - Back at Hogwarts after the war, a defeated Draco Malfoy is prepared to settle for life’s simpler pleasures: snark, sex, and Slytherin scheming. That is until Pansy, newly in possession of Malfoy Manor, offers to return his ancestral home. Just one condition: he has to win, and break, Harry Potter’s heart to get it. That’s no problem. Draco’s got this situation completely under control. Completely. At least until he doesn’t.

One Night at the Ministry by Maeglin_Yedi - NC-17, 11.5k - One night. One party. One arch-nemesis. Lots of champagne. Now all Harry has to do is survive.

Paradigm by Cheryl Dyson - NC-17, 57.5k - Harry Potter is an Auror and Draco Malfoy is a rentboy, but this is not a typical rentboy story.

Preparation by closet_bound - NC-17, 3.5k - Harry asks a question–eventually.  (w/sequel Blush)

Potential Gravity by zeitgeistic - NC-17, 32k - Draco is not good at Cards Against Humanity, but Harry’s not good at being human, so it all works out. Except for the explosions. And Harry’s inability to live when Draco’s not around.

Rabid, Virgin-Seeking Mistletoe by kitty_fic - NC-17, 3.5k - Harry and Draco have developed an unlikely friendship- or possibly more- based on the kiss they shared a week ago under the mistletoe. That was of course, before the charm had gotten out of control and started demanding more than just a kiss.

Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill - NC-17, 73k -  Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory.  Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy.  Malfoy felt inevitable.

Salt on the Western Wind by Sara’s Girl - M, 60.5k - When the war isn’t quite as over as it first appears, a guilt-ridden Harry is sent to a mysterious safe-house. Among sandwiches, insomnia, and Mills & Boon, he discovers something quite unexpected.

Slip Into My Lover’s Hands by lumosed_quill - NC-17, 6k - Draco licks his lips. He shuts his eyes, because he doesn’t think he can look at Potter when he says it. When he asks for it. “One finger?”

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks - NC-17, 16k - It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

Starts With a Spin by Maxine - NC-17, 120k - It started with the spin of a bottle, and now Harry and Draco have gotten themselves so far into their own game there’s almost no way out again. Except to keep playing. (Game: Spin the Bottle)

Tread That Fine Line by disapparater  - NC-17, 5.5k - Harry could cope with being in love with Draco, it was the needing to get fucked by him that was driving Harry insane.

Vale Sanare by RurouniHime - M, 23.5k - Draco’s world gains a new component just when he thought he’d sorted everything out.

The Vanishing Department by dicta_contrion - NC-17, 47.5k - The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, even if that involves a lot more form-filling, bickering, covert glancing, miscommunication, and flying furniture than we might expect.

The Venice Job by nishizono - NC-17, 26k - Harry Potter was one of the youngest Aurors in history. He was the Boy Who Lived, and the Boy Who Lived Again. He loved Guinness and Quidditch, and hated pineapple. He wrote letters to Hagrid every Thursday, and on Sundays, he visited Hermione and Ron. Harry Potter was also not gay.

The Voldemort Manor by Kedavranox - NC-17, 40.5k - The Malfoy Manor is a state run museum, renamed The Voldemort Manor by the Ministry for Magic. As part of his probation, Draco is assigned as sole caretaker. When the Manor hosts a series of high class events celebrating the Wizarding World’s fourth Yuletide season Post War, it brings with it a swathe of people Draco hasn’t seen in years; including one, Harry Potter.

Walking the Line by SilentAuror - NC-17, 180.5k - Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him.

What Potter Wants by birdsofshore - NC-17, 3.5k - Harry definitely didn’t want to do that to Malfoy. Not at all. So why did Malfoy keep saying that he did?

You Wouldn’t Cook Without a Cookbook by Sara’s Girl - NC-17, 5k - Draco and Harry find out what happens when they follow instructions to the letter