Henry: “(Y/N), what are you doing here?”
Peter: “You know her?”
Henry: “Ofcourse I do. That’s my sister. I lost her when I was little.”
Peter: “Oh god..”
Henry: “What?!”
Peter: “I’m dating your sister.. Out of all people I’m dating Henry Mills his sister.”

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“why do you feel this way Y/N?” Henry asked you as Peter walked away to talk to Felix. You frowned and looked over at your little brother, slightly confused. “what are you talking about?” you asked him as he looked at you sadly.

“to hear the music that Pan was playing the person has to feel lost, why do you feel that way?” he asked and you sighed.

“I feel that way because they don’t care about me Henry, they only care about getting you back. I’m no one to them while your everything. I feel lost because maybe I don’t belong back in Storybrooke where the only person who cares about me is you” you told him and he was silent as were you.

“you’re wrong Y/N, they do love you but you don’t see it. You make everything seem right. You help them through all of their problems no matter what it is and you brighten up everyone’s day with just a smile so you don’t need to feel that way and I’m going to make sure that feeling goes away, no matter how long it takes.” Henry told you with determination written all over his features.

You gave him a greatful smile and a hug. He really is a strong believer, the truest believer.


Regina: “Out of all the people you fell in love with him? Why, (Y/N).” 
You: “Because he treats me like a princess. And he’s amazing for me. Mum, he’s the one I want to spend my life with..”
Regina: “Really?”
You: “Yes, mum.”
Regina: (smiles weakly) “Than I have no other choice than getting to know him better.”

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