When Your Ecommerce Business Grosses $1 Billion, Which Mogul Will You Be?

This very accurate (we wish) quiz tells you which billionaire tycoon you’d be…or will become, once you reach platinum status ecommerce success. Okay, so a billion dollars isn’t the only way to define success (thankfully!), but it’s fun to dream. Who wouldn’t want to be Oprah?

Find out who YOU are here:

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Let me learn ya…
I do this now, so I can have children, be a great wife, and chill later.
I build now, to reap later.
I leverage now, to contribute later.
The end goal is not to live life on 100 forever.
The plan is to become a milllionaire by 35, and situate a future where there is no worry on the financial realm for my family.
Where I can work from home, regardless of where in the world it is, and still be present in my #reallifeevie life.
My goal is the escalating intersection where #love , #finances , and #creativity meet. That’s the sweet spot. That’s the goal.