Tagged by burpees-and-boobies to do a six selfie challenge! I did this a bit ago, but I love doing them. Most of these are pretty recent. It’s a day late because I waited a day due to the Tumblr Blackout.

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I’ve got some more pictures from my photoshoot with tearthisflesh 

As always, don’t repost. Don’t remove any source links. This man is talented, and deserves all the credit for these beautiful photos.

((ps. this is one of my favorite photos.)


So i was tagged in this selfie challenge thing by dancing-mylife-away.

The idea was 6 selfies that make me happy. This was hard, because I have a lot of selfies. But I love them all. There’s a broad range of years. The 6th one is 2008. Then 2011, 2012, 2012, 2013, and 2014 at the top. 

These make me happy for a variety of reasons. I can’t help but be a favorite of the top one. It’s from Yosemite, and it really resembles who I am right now and how much I’ve changed. And not just physically.

I’ve gone through so much, and here I am, a conqueror of my difficulties, standing on top of a freaking huge rock. 

It gets better, and I cannot stress that enough. 

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