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Anonymous asked: Could I please request a fic where Y/N is Alex’s wife and Jefferson/Madison/Burr’s sister? And they get really pissed during We Know and comfort Y/N after the Reynolds Pamphlet is published? Thanks!

A/N: It’s my first time publishing in a few months, not going to lie. The holidays allow for more freetime, and I promise, I haven’t forgotten about all the requests that have piled up. I’ll get to them.

Word Count: 753 ((it’s short! i’m sorry!))

TW: Cheating??? The Reynolds Pamphlet? Idk anymore, if there is more, please let me know and I’ll add them. 

AU: Hamiltime ((oh god I haven’t done this in a million years))

Pairing: A. Ham x Reader? Kinda? It’s more angsty and friends supporting the reader than romantic?

Being married to an previous Secretary of Treasury had it’s ups and downs, sure. 

But being the sister of a close friend to the Vice President and the Senator of New York had a little more ups and a lot more downs.

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anonymous asked:

What're some of your favorite Lindsay moments?

  • Any time she wears the “SLUT” shirt
  • “If you weren’t all the way on the other side of the room, I’d slap your face.”
  • “There’s a cream with real diamonds in it…I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it’s only $400 a tub! That’s like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million fucking diamonds!”
  • Hot ham water
  • Actually, Lindsay was so upset at Michael that she tried meditating to calm herself but ended up taking a two-hour angry nap.